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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 15: Chapter 14 Blackfriars Bridge

It's day 15 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 14. I adore Jem and Tessa's moments together. We learn a bit more about Will, and we also learn a little more about the Clave. Jem and Tessa get attacked.

* I adore Jem and Tessa's scenes together. I love that he tells her she's human in all the ways that matter. Jem always seems to say the right words and he's so even tempered and nice to everyone. Do you think Jem is just being nice to Tessa or do you think he's starting to like her?

* Tessa talks to Jem about Will, specifically when he acted like he's drunk when clearly he hadn't had a drink. Jem confides in her that he has followed Will before and all he did was wonder the streets of London. Why do you think Will is 1) wondering the streets and 2) why would he lie about it? What do you think changed that would make Will all the sudden want to join the Shadowhunters?

* The Coachman comes for Tessa when she's with Jem and says she belongs to the Magister. How do you think Tessa belongs to the Magister/de Quincy? What do you make of the attack on the Shadowhunters? Do you think there's more to come?


  1. * He said Tessa is cute, so I really think he starts to like her.

    * Will is such a mistery, and obviously he wants to look as the bad guy infront of everybody when he isn't, in my opinion, that bad. I wish I could understand him a little bit more, but this is his charm, I guess.

    * I think that 'Tessa belongs to the magister' comes together with what was said earlier in the book, it seems that the magister has something to do with Tessa's special power, but how? o.O

  2. *I think that Jem likes her. He is so genuine, and the things he says make it pretty clear that he does. At least that's what I think.

    *I am still very confused about Will, even after reading the book more than once. He obviously is hiding something that he doesn't want to share with even Jem. Maybe something that he feels ashamed and angry about. I just hope to learn more about him in Clockwork Prince.

    *I think that there is going to be a lot more going on with the automatons, and that this was just the start of it. The Magister knows something about Tessa I think that no one else does.

  3. I think Jem is actually starting to like Tessa.

    Will, on the other hand, is such a mystery. I think he's saying he goes out drinking and tells all of these tales because he doesn't want people seeing him as he really is. I think he goes on walks because he has a lot to think about and he would rather people just see him as being cocky and a trouble maker.

    I think the Magister's claim on Tessa definitely has to do with her powers. Mysterioussss.

  4. *I do think Jem likes Tessa.

    *Will is such a freakin' mystery. Obviously something bad happened for him to come join the Shadowhunters and refuse to go back with his parents. Poor guy probably wonders the streets thinking about everything he's done & makes himself believe he's as bad as he makes everyone think he is. Wish I could reach inside the book and just SHAKE him to tell me what the deal is!! Lol.

    *The Magister's claim on Tessa probably has something to do with her abilities. Maybe he knows how she has them? Maybe there's even more she can do that she just doesnt know yet?

  5. The first time I read this chapter I thought Jem was just being nice to Tessa but now I think he's starting to like her.

    I have no idea why Will is wondering the streets but I think he lies about it so everyone will think the worst of him and he will therefore not have to get too close to anyone. I think Will's decision to join the Shadowhunters may have something to do with Cecily and whatever it is that happened to her.

    When I first read this chapter I thought the Coachman said that Tessa belonged to the Magister because she was supposed to marry him.

  6. I hope jem likes tessa she deserves someone who will care for her how she cares for them, not someone who will push her away.

    Will may be wandering the streets because he feels bad about leaving his family. He might lie about it because he doesnt want anyone to know how he feels. Maybe will joined the shadowhunters because he needed protection from something.

    I think de quincey believes tessa is his because he arranged for her to be taught and because he was supose to marry her. Or maybe either her father or nate promised her to him.

  7. Will is definitely hiding something. Making up stories about himself is just a way to keep people out.

    Again, the Magister must have known about Tessa for a long time. Maybe a family friend. The way the automaton ran away with a wave make me think that they'll be back. Besides they still don't have Tessa.

