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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delirium Special Edition Blog Tour: 5 Secrets from Pandemonium

For today's stop, we get to share with you Five secrets from Pandemonium. Lauren picked 5 tidbits she wanted to tease us with from the next book.
  1. 1) Pandemonium takes place in two different time-frames. One is a direct continuation of Delirium; one shows us Lena seven months later. Over the course of the book, these two aspects of the story converge.

  2. 2) In Delirium, Lena had Hana. In Pandemonium, she meets Raven, the bad-ass leader of a group of Invalids who make their home in the Wilds.

  3. 3) At least one person dies mid-way through the book.

  4. 4) If you thought the regulators and the raids were scary in Delirium, just wait until you read about the Scavengers.

  5. 5) Sexy shower scene? You betcha…if you count water twisting through a metal subway grate as a shower.

A sexy shower scene!?! I can not wait for this sequel to come out!! You can pre-order at Amazon. Here's what we can except from Pandemonium:

Pandemonium continues Lena’s gripping story. After escaping from Portland, Maine, Lena makes it to the Wilds and becomes part of an Invalid community, where she transforms herself into a warrior for the resistance. A future without Alex is unimaginable, but Lena pushes forward and fights, both for him and for a world in which love is no longer considered a disease. Swept up in a volatile mix of revolutionaries and counterinsurgents, Lena struggles to survive—and wonders if she may be falling in love again.

Full of danger, forbidden romance, and exquisite writing, Lauren Oliver’s sequel to Delirium races forward at a breathtaking pace and is sure to appeal to fans who crave the high-stakes action of The Hunger Games and the bittersweet love story of Romeo & Juliet.

Thank you to Harper Teen, we are giving away one copy of Delirium to one lucky blog tour follower. To enter, please fill out the form below:
- This is open to residents of the US who are 13 yrs & older
- 1 entry per person
- This giveaway will end on September 7th, 2011

Thank you to Books Complete for hosting this awesome tour. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour to find out here:

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I was going to buy a copy at Borders but when I went in there were absolutely NO copies left. Sadness :[

  2. Thank you so much what a great blog tour thanks for the great giveaway!


  4. i want! want! want! thanks so much for the opportunity. I hope I only entered once! :)

  5. jasmine- That totally stinks they were out. Best of luck w/ the giveaway!

    latishajean- You're welcome & thank you!!

    Rachel- Us too!

    Jenn- You are so welcome :)

  6. I cannot wait to see this! Weee!! Sexy Shower scene better be ALEX! That's all I gotta say ;)