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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BETRAYED Blog Tour: Interview with Author Ednah Walters

Today is the second stop in the Betrayed Blog Tour. Yesterday I posted my 4.5 star review for Betrayed here and today I'm excited to have Ednah with us. Recently I was able to ask Ednah a few questions about The Guardian Legacy series and her writing.

Congratulations on the release of your sequel, BETRAYED. Do you feel writing a sequel is easier or more challenging?
It is in some aspects and it’s not in the other. Because the world-building is already done in book 1, there’s less research involved in book 2. On the other hand, I write romance and since the couple meet in book 1, which is usually exciting and fun to write, I find that I must try even harder to come up with an interesting and believable plot to continue holding the readers’ interest. After all, they already know the main characters love each other.
Which of your characters has surprised you the most with how much they've changed in BETRAYED?
Lil actually surprised me. I didn’t expect her to stand up for the less fortunate like she did. I mean, I knew that being an empath makes her more sensitive to others, but to actually stand up to the Cardinals…that came from nowhere. She was so new to everything in book 1 and was very emotional and reactionary when confronted with challenges. In book 2, we actually see her step out of her comfort zone to deal with adversaries.

What is one your favorite YA series? Why?
I like Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens. She has a unique way of getting inside her character’s head and creating believable and relatable heroines and situations. I was rooting for Matthias in that series from book 1. I took an acute dislike for Weston—a total douche.
If you could add one character from any YA book to your series, who would you add and why?
I think Patch from Hush, Hush series would be great. From the cover of the last book, I assume he earns his wings and goes back to being an angel. Nephilim and angels are not the best of friends since the angels hunted them down. To have an angel as part of their team would be interesting to write. For starters, everyone would hate him…except Lil. She is more open-minded. Second, Patch has an attitude that’s sure to irritate the others.
Where's your favorite place to write?
I have a comfortable chair in my bedroom and a laptop tray. The chair is shaped like beanie back, so lots of back support. Once I’m curled in it, there’s no pulling me out, unless something goes wrong-like the Wi-fi stops working. I love to check stuff online as I write.

Thank you so much Ednah for joining us today!

You can visit Ednah online via her website, blog, facebook, twitter, Goodreads, and ProBoard.

You can purchase Betrayed via Amazon (Kindle), Amazon (paperback), Barnes & Noble (paperback), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Smashwords

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