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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 19: Chapter 18 Thirty Pieces of Silver

It's day 19 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 18. The cat's out of the bag now! The plot twists have been revealed (of course not all of them) and more twists keep on coming. NO freaking way! Nate! How could you!?! Those were my first thoughts when I first read this chapter! I can't believe he sold his sister out. At least we know his true colors now. We also know who the Magister is..... aka Mr Mortmain, and we've learned more about his twisted plans. What a lovely set up, don't you think? Cassie did a great job this betrayal from Nate. We also meet Church for the first time and find out what Mrs. Dark really is.

* I seriously don't even know what to ask. There's so much that just happened, I don't even know where to start. So much about Nate has now been revealed. Did you guys except this from Nate? It's a bit of a shocker isn't it? I completely despise him! To think he sold his sister out for money.

* I'd say Mr Mortmain did a great job at staging this entire attack. How in the world do you think he's able to control/get De Quincey and the Dark Sisters to work for him? Mortmain is obviously an intelligent person, and I'd assume he has a back up plan just in case something doesn't go his way. What are your predictions for what's going to happen next?

* I can't even imagine what Tessa is thinking right now. If you were Tessa, what would your next move be? Would you fight to save your brother or would you stand with the Shadowhunters and fight against him?


  1. I am so glad that I'm not the only Anti-Nate here! :D I was completely shocked- and so totally pissed. And there I thought he was a poor victim... I want to gather an angry mob complete with the pitchforks! :)

    And well, I don't think he needed to control them. All he needed was a lot fear and a little incentive... and a lot of persuasion. :P

    .... What happens next is not gonna pretty.

  2. I was completely shocked at Nate's betrayal! all this while Tessa trusted him and worried for him and he just sold her out! what a horrible brother. Will was right about him.
    i also am keen to find out what Mortmain meant by he created Tessa and why he wants her to change for him.

  3. I always had a bad feeling about Nate. I didn't think he was as bad as he actually is, but I also didn't think think he was 100% good.

    Poor Tessa. I felt so bad for her in this chapter. To find out that her big brother sold her out is horrible. I hope she stands with the shadowhunters and fights against her brother.

  4. Nate has no redeeming qualities. He's disgusting and I hate his smarmy attitude. I hope he dies in later books. But no..that might mess Tessa up pretty badly...but I can still hope. And I'd hated him ever since he told his "story" about how he came into Downworld and what led up to him being held prisoner.

    Mortmain is a sneaky little fellow, isn't he? As of now, I'm not quite sure where he's going with this plan of his. But I have a feeling his motives are personal, because why would a human have anything against the Shadowhunters, whose job it is to protect them?

    Yikes. I'd be in disbelief. I think that my first decision would be to stand with the Shadowhunters, because family loyalty only goes so far when your in a dark/light side situation I suppose.

  5. I expected Nate's betrayal but it was still sad to read, especially the scene where he calls Tessa a thing and tells her she's not his sister. I just feel bad for Tessa. Nate's the only family she has left and she risked her life because she thought it would save him and then it turns out that he helped with her kidnapping.

    I'd never thought about how Mortmain was able to control de Quincey and the Dark Sisters. Maybe there's more to him that we haven't found out yet.

    I would fight with the Shadowhunters (but I never liked Nate and I really love Will). I could see Tessa trying to save Nate but I don't think she'll be able to.

  6. I was always suspicious of Nate. It just breaks my heart for Tessa that Nate is so hateful to her.

    Mr. Moramain is a mundane. How has he become so powerful? And how powerful is he that downworlders listen to him and fear him? So much more to learn about his him.

    Learning the true nature of her brother, Tessa will do the right thing and help the shadowhunters. Tessa may still want to save Nate, but only if there was a glimmer of hope that it is possible.

