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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Dark Days of Supernatural, Austin, TX

Last night we had the honor of being the live blogger for Harper Teen's Austin stop in The Dark Days of Supernatural Tour, and what a fun tour stop it was. I'll admit, I had to hold back on my inner fan girl with Veronica Roth, Aprilynne Pike, Tara Hudson, Amy Plum and Ellen Schreiber. This is an amazing group of inspiring women!

Pictured: Stacy (from Girls in the Stacks), myself, Veronica Roth, Ellen Schreiber, Tara Hudson, Amy Plum & Aprilynne Pike & the last picture is Jennifer, Aprilynne Pike & I.

I wanted to share my re-cap from the event and in the next few days I'll be posting our video from our interview with the authors.

The Event:

The Q&A was a lot of fun. The authors answered questions and they asked the audience questions. We tweeted a lot of what the authors answered last night under our twitter account w/ the hash tag #darksummer. Here's some of questions & answers:

When asked what character they'd like to be from their books a few of them answered with:
* Amy Plum- said Kate
* Aprilynne- Rowen in 20 years
* Tara- Julien, Joshua's sister
* Veronica Roth- would be Marlene

On why paranormal is so popular:
*Aprilynne said because it's an escapish literature. It allows us to imagine. It also allows us to realize that if the characters we read about can beat their monsters, than we can beat ours too.
* Ellen Schreiber said the genre has always been popular, but there's many more writers writing it now.
* Amy Plum agreed with Aprilynne and added that it is an escapism and she wanted to set her book in a city that people love to escape to while also creating a world readers can escape to.

* Tara Hudson said she researched what she knew, her setting is set in a cemetery where she has family plots in of her relatives.
* Amy Plum said it was hard for to come up with the revenants.

On Writers Block & writing the tough scenes:
* Ellen & Aprilynne both go shopping to help their writers block
* Tara said she re-wrote Amelia's scene when she discovers how she died 7 times to get her story right.

What inspired them to write:
* Veronica- when I became too old to play
* Aprilynne- started writing because she read a bad book & thought she could do better
* Tara- writes to explore what ifs in life
* Amy- has always been a writer but it wasn't until she started a blog that she found the courage to write to get published. She also said writing is a necessity for her.

Upcoming Books:
* Veronica has two more books in series and she has other ideas she's working on, but won't tell us just yet what that is.
* Amy Plum's sequel to Die For Me is Until I Die
* Aprilynne's 4th book in the series doesn't have a name yet, but when she was signing my books she did tell me that we get to see the guys at their best in the next book. We talked about the guys in Illusions and how we say them at their worse.
* Tara's sequel is set in New Orleans and Amelia will learn why she has to wear the dress she died in and will get to change cloths.

They also said that they've all read each other's books and they've spent the past few days talking all about them and trying to get secrets out of each other.

The Signing:

Pictured are: Veronica Roth, Tara Hudson, Aprilynne Pike, Ellen Schreiber & Amy Plum.
Tara & I and Amy & I

There was a huge turn out last night and it was awesome to see so many teens, moms & librarians there. Book People did an awesome job with the event. One of the things I loved about this stop is it didn't feel rushed. Each of the authors took the time to answer any questions anyone had while they were signing their books. It was a lot of to mingle with each of the authors, fellow book lovers and local bloggers.

Thank you to Harper Teen, Aprilynne Pike, Tara Hudson, Amy Plum, Veronica Roth, and Ellen Schreiber for a fabulous night! Thank you to Girls in the Stacks who were a HUGE help during the whole event and were so kind to not only help with the filming of the interview, but helped out during the interview and tweeting during the Q&A. Thank you to them!

You can read our reviews for each for Illusions, Die For Me, Hereafter, Starcrossed, Divergent, Something Deadly This Way Comes and Cryptic Cravings, along with our author interviews here. Don't miss seeing the Dark Days of Supernatural's last two stops here:

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Changing Hands, 6428 S McClintock Drive

Lansing, MI
Saturday, June 11th, 4:00 PM
Authors: Veronica Roth, Aprilynne Pike, Ellen Schreiber, and Josephine Angelini
Schuler Books & Music, 2820 Towne Centre Blvd
*Livestream event

Be sure to visit for the live stream events. Be sure to follow the Dark Days on Twitter, Facebook, their website, and don't forget to grab their itunes application and grab a copy of their events calendar. Be sure to go HERE to grab your widget, read a sample of each of the books, get more author information and see the events calendar

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win 1 copy of each of the Dark Days books HERE. We're also giving away 2 sets of SIGNED book plates from each author, along with temporary tattoos from Veronica Roth & Aprilynne Pike. We'll draw two winners. To enter-


  1. This sounds like a wonderful event. Thank you for letting us enjoy it vicariously through your post!

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  3. It was a great event and we were happy to help!!!

  4. Awesome photos and write-up!! Thank feels like I was there.

  5. Thank you for your comments and you guys are so welcome. It was so much fun. Harper Teen did an amazing job with the tour and the authors were fantastic!!

    Girls- THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to do it again. :)

    Sophie- I wish you could have been there with me. You were missed.

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