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Monday, June 27, 2011

Big News from Margie Stohl

We are SO EXCITED for Margie's big news that she posted here on her site yesterday.

My amazing agent, Sarah Burnes of the Gernert Agency, has sold my first solo project, ICONS, a new YA Sci-Fi series, to Little, Brown, which will be edited by my beloved Beautiful Creatures Novels editor, Julie Scheina.Yay!

Here's the full PW announcement!:

Stohl Launches SF Series at LBYR
Margaret Stohl, co-author of the bestselling YA series Beautiful Creatures, sold North American rights to two books in a new series called Icons to Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Julie Scheina acquired the novels from agent Sarah Burnes at the Gernert Company, and book one is slated for spring 2013. The YA science fiction series, which is set 16 years after an alien invasion, follows a group of teenagers who become swept up in a resistance movement looking to unseat the extraterrestrials who've taken control of the planet. (quoted from Margie's site).

Beautiful Creatures fans don't need to worry, Kami & Margie are not breaking up. They're both working harder than ever together as well as working on other things on the side. CONGRATULATIONS Margie!!


  1. This sounds so good! Go YA Sci-Fi! And congrats to Margie!

  2. Yay!!! *happy dance* Congratulations Margie! I'm super excited for you, and us readers!