  7. I remember the first time I read the book I was in shock. I couldn't believe he sold his sister out. He said that she was not his sister to him, that she was like dead to him. He killed their aunt... OMG I can't imagine how Tessa felt for all those things. I knew Nate wasn't a good person, but I never imagined something like that. I didn't like him before, but not I can't even stand him at all.

    * Mortmain is a mundane (in theory) but I have the feeling that he has some kind of special power or something, if not why would a demon (the dark sister), a warlock (the other sister), a powerful vampire (De Quincey) and the rest of the underworld be afraid of him? o.O He has a greater plan that involves Tessa.. Gosh this chapter has a lot of information.

    * Tessa was trying to talk to him, to make him change his plans, but it was imposible, Nate is not like the brother she remembered.... I understand that is hard, but I can't try to help someone that wants to give me as exchange to get more powers... So I would help the shadowhunters...

  8. *Im so glad I can finally express my hatred for Nate. The first time I read it I was shocked. What a scum he is.

    *It's made pretty clear how clever Mortmain is. I think the plan was amazing ( as much as I hate that it happened) of course he must have a back up plan. Someone as smart as him doesn't assume his first plan will automatically work.

    *I would stand with the Shadowhunters. Nate made his choice clear. He sold her out and doesn't considerher his sister. He's scum and doesn't deserve anything from her.

  9. I think he was a coward and would do alot to gain what he wants. But never this.. never this.

    Oh i really have no idea how a mundane like him can have such powerful people working underneith him. I'm baffled. Either he is more than he seems to be or he has something on them. Or... this little army is more dangerous then we think.. or ... something..

    I completly despise him. Since I don't have any brothers or sisters I don't know what I would do. But after being so betrayed like Tessa has been. And now to know how awful Nate really is, I mean he even killed their aunt, I don't think I could ever protect him.

  10. Nate's betrayal completely shocked me when I first read this. Tessa was so loyal to him, but he obviously didn't feel the same way.

    I have no idea how Mortmain has all of these people working for him. Crazy!

  11. I knew Nate was hiding something and that he might be bad but I never expected him to be so evil! To kill his own Grandma! I just cannot believe it! I think he is seriously messed up in the head. The question is: if he is willing to kill his own family for the Magister, what won't he do? He is completely twisted and I kind of hope he dies. Or maybe he's under some sort of spell... it didn't seem like it though. I know it's mean for me to want him dead but after all that he did to his family and just everyone, he is only a bad person.

    I don't think De Quincey is working for him, I think he's just a slightly innocent person - or as innocent as you can get with what he's done to humans - and he's just been framed. I think the Dark Sisters fear him a lot and just don't want to disappoint him. I don't know why because he's just a regular mortal but maybe he has some sort of blackmail on them or maybe he's not as powerless as we think? Maybe he isn't human at all? Oh my Gosh! What if he's an advanced version of an automaton?! Maybe someone else is controlling him and that person is the Magister!

    I'd fight against my brother. After what he did to Tessa and her family, he's no longer part of that family. Family is about love and connection and Nate is not part of that. He doesn't deserve to be part of that. If I were Tessa, I would want to save him but only to know why he did the things he did. What he's done is so terrible and I just don't see any other reason for doing it other than selfishness, fear and mental illness. I suppose I wouldn't want to kill the only person in my family dead as well... but he's the reason he's the only family Tessa has left... I don't know. I guess I'd try to save him while being against him as well. Poor Tessa.

  12. Nate is such a lowlife! It drives me crazy that Tessa doesn't immediately disown him as her brother, but I understand since he's her only family. It seemed too simple that DeQuincey was the mastermind, but the mystery of what or who Mortmian is, is very intriguing.

  13. Nate. I feel like saying so many things about him, all of them unprintable. His gambling problem just inspired this feeling that he was a cheep scam that wanted riches.
    For Mortiman- I sort of get the feeling that he has the same power that Tessa does. I just kind of get that oppinion. Don't know why but it makes sense. Then he wouldn't have to get anyone to work for him, he would just plant evidence.
    As for the last question, I'm sure that I would stand against him. I tend to have that oppinion that you are either with me or against me. But, for Tessa, I think that their is a chance that she will fights for him. He is her only family and a tie to her past. I can make it make sense either way. Id like to be surprised though!