  8. I find Jem is very sweet and all, definitely the romantic type but they don't have as powerful a chemistry as Tessa and Will. I think Jem does genuinely like her though. Like Cassandra's other series, The Mortal Instruments, there seems to be a love triangle forming. The only difference now is that Jem and Will both have a chance to get the girl wheres in MI, Simon never had a chance; It was always Jace for Clary.

    I have no clue whatsoever what Will might be doing while he's away pretending to be drunk but I sure hope we find out some time soon. I don't know what happened to make him want to be a Shadowhunter but I think his parents did something bad like make a deal with a demon or something and someone ended up dying and so Will left to find a way to bring that person back. I hope my theory is wrong though because I am Team Will mostly and if he wants to bring someone back to life, he must really care about that person which would suggest he's been in love before. Please let me be wrong!

    I think Tessa was somehow created by the Magister, maybe by mixing different species' blood together like in MI? I think there will definitely be more attacks to come but in the end, automatons will fall because there aren't any automatons in MI meaning something must have happened to abolish them. Probably some big huge war that killed many and as a result, the Clave banned automatons in the end.

  9. I think Jem likes her very much....just won't try for more due to his condition....

    Not sure what Will is up to wandering the streets..just think he needs to be doing something..can't sit and think...Feel somethng awful happened in his early home life to send him to the Shadowhunters...this has led to his self-hate...snarky attitude...wandering the city at night

    Tessa is something special...the Magister may have had a hand in her he feels she belongs to very interested in learning more of Tessas back story


  10. I think Jem really likes Tessa and is holding back because he knows Will is starting to have feelings for her too.

    I just can't wait until Clockwork Prince, to find out more about why Will is the way he is.

    If Tessa belongs to the Magister, her abilities must have been created or influenced by him. Therefore the Magister believes he owns her. Can't wait to read her history.

  11. I think Jem likes her, but maybe not in an intimate way. He seems genuinely kind to everyone so why would he be any different to Tessa. I really like Jem, he is compassionate and very likable.

    Will probably wanders the streets of London when he needs to be alone and think. He has inner struggles and this is how he deals with them. I think he wants to look tough and act like he needs no one so he lies about where and what he has been doing when he walks.

    I'm at a loss for how the Magister thinks he owns Tessa. maybe it is because he put the effort (through the Dark Sisters) into honing her talent. Still remains to be seen who is The Magister and what he wants from Tessa.

  12. I think Jem likes her- though I'm not sure how he likes her. Jem is genuinely kind, and maybe he loves Tessa in a platonic way. Or he could love her, like really love her, but then won't show it because he knows about Will's feelings and doesn't want to be in his way. But I do wish there won't be another love triangle here...

  13. Jem does like Tessa but I think it's just a friendship like. Nothing romantic. I haven't read anything that would seem otherwise. Jem is always a kind person and I wouldn't see why he wouldn't like Tessa. Even if he ever got actual love feelings for her, Jem knows Will loves her so he would never go there. But I really don't see that happening.

    I think everything Will does has to do with that fact that he suddenly wanted to be a shadowhunter even though he would never see his family again. He must of done somthing that he thought he had to stay away from them so he left. I think he lies about being drunk and actually goes walking around London because he is lost and confused and trying to think of how to deal with whatever he has done in the past. I just think Will is searching for answers to things he is afraid to figure out.

    The whole attack was kind of creepy. One minute Jem and Tessa are alone and the next they are ambushed. Tessa belonging to the Magister must have to do with her powers because he wants to use them for his own twisted reasons. I don't see how he can be of any good, hence the attack. That was definitely just the start. The Magister obviously doesn't give up easily so I do believe there will be more.

  14. Jem likes her already. Its obvious. Enough said.
    Will obviously has something troubling him. when something is troubling you you normally dont just go outright and say it. There is going to be more attacks it is inevitable. I think the magister had a hand in Tessas birth.

  15. I really likes the scene with Tessa and Jem. Jem's character is great. I think he is really starting to like Tessa.

  16. I am posetive that Jem likes her. I also think he is holding back a little becuase 1. whatever is wrong wit him 2. he knows Will likes her 3. He either knows or suspects that Tessa likes Will.

