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Friday, October 21, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 10: Chapter 9 The Enclave

It's day 10 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 9. Tessa continues to practice on channeling Camille, The Enclave meet and we get to see Will at his finest with Gabriel Lightwood. I absolutely love the bantering between Will, Jem and Tessa.

* I'm curious on what your feelings are towards the Lightwoods. They come across of being a little full of themselves and there's something about them I don't trust. Especially since Benedict mentions Charlotte is a little young and shouldn't be running the Institute by herself. It seems to me like he's a little jealous over her position. What are your thoughts?

* The Enclave is made up of mostly men and two women, one of which Charlotte is related to. Do you think having family ties with the Enclave will do more harm and than good as the story progresses?

* What do you guys think about the chemistry between Will, Jem and Tessa? I seriously love the bantering that continues between Will, Jem and Tessa. The three of them have a fabulous chemistry.


  1. *I wasn't sure what to think of the Lightwoods. The first time I read CA I had already read the first 3 TMI books, so I had already gotten to know those Lightwoods and really liked them. I didn't particularly like the ones that we get introduced to in this chapter of CA though.

    *I don't really know what I thought about that when I read this the first time. I don't actually think I put much thought into it.

    *I love reading them all interacting together. I just love to how they all look at each other and react to what another one of them says.

  2. When I first read CA and saw the name Lightwood, I thought I would instantly like them because of Alec, Izzie and Max. After seeing Benedict and Gabriel interact with everyone, I did think that the Lightwoods seemed full of themselves. It seemed to me that Benedict is trying to undermine Charlotte's authority at the Institute.

    Will, Jem, and Tessa have an interesting dynamic. I can't wait to see how it plays out in Clockwork Prince.

  3. When I first read CA, I hadn't read TMI, so I had no connection to the Lightwoods. Therefore, I found them to be kind of jerks.

    I also love the bantering between Will, Jem and Tessa! Their conversations are so fun to read. Tessa's reaction when Gabriel said he wouldn't be sad if Will died was priceless. Will's reaction to her reaction was even better!

  4. I believe also benidict is jealous. And i think by the way his son acts around will they must really like thinking they are in power, so much so i believe they would do almost anything to gain the power they wish to have. Posibly try to take over the institute?

    It is possible that having relations to the enclave could do harm, fot instance her aunt maybe considered biast on certain decissions so her efforts may not count in trying ro aid charrlotte, or she may try to get in charrlottes way and try to undermind charrlotte.

    I think will jem and tessa have great chemistry, they are really good together. It seems like the all realy want to help each other, and they trust eachother. I espicially like how jem picks up for tessa when will says something out of the way to her, i think it's sweet.

  5. I have to say, i'm loving this book. I am just now reading it with you all. I can't wait to know what happens, so excited.

  6. I "knew" the Lightwoods from TMI....was surprised these Lightwoods are such jerks...may redeem themselves as story progress...

    As to family in the workplace...can be a blessing or a curse...just depends on the situation...should always have your back...but also knows your greatest weakness...

    Love these 3 togethor..hope they can stay friends when Tessa makes her choice..


  7. I love Izzie, Alec and Max from TMI but I was never a fan of their parents. So I'm not that surprised i don't like these lightwoods. I have a feeling though Gabriel might not turn out so bad later in the series.

  8. I think that the chemistry between the 3 of them is really interesting,because both Will and Jem have this kind of romantic interest in Tessa, while Tessa and Will share their worries about Jem's health, and Jem and Tessa are always making fun of Will,so all this binds them as a close trio.

  9. I quite like the Lightwoods. I think they'll play an important role in the future and their characters just haven't been defined yet. Yes, they seem to detest Will but we don't know what will did. Maybe their hate is justified. I am very curious to know what happened with will and their sister.

    I think ties with the Enclave would be helpful since it is clear people don't respect Charlotte, Maybe those ties could help her gain some respect and power over the other Shadowhunters. It all really depends on who she has ties with. But I believe that though her ties may help her, she won't be respected with a snap of the fingers. We know that women are part of the Enclave in the Mortal Instruments series so something must have happened before then to change the prejudice against Shadowhunter women. Maybe Charlotte does something in this series that garners equality? I wonder what that would be...