  14. I was so surprised by Nate! What a crazy person. I felt really sorry for Tessa. She must have been so heartbroken. If I got the chance I would try to talk him out of his crazy ideas, but Nate seemed pretty far gone in his admiration of the Magister.

  15. Oh how I hate Nate...what an awful excuse for a human being....can't believe the things he has done/said...Hope Tessa will let him go....her only family but the Shadowhunters treat her so much better...believe she will side with them...

    Mortmain...haven't figuered out where his power comes from...he is mundane but must have a magical background or object that gives him power in the Underworld

    Loved seeing Church...hopefully in TMI we might get more of an explaination of his time in the Institute...


  16. As a first-time reader of CA, Nate's betrayal would have been more of a shock for me if it hadn't been for some spoilers I read in earlier chapters from some read-along commenters (sorry guys, I'm just being honest here).
    Poor Tessa, it seems like she will never be safe as long as the Magister is looking for her. I would be afraid of leaving the Institute if I were her. I think Mortmain will definitely be back in the next book with another evil plan. He is a very smart bad guy!
    I know he's her brother, but if I were her, I would fight against him! He obviously doesn't care about her, so I don't see why she should care about him.

  17. I expected that nate sold his sister out but i was more so thinking it would be because he thought she'd have a better life not because he wanted money.

    I have no idea how mortmain got de quincey and the dark sisters to work for him, and to be fearful of him, maybe money is truely power? From this chapter i can honestly say i am thrown for a loop, i have no idea what to expect right now, other than charlotte, will, jem, and henry have some serious butt kicking to do. And awwww church, i got so excited when jem picked up the little grey church.

    I would fight against him, if he's going to betray me like that he can rot!

  18. I am not surprised that Nate is evil! How far his evil reaches and what else he is involved in is a scary thought. Mortmain has a lot of power, that much power makes me wonder if he is some sort of demon/downworlder himself.

    Tessa should ditch Nate and join forces with the Shadowhunters. Nate obviously ditched her, so why not!

  19. id be super pissed at my brother so i would definitely fight with the shadow hunters. Nate was annoying so yea kind of expected. usually an author will make kind of make the antagnoists unlikable I think thaT might of been what Cassie was doing, She obviously doesnt always do this cause I liked Sebastian.

  20. I didn't really see this coming with Nate but I'm not totally surprised. He was always doing something to get more money and then he would lose it all and it was just one big cycle. It is a shocker that he would sell Tessa out but I wasn't full on shocked.

    Mr.Mortmain is way too smart for his own good. It's so not fair he came up with that whole plan. I forsee plenty of battles ahead to stop him and the clockwork army. Only time will tell what the Magister will do since he can pretty much do anything. He must be using a lot a fear to control De Quincy and Mrs.Dark. He probably also promised what they want most or at least to not harm them.

    If I were Tessa I would fight with the shadowhunters against Nate. He has decieved everyone and all for money. The shadowhunters have been kind and helpful and have never lied so I would stand with them if I were Tessa.

  21. Nate already said that he was prepared to sell their family heirlooms for his gambling debt, so it's disappointing, but not a surprise. He seems to be just as eager for the power as the money.

    I'm wondering now if Mortmain is really a warlock. I don't think he'd have enough influence over the Downworlders if he wasn't more than human.

    Nate already disowned her as his sister. She should stand with the Shadowhunters now.

  22. Nate is despicable. I definitely expected this sort of behaviour from him, but even so, I was no less shocked when I found out that he had betrayed his sister for money. Nate seems like a weak sort of person, one who does not understand when a person is lying to him,and he is a power hungry, greedy man who fails to see that the only thing that could truly bring him happiness is not power, money, or relying on other people ; It's finding the courage and strength to understand yourself, and allow the people around you who love you to help you on your journey.