    1) Maybe he just needs time to think? I seriouslt have no idea, but I would really like to know.
    2) To keep up the pretense that everything is fine with him. If being Will Herondale can be called fine ;)
    Something changed. Either, he did something so bad he didn't want to ever go back home. He just wants to forget.. or he punishes himself. Or his parents did something bad. Or... maybe his parents ARE dead and that's why he didn't want to meet them. Cause he know it wasn't them.

    It seems like the Magister has something to do with how Tessa turned out to be who she is. Maybe she was created in someway and he helped with that? Maybe he is her father? (I hope not!) Or he's just bat crazy ._. The attack as partly for Tessa and partly for the Shadowhunters. and I'm sure there is more of what the coachman came from...

  17. * I do think Jem is starting to like Tessa.

    * I do not have any idea why Will acts the way he does. He is a mystery to me. All I know is something awful must have happened.

    * I think the Magister wants her power and will not give her up. I do think he will continue to attack until he gets what he wants.

  18. - I think Jem's nice to everyone, but I also agree that he likes her.

    - My theory is that he wanders the streets to have time alone to rest from the struggle that is to constantly have his walls up. And time to think. Also, it provides for a space to make up those horrible stories about himself that he likes to share. I think he lies about for the same reason he invents those stories, so people wouldn't think bad of him. I have no idea what changed that made him want to join the Shadowhunters, maybe a demon attacked his family ? Or maybe he found something about them he didn't like ? Or he did something bad ? I don't know, it's so intriguing, but I think it might have something to do with demon pox and/or Cecily.

    - Oh yes, there's definitely more to come! They just declared war! I think "she belongs to The Magister" because maybe he created her ? He think he has a hold on her because she was brought to London for his purposes and was "trained" for him. To me what made the attack so terrifying was how the creatures were not faced by the protection in the Institute, it's scary to think because they are mechanical the rules that bind the protection of Shadowhunters don't work on them, and even scarier still is that they cannot feel pain, so are hard to beat...

  19. * so people WOULD think bad of him.

  20. It was hard for me to see what Jem was feeling for Tessa because he is just a kind hearted person, in general. He is very good at saying the right thing, though!

    When Jem told Tessa about Will wandering around London all night it just broke my heart. What a profoundly lonely kid. I also always think of the Ben Folds song "Wandering" when I think of that scene. It came into my head when I read it.

  21. Jem. He is totally my guilty pleasure. I think it is so sweet what he says to Tessa. I think the scene is perfect and the way the words are delivered is great. I feel like Jem is really liking Tessa but that he sees Wills intereast and he is such a good friend to Will.
    As for Will- I don't know about him at all. He totally confuses me. I like him and I like the complexity but I can't understand his motives or anything at all. I think he has issues but I don't know what they are.
    And the attack- WTF was that? I didn't get it. I mean, I know what happened but I'd love to know why.

  22. I don't think Jem is just being nice to her. I do think he is starting to like her, but I also feel that b/c of the kind of person Jem is, he would have said those things to Tessa, whether he liked her or not.

    Will is a very confusing guy. I think he wants people to think he is mean and douchy, and that is why he pretends to be out drinking and at brothels all night. It just all adds up to the person Will wants people to think he is.

  23. I think Jem is just nice naturally but I also think he likes Tessa. I think he knows that he can't have her because he is dying.
    Will is strange. I think he wants to convince everyone that he is bad so they will stay emotionally away from him. I think he may have caused the death of a mundane (killed by demons) when he was young, without meaning to, and that is why he chose to be a shadowhunter.
    She belongs to the Magister because he paid for her so he thinks she is his. Yes, I think there is more to come.

  24. I agree that Jem may be holding back his feelings for Tessa. I could be because he sees that Will is starting to like her, or it could be that he doesn't see himself as someone a girl would be interested in because of his illness. In trying to convince Tessa that she is human, he is trying to convince himself that he's still human too despite his affliction.

