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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enclave Blog Tour- Interview with Ann Aguirre

I'm excited to have Ann Aguirre, author of Enclave which is in stores TODAY on our blog! You can read my review for Enclave here.

How would you describe Enclave?
It's a dark, gritty dystopian novel with plenty of action, thrills, and a touch of romance.

Why do you think there's a recent growing trend in YA Dystopian books?
I think it's because they're uplifting. No, seriously. You take a world in utter disarray. Things are incredibly bleak. Then a hero arises, someone who has the desire and drive to succeed, no matter what. And this person changes his or her world in some fashion. How can that message not be incredibly valuable to young adults? I think it lends hope that there can always be brightness, no matter how dark it seems.

Which character surprised you the most in terms of their development?
Stalker, without a doubt. He's not so much a villain as a survivor. And he surprised me even more in book two, OUTPOST.

What author has been an inspiration to you as an author?
Sharon Shinn. She is talented, kind, gracious, and so modest about her own brilliance.

Do you have any recent books you've read that you're recommend to our followers?
Sooo many. But two of my favorite YA authors, new discoveries to me, are Rachel Hawkins and Jessica Verday. Love their books. They should be a hit with anyone who enjoys paranormal.


Thank you so much Ann for being with us today! Be sure to visit Ann's site here, visit her on twitter, and facebook.

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  1. What an excellent trailer! I wasn't sold on it until then. Excellent marketing, in my eye :)