    I think Tessa and Jem don't have as much chemistry as Tessa and Will. I like Jem more because he's so honest and kind but I don't like him with Tessa. I find he's more of a good friend than a boyfriend. At least for Tessa. Him and Sophie would be a good pairing though. I hope they'll end up together because Sophie deserves love in my opinion. I'm not sure I like Will with Tessa either. It's only because I'm unsure of his past and don't like that he seems like the kind of guy who could already have loved someone else. In romance books, you don't want a guy who's loved another girl before the main character.

  10. * I totally agree. I think Benedict is absolutely jealous of Charlotte and he really would love to run the Institute.

    * I think ties can defenitely help but I do think that when you are a good shadowhunter, you can be part of the Enclave, or at least is what I like to think. (I hate to think that they are like a 'mafia')

    * I love love love the bantering between Will, Jem and Tessa, they are so good all three together, I always die laughing with their conversations.

  11. It's more than obvious that Benedict Lightwood wants to run the Institute, I think this job is more than about honour to him, its also about power. Having said that I still don't have an opinion about the Lightwood clan, Gabriel acts like any protective older brother does and its not surprising he despises Will for what he has done to her sister and I am guessing here that it was more than a few kisses.

    I think it is good Charlotte has family inside the Enclave, her father ran the institude before her and this shows that she knows how things are, she may be young but she is not a fool.

    I absolutely love the bantering between Will, Jem and Tessa, I particularly loved that part where Will says Tessa walks like a duck and Jem says he likes ducks, how sweet is Jem. OMG I loveeee Jem.

  12. When I first thought about the Lightwoods, I thought they were totally different from the Lightwoods of TMI series. The more thought I put into this that really isn't the case. Maryse and Robert Lightwood are a bit hard like Benedict. The kids, Alec and Isabelle, are nothing like Gabriel Lightwood. There is definitely some strife over Charlotte and Henry running the Institute.

    I didn't put much thought into family dynamics within the Enclave.

    I like the way Jem, Tessa and Will get along. They are like three siblings who goad and tease one another but also care for one another. Their conversations are always fun to read.

  13. It does seem like the Lightwoods are jealous of Charlotte.(I so want to know what Will did to Gabriel's sister to get him so angry enough to want Will dead) There is an obvious tension going on. Poor Charlotte seems to have to prove her self constantly. At such a young age she has a lot to deal with. A husband she cares for that is so distracted because he is very interested in inventing and discovering how mechanical things work. She also has no choice and be an acting mother to Will, Jem and Jessamine.(That's a full time job there) She also has to run the institute(and there some major evil stuff going down), and on top of that she is a woman in the Victorian era.

    I don't think having a family ties with the Enclave will make to much of a difference. I guess it would depend on what type of person her aunt is.

    I love this chapter with Will, Tessa and Jem. You can definitely see and feel the chemistry among them. They have become comfortable with each other and they have gained each others respect.

  14. Ugh, yes! The Lightwoods are TOO full of themselves! They pissed me off- they were nothing like the Lightwoods in TMI! Though it's weird... Robert and Benedict could be the great-great-greatx100 father of Isabelle and Alec! :P

    And i love the chemistry between Jem, Will, and Tessa! It's like they've been friends for a long time even though Tessa's new.

  15. Kitty- Welcome! We're thrilled to have you reading along with us!

    I'm so relieved I'm not the only one who thought the Lightwoods come across as full of themselves. I guess I should say it's more arrogance and jealous. Though I do love that Will and Jem push their buttons as well.

    They're very different from the Lightwoods in TMI. Great point Midnight. I should have pointed that out.

    It's really interesting to compare and contrast the families in CA and in TMI.

  16. Lightwoods are so full of themselves. I want ALec back :)Of course hes jealous. HE probably wants to control everything.Most likely it will do harm, what that is right now I can not say. i lov e the chemistry it makes me want to squee like a fangirl

  17. Benedict seems like he could be a future bad guy. He talks all high and mighty, making slights against Charlotte and Henry,and acting like Shadowhunters are better than, but then it sounds like he is involved in with shady downworlders. He seems jealous of Charlotte's position and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a play for it in the future.

    The chemistry between Tessa, Will, and Jem is great. I like how Tessa is bold and stands up for what she thinks is right.

