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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twitter Tuesday - Holly Black

Holly tweeted this yesterday and this Mundie Mom's heartbeat went wacky for a few seconds while I read the excerpt.

Most of you may not know, but I will admit that White Cat sat on my TBR for a year. Yes, a year and I ignored the begging remarks made by my friends *glances nervously over at all of you who know who you are* to please, please, drop everything and read it.

Well, I did the day before I met Holly at her Northern Cal tour stop this past Spring. I was so sleep deprived and in sheer shock at the beauty of her story that I could only mumble stupid comments. So, listen to me, MMs, if you haven't picked this series up, yet -- DO. Like, RIGHT NOW. Because of gorgeous writing like this excerpt from Black Heart:
Lila's standing at the edge of the grass, looking up. She's wearing a long black coat and when she speaks, her breath condenses in the air like the ghosts of unspoken words. She looks like a ghost herself, all black and white in the shadow of leafless trees. "My father wants to see you," she says. "Okay," I say and follow her. Just like that. I'd probably follow her off a cliff.
And I'd follow this story off of a cliff. Well, maybe not a cliff per se, but you get the idea. Go and get it. Trust me. Jace is even in the stories, kinda sorta. See? You're picking it up now, aren't you?


  1. i cant tell you how excited i am about this book!!!! ahhh it just cant be put into words, the best find for me this year was this series

  2. Melissa - Oh thank goodness you understood my fangirly, over-the-top reaction to this series. Phew. Yes, it IS the best thing I've discovered this year. And I will freely admit that I love Cassel as much as Jace, Will and Jem. Fictionally speaking, of course.

  3. I love this series!!! I can not wait to read Blackheart!

  4. I absolutely adore this series. I'd marry it if I could.

  5. Ella Press - Me, too although my hubs may object. On second thought, nah, he'd roll his eyes. ;)

  6. an amazing book for sure. a must read.
    i ordered it on a whim, read it in a day, and expressed ordered the sequel "red glove".