    De Quincey and the Dark Sisters would've both followed Mortmain for the same reasons Nate did ; in fear, and in lust of power. The Dark Ssisters obviously believed that if they trained Tessa and made her ready as the Magister saw fit, then they would be heavily rewarded. De Quincey, on the other hand, probably assumed that if this snarky human was the The Magister, then the Clave would have no problem getting him out of the way, and hence, make De Quincey the new Magister. Mortman is indeed a clever fellow, and I have no doubt that he will quickly discover that Tessa is alive, and then hatch a plan to retrieve her.

    This last question is really hard, lol! I believe that Tessa will be doing some digging around about her family, and try to find out who her mother and father really were, and why she is the way she is. And, if I were her, I would definitely try to knock some sense into my brother before automatically rallying against him. He may be despicable and useless, but in the end, Nate is Tessa's brother, and she will always love him. That aside, if he did not come to his senses, I would of course side with the Shadowhunters, and would fight my brother head on, if I had to.

    These are awesome questions, by the way!


  23. * I hate Nate! I can't believe how evil he is to sell his sister for money. He has no redeeming qualities, and I think Tessa should fight against him with the shadowhunters.

    * I was so shocked when I found this out, the first time I read CA. I never even suspected him. He must use fear and charisma to keep control of everybody, especially since he is only human.

  24. i didn't ever really trust nate. from the first time he seemed to have approved of the dark sisters (who imprisoned tessa), i was always like.. what kind of brother would do that. as it went on and tessa sometimes reminisced about her old life, and how nate was always gambling and tessa and her aunt would hide how much money he lost, i always just thought that was ridiculous. nate's older than tessa.. so he should've been taking care of his sister and aunt, not the other way round. so yeah, i never really liked him.

    yeah, mortmain is pretty intelligent, and it's even more interesting that he's a mundane and he's managed to gain so much power over downworlders and stuff. he must have something valuable to offer them in return for their service. as to what will happen next, something will happen with the automatons to help mortmain get tessa.

    if i were tessa.. i'd just be disgusted with my brother. to think that he would sell me out, when all i've ever done for him is care for him and love him. and well, considering he would have sold me out for money and power or whatever, i would stand against him. because he has done nothing for my safety.

  25. I've been expecting things while reading so I was not much of shocked but I was really eager to know why Nate did this to his own sister. If I was Tessa I would feel really betrayed on what Nate has done to me. I won't run after my brother and save myself instead. If my brother cares less for me why would I care for him? I really think Nate is going to be a big part of the whole reveal on what really happened to Tessa.

  26. Can I just say that I never liked Nate? I guess I put my trust in Will. One of my favorite Will lines was when he was talking to himself when he figured out about Mortmain. He assumed that Jem was smarter than he was but always looked for the good in everyone first. Will didn't have that handicap. Which is why I think he figured out that Nate wasn't someone to be trusted. Just another reason to love Will.
    I think Tessa is thoroughly disgusted with her brother. She may want to try to save him but I don't think she would sacrifice herself and her friends to do it. Nate made his decision and has to live with the consequences.

  27. - I didn't expect it from him at all. I remember that the first time I read the book I was completely fooled by him. What repulses me the most is that he told Tessa she wasn't even human, ugh.

    - I think he can control them because of how much power and intelligence he has. And maybe he has something on them too ? Probably something with the automathons.

    - I'd be conflicted, but after all he said to her I'd fight against him. He needs to be fought before he does more damage.

  28. Nate's betrayal made me so angry the first time I read it, there must be more to it than what things seem.... meaning he was coerced into doing this, or he's under the influence of some magic or drugs or something, since it's so sudden and evil that he would give up his own family for his own advancement. At least to me, since family comes first, it seems absolutely shocking.