  18. I didn't like the Lightwoods at all. They seemed arrogant and self centered. I suppose that our loyalties all lie with Charlotte so it was normal for us all to feel that way.
    I'm not sure how I reacted to the family ties the first time that I read CA. It was surprising to me that Charlotte was only 23. That would obviously mean that she was only 18 when she was given the position. Age meant different things at that time, but it was still very young. I suppose in that respect, family support would mean a lot.
    The chemistry between Will, Jem and Tessa was great. My favorite line in this chapter was the "duck line." That one will always be my favorite Will line. "Never trust a duck" priceless. The other thing that I loved about their interaction was Tessa noticing Will's reactions to certain statements. She's taking it all in and noticing the little things. A sign of things to come maybe? Her fangs coming out when she thought of Will was kind of telling too. This chapter told us a lot even with what wasn't "said."

  19. The Lightwoods are a bit shady.

    Having family in the Enclave I think will help.

    I LOVE the chemistry among the three - Tessa, Will, and Jem.

  20. I love the chemistry between Will, Jem and Tessa. It's a lot of fun to read the scenes that they are in together. They make me laugh. Their relationships seem to have come together quickly and naturally.

  21. The chemistry between Jem, Will, and Tessa is fabulous, which is a word that I don't use very often. I always smile when I read their interactions with each other. And yes, Benedict Lightwood is SO jealous of Charlotte. It's painfully obvious, Mr. Lightwood, no matter how much you wish it weren't so.

  22. * I recognized the name right away from TMI series, I had a bad impression right away. The way Gabriel treated Will was just appalling. Hopefully, he will redeem himself.

    * I think having family in the enclave both helps and hinder. Her Aunt probably puts a lot of expectations and pressures on Charlotte, but I bet she would help her niece out in an instant.

    ^ The chemistry between the three is wonderful. The banter always amuses me. Tessa is one lucky girl, as I love both Will & Jem.

  23. I didn't really like the Lightwoods. I thought that they were kind of mean.

  24. I totally believe the Lightwood family is out for themselves and believe they are superior in every way to other Nephlim families...they remind me a little of Malfoy's from Harry Potter.

    I think that having family in the enclave can both help and hurt...It truly depends on the people involved though. I don't think it is a challenge for Charlotte, except the expectations that she may feel she needs to live up to, but again in the case of the Lightwoods, one is too many so multiple family members in the enclave can turn out to be a real challenge. I suppose it really comes down to everyone's expectations and where their loyalty lies...

    I love the chemistry between Will, Jem, and Tessa. I will say however I am team Will so it is hard for me to 'Watch' the dynamics between Tessa and Jem a little bit, lol~ I hope that through the series their friendship and ties to one another remain strong, I am so nervous about this group :-S

  25. Heh, thanks! Though I reread my comment, and found out that instead of writing Gabriel I wrote Robert. *face palm* :P

  26. Benedict thinks he's better than everyone else and I'm sure he wants to take over the institute. I don't like him. Period. I'm actully quite fond of Gabriel eventhough he acts like an idiot sometimes :P

    I don't think it really matters that they are related. She doesn't seem against her or have her back. I think she tries to be a little netral or something... i duuno, haha.

    They're a fabulous trio. They are so funnt together. But their love intrests are probably gonna destroy them in the end. Which is sad, cause I love thme together

  27. I don't really like the Lightwoods. They come across as people who think they are better then all other shadowhunters. Actually, they are kind of the same way in TMI.

    I love the chemistry between Will, Jem and Tessa. They are so much fun together! Can't wait to read more scenes with the three of them

  28. Yes I noticed the Lightwoods in The Mortal Instruments are high strung and I see where they got it. They obviously seem to think their family is so much better than the others. Benedict is definitely jealous. He obviously had his eye on running the Institute but that job was given to Charlotte so he is pressuring her so she will give it up because then it would go to him. All the Lightwoods are a little off. It seems like they will go with anything to make themselves look good or to keep them out of harm's way, even if they are doing something with the wrong people. The Lightwoods pretty much only look out for themselves.

    I think this will go either way. I'm sure all the shadowhunter families have ties to the Enclave. But for Charlotte I think this could go wrong. She is a woman running an Institute which is unheard of and if she or any of the others makes a mistake it will reflect on Charlotte and to her family in the Enclave. This could bring a lot of problems for everyone if something bad happened and other families might try to bring them down if something were to happen.