    If Will's parents weren't allowed to have contact with the Shadowhunters, I don't know why he would choose to join them. That would make a great bonus chapter for Cassandra to write. I can picture some Downworlder tormenting Will, and him wanting to get revenge.

    Tessa's power may belong to the Magister, but she herself doesn't. It goes along with the suffrage movement of the time that women are not to be viewed as property that a man can claim as his wife.

  25. i also love how jem is witty and funny, but not hostile like will. i think jem is one of those people who is naturally nice to everyone, but yes, i think that jem is starting to like tessa. it always happens in books - the protagonists have to choose between two guys. but in the book context it would make sense too; jem doesn't really have much contact with girls close to his own age besides jessamine and sophie, and after living with them for many years it would be strange for him to like them that way. so a new girl who is also witty and different would also be interesting to him.

    i was quite amused when jem followed him around and discovered that will just wanders around. i think will just wants to be alone and have some thinking time without anyone he knows barging into his room or whatever, and of course he doesn't want to tell anyone what he's thinking about, so he just tells others he's been out drinking. however i was quite confused as to why will would suddenly change his mind and join the shadow hunters. something must've happened with his parents, and maybe that's a part of his big secret. he's a complex character, but in due time i'm sure we will find out why he acts like this. :)

    well, earlier in the novel, the dark sisters told tessa that the magister is the reason she is alive. so this, i guess, seems reason enough for the magister that tessa belongs to him. plus, her power is of value to him, so he wants her. mwahah. anyway, like others have said, the attack was quite frightening. they were built for a specific purpose, and they are easy to yield up in numbers. and of course there's more to come, when tessa isn't in the magister's hands.

  26. Arguably the best chapter in this book. Just putting that out there. :D

    Jem is hesitant at first. You can tell that he wants to love Tessa, but his "problem" is holding him back. He knows that he couldn't offer Tessa a happy life together. Plus, Jem is smart, and knows Will all too well. You can tell that he knows she has something going on with Will, and being the nice person he is, won't interfere with it. But I think that this is the key scene where he realizes that Tessa hates what she is, and he wants to fix that, and in the process falls in love.

    Oh, Will...our resident man of mystery. Will is a piece of work. He holds everyone at arm's length. There's something deeply wrong with him, and he confides in no one about it for fear of..what? I think he simply had nowhere else to go, so he joined the shadowhunters.

    Turning of events, right before our eyes. This is the start of something big. I think Tessa is bound by blood to the Magister in some telling how.

  27. According to Jem, Will came to the Institute shortly after he turned 12 when the Nephilim came to his family to offer him a chance to join them. I keep thinking, what 12-year old knows what they want to do for the rest of their life in order to leave their family behind? I find that incredible and, honestly, hard to believe. When I was 12, the biggest, most important things in my life were Christmas and summer vacation, not training to become a warrior against demons. I can understand why Will would be wandering around at night - probably guilt and loneliness for leaving his family and (most of the) people who love and understand him. I think he's trying to suffer in silence so he doesn't have to care for anyone, and later get disappointed or abandoned again.

    I'm so sad that Tessa & Jem's endearing moments get interrupted by the automatons. I'm certainly scared for Jem and his condition by the end of the chapter, so we'll see how he fares soon!

  28. I think that Jem is starting to like Tessa and it also seems that Tessa sees and feels something with Jem that she didn't know or expect. It kind of catches her off guard.
    Will is still too complicated to figure out. There is so much that no one knows.
    There is much more to the automatons than anyone knows.

  29. I think there is nothing wrong with Jem liking Tessa, she is one admirable character that even Jem can see that Will likes Tessa.

    I think Will wondering the streets has something to do with Jace's trait for some reason. I think he wonders the streets to gather certain informations on his own, he lies about it because he's keeping it a secret.

    There is more to come definitely, I think the Magister is not stopping until he recovers Tessa from the Shadowhunters.