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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Imaginary Girls Blog Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway

We're really excited to be the next stop in Penguin's Imaginary Girls blog tour. Today we have author Nova Ren Suma stopping by to talk about her book. First, here's a little about Imaginary Girls:

Chloe's older sister, Ruby, is the girl everyone looks to and longs for, who can't be captured or caged. When a night with Ruby's friends goes horribly wrong and Chloe discovers the dead body of her classmate London Hayes left floating in the reservoir, Chloe is sent away from town and away from Ruby.

But Ruby will do anything to get her sister back, and when Chloe returns to town two years later, deadly surprises await. As Chloe flirts with the truth that Ruby has hidden deeply away, the fragile line between life and death is redrawn by the complex bonds of sisterhood.

I’m here spilling secrets about my book Imaginary Girls. As the cover says, “Secrets never stay below the surface.” I guess not, because here’s another one bubbling up now…

Secret #7: The path to Olive is one I’ve walked before. And the rowboat is one I’ve been in.

It’s funny how real-world things slip into fiction as you’re writing—at least they do for me, often subconsciously. In Imaginary Girls, the narrator, Chloe, talks about how her older sister, Ruby, carved out her own private path through the trees to reach the rocky shore of the reservoir, where she said the drowned town of Olive used to be found. That was just another one of Ruby’s stories, Chloe tells herself, but what is not one of Ruby’s stories is the path itself to reach the reservoir. I actually did have a friend who found a secret way in to the reservoir, an unmarked entrance leading into the woods that he could somehow find even in the dark without a flashlight. This path led to the water, and I don’t know anyone else apart from him and our friends who knew about it. When I was writing, I followed this path in my memory. Or tried to. I always did have a hard time figuring out where it was, even with the help of a flashlight.

Since I moved away, I’ve heard security has gotten much more serious around the reservoir, as the Ashokan contains the water supply for New York City and is now under threat of terrorist attacks. I’m pretty sure the hole in the fence must have been fixed. So I doubt the path exists anymore—except in this book.

Another piece of real life that found its way into Imaginary Girls is the rowboat that Chloe bumps into while swimming in the reservoir one fateful night. I won’t say more for those who haven’t read the book yet, but I will say that I’ve seen this rusted old rowboat before. It was floating in the water one summer night during a party. We didn’t know who it belonged to or where it came from, but a bunch of us climbed aboard. There was some maneuvering, some splashing, and then the boat tipped over and guess who fell in?

Be sure to follow Nova on her website and Twitter to keep up with all of her latest news.

You can read a sample of Imaginary Girls here.

After you watch the book trailer be sure to enter to win a copy of Imaginary Girls!

Thank you to Penguin, we have 1 SIGNED copy of Imaginary Girls to giveaway! To enter, please read the guidelines and fill out the form below:

* This is open to residents of the US only
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* This giveaway will end on July 5th, 2011

Thank you to Nova for visiting with us today and to Penguin for the giveaway and our tour stop. Be sure to stop back by later today, as I'll be posting my review for Imaginary Girls.


  1. I've heard such great things about IMAGINARY GIRLS. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  2. I love the cover for Imaginary Girls. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  3. We're not entering the giveaway since we already have (and love!) our copy, but we enjoyed this new secret! Thanks, y'all.

  4. I'm very drawn to this book, and like Jessy said (in a comment above) I am drawn to the cover. Love the use of color. Can't wait to read it.

  5. Wow, I really love this image from sugarock99! It's nice to see familiar images on book covers.

  6. I love that the rowboat is from something in Nova's real life. That makes it so much more poignant. Her book sounds awesome! Can't wait to read it.

  7. she's hilarious!! lol
    thanks for this!

  8. After reading your review of this book it has moved right onto my TBR list! Thanks for a great review and an awesome giveaway:)

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    Want to bad!!! Thanks for the giveway moms!!!

  10. Kimberly Callegan @KimberdeeJune 29, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    Make that Want *SO* bad!!! :)

  11. If I'd been in the rowboat it would have been me. LOL. Sounds like we have the same luck.

  12. I was so thrilled to share this secret on Mundie Moms—thank you for hosting me on the IG blog tour!

    And thank you to everyone for the comments and for entering the giveaway!

  13. Thanks for the giveaway :)
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