    Will, Jem, and Tessa together are pretty funny. This is usually when Will is trying to be his arrogant self and Jem and Tessa just call him on it. They literally make me laugh out loud. Will and Jem are family and Tessa is a strong voice and putting them all together is just genius. I love them.

  29. - It's such a contrast after loving the Lightwoods in TMI so much, I don't like Benedict nor Gabriel, and I do agree there's something odd about them. I think it's fairly obvious that Benedict would like the position of head of the Institute for himself, but I'd love to know more about his "ruined reputation" and what happened between Will and the Lightwood girl.

    - Uhm, I think it will do both. It all depends on how tight those ties are or not.

    - I love the 3 of them together! I want to read about more scenes like this one.

  30. I like the Malfoys reference to the Lightwood family. It seems in this chapter like Benedict is trying to sabatoge the mission Charlotte is planning. I can't wait to read more between Gabriel and Will!

    A good love triangle is the basis for all great tragic romances. I like how Tessa can put Will in his place. She admires both boys, without fawning over either of them.

  31. i guess they would be full of themselves, because didn't we talk about earlier how the shadow hunters are a little arrogant? i didn't think too much about it though, because a lot of people are like that. i don't particularly think there's something untrustworthy about them per say, but these lightwoods aren't my favourite people. about benedict mentioning charlotte is too young to be running the institute, i don't really think he's jealous, just disapproving. because yeah, she has a lot of responsibilities as head of this institute, and we have to remember the context, where women aren't normally the head of any household. and her husband is always daydreaming about his machines and stuff, so charlotte seems to be bearing more tasks than her husband (who should do more).

    i reckon that have some family in the enclave could possibly be a problem.. but it depends on how close they are, really. if they don't really communicate or interact much anyway, it won't really impact too much. they'll just continue to fulfil their required duties as members of the enclave.

    i love the three of them! it's good that this particular (what seems to be turning out to be) love triangle is different to the one in tmi, where these boys are parabatai and are thus really close to each other. their conversation never fails to make me smile when it's like this, and i'm looking forward to more of it (hopefully) in clockwork prince! i'm also very interested as to how all of their relationships will change. oho.

  32. The Lightwoods. They kind of keep with my oppinion of them. Having read TMI already, I know the character traits of the family, keeping in mind they have been diluted through time. They still have the haughty, pride-like attitude but the Lightwoods of TMI seem much nicer than the Lightwoods of TID. Gabriel attitude kind of reminds me of Jace. The snark and attitude is there, in a vague sense. I flat out don't like Benedict. I do like Gabriel though.
    As for the family in the enclave, it could come as a problem or advantage. I feel like this will play out however Charlotte desides to work it. The Lightwoods seem to be in the same situation though, as Gabriel and Bennidict are both members. It seems to me (because of Gabriels sudden joining) that whoever wants to participate in the Enclave can.
    As for the chemistry, it makes me smile. I don't know who will end with who but both "couples" seem to work so well together. I have no input into this subject other than TEAM JEM!!!

  33. I like the concept of the Lightwood family in CA. I also really love Gabriel, and think that he's just the product of his father, meaning that that's the only way he knows how to act. I think I'll like him even more as the series progresses.

    It looks like Charlotte needs all the help she can get right now, so I think family ties would be welcome.

    Those three kill me. Their bickering is so endearing :D. But I can't help worrying that their chemistry will be destroyed in later books.

  34. I agree that it seems that the Lightwoods we've met sofar seem to be jealous of Charlotte running the institute - not only being a woman, which was unheard of having a position of power and authority in those days, but also being chosen by the Consul Wayland (YAY!) before them. We'll see later on how this affects everyone, but if you recall in TMI series, the Lightwoods don't necessarily get along with everyone nor play by the rules all the time.

  35. I think that Benedict wants Charlotte's position, and I get the feeling that he'll do something about it in the future.

  36. I do think that Benedict has some jealousy over Charlotte. I also think that Cecily is something of in relation with the Lightwoods and Will. Charolotte adopted Will and I think what ever Will did to Cecily the anger passed through to Charlotte. I don't know if it's valid but these are my thoughts.

    I think it is normal to have a family member of the Enclave. I think it will do good and bad.

    I think they both have positive chemistry, I like the way Tessa and Will bicker at each other and Jem and Tessa is really adorable they way they interact just shows a whole lot of chemistry though I am worried of Sophie.