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Monday, October 31, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 20: Chapter 19 BOADICEA

It's day 20 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 19. Things really start to unravel in this chapter. There's casualties from the attack, Tessa learns who her father is (well sort of), we learn that Mortmain went to great lengths to create Tessa and we see just how strong of a character Tessa really is.

* Mortmain is a sick, deranged man and now everything about him and his whole plan makes sense. He's plotted from the get go to get Tessa, but Tessa has a surprise of her own. Did Tessa's character surprise you at all with what she does to save everyone? When I first read CA, I thought she had truly made the ultimate sacrifice. She definitely out smarted Mortmain.

* Do you think the being that Mortmain wanted her to change into was her father? Everyone keeps telling her she's a warlock, but there's something she is that no one is telling her. What do you think that is?

* What do you think of Will's reaction towards Tessa at the end of this chapter? Where do you think that will leave them?


  1. * I was surprised/happy at the same time. Surprised because you see what she really does to save all the others, even if it includes to kill herself. Happy because It showed how strong she is, I knew it from the begging and I was so happy to see what she didn't let me down.

    * Well, Mortmain said a sort of warlock, so I bet she's not exactly a warlock. And her mother? o.O What did he mean with what she was? As he said, It's a plan that someone else started and he's keeping it working, and it seems that Tessa is an special key for that plan. And I have the feeling that what Mortmain wants is that Tessa turn herself with the man that started all that plan, to sort of ask him what to do next... I don't know.. I'm still so confused!

    * When I saw his reaction I was like, ok, at the end he has some feeling for her... maybe... *Swoon while thinking about Will*

  2. I didn't even think about the possibility that he wanted Tessa to change into her father. That's very interesting....

    Poor Will. He just couldn't hide his feelings this time. I was so happy, but I know that he will find some way to punish himself for not keeping up that wall.

  3. I didn't even think the watch could be Tessa's father's. I just thought it belonged to someone we don't know yet. It could just as easily be her dad.

    This scene cemented Tessa as a strong female character. She did what needed to be done to get rid of Mortimain. So clever!

    And Will! I just eat up that desperate love stuff. I thought, I knew it! I knew you really liked her you jerk!

  4. It wouldn't have surprised me in the least if she had actualy done it. She is a very strong and corageous character. And apparently very smart :) very proud of tessa in this chapter.

    Im thinking she either part angel, which would make her a fey, or she's part shadow hunter, which would be very interesting.

    Will loves tessa! I think it will leave them in the same place as before, confused, akward possition, and lots of pain for both of them.

  5. I wasn't surpised. Tessa has always been a strong character and she went to huge legnths to find Nate so it wasn't that big a stretch to save everyone else. Especially since she cares for all of them.

    I have no clue at all who Mortmain wanted Tessa to turn into but I don't think it was her father. I think it might be someone very close to Mortmain maybe a son? There's so many twists and turns but I love this story. I still think she has some warlock in her but she changes into people so that's pretty much a shifter. I'm going to say half and half.

    I loved Will in this chapter. He finally lets all his guard down and proves once and for all that he loves Tessa. But I got that part already lol. I hope this means they will finally be together but knowing Will he might do something else to push her away. I just hope he doesn't.

  6. I never even thought that the watch could belong to her father! It's definitely a possibility. I just assumed it was someone close to Mortmain.

    Oh, Will. I was like FINALLY the walls are down! He cares! Which I already knew BUT now it's confirmed! Hurrah! But I have a feeling he will try to shut down again. And I will want to smack him.

  7. I thought Tessa would sacrifice herself to save the others so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that she Changed herself to make it seem as if she had actually stabbed herself.

    The first time I read CA I had no idea who Mortmain wanted Tessa to Change into. On this reading I thought maybe he wants Tessa to Change into someone who died but had valuable information to help with the clockwork army/plan to destroy the Shadowhunters. I never considered that he would want her to Change into her father. That would be interesting though.

  8. Tessa is one of my favorite characters ever. I love how strong she is! She is completely thrown into this new world and she embraces it so much. LOVE HER SO MUCH.

    I totally didn't think about him maybe wanting Tessa to change into her father. Interesting thought.

  9. Tessa showed she is a very strong woman in this chapter. She beat Mortmain at his own game. He definitely did not want to lose her. She holds the key to something more for him.

    The whole mother and father and who/what are they is still very cloudy for Tessa. We still don't know for sure if it is her mother or father that was not human. I wonder if it is her mother. She thought she new her Aunt, just like Nate, but does she truly? I think a lot more is to be revealed on Tessa's family in the next book or two.

    Will is struggling with something. Every time he gets close to someone he pushes away. Definitely a defense mechanism for him to keep people at arms length. Someone he loved must have been hurt or taken from him. I am interested in finding out what his story is.

  10. *I loved what Tessa did. It was really amazing that in that situation she was able to think to do that. She is a very strong person and this made me love her so much more than I already did.

    *I don't know who Mortmain wanted Tessa to turn into. Im assuming its someone who knows something that he wants to know. Someone with important information.

    *It was so touching how Will acted. I really liked that we get to see him with his guard down. We know he cares about Tessa. She obviously cares for him too. I will say though I am team Jem so I have nothing to say about where I think it will go for Tessa and Will. I want her to be with Jem :)

  11. Sigh...I just love Tessa (which is rare fore me; usually I hate female characters). I had a feeling she would kick major booty before the book's end.

    jakauklafuak....I hated/loved that part, because it left me with so many questions.I can honestly say I have absolutely no idea what that is all about.

    Ohhh, Will. Will Will Will. That scene was so sweet. I felt like I could almost understand him for a moment (but of course that feeling ended pretty quickly) and did a few "awww"'s. But Will has some issues, some I sense some rocky roads ahead for the two of them.

  12. I was blown away by Tessa bravery...she thought fast on her feet and fooled Mortmain...

    I can't figure out who Mortmain wants to hoping we find out in the next book...

    Awww....Will was so sweet....but now he will stuff it all away and be snarky to Tessa and keep her at arms length.


  13. Well, Tessa certainly shocked me. But then, I knew she was strong from the first part of the book while under the Dark Sisters.

    And I have no idea who she could have changed into! Argh, stupid unanswered questions! Same goes to Tessa's specie! :P

    Ah, Will. :) I want them to have their happy ending! (Now they just need to go through the torture of 2 more books...)

  14. Tessa to me has always seemed like a strong and smart person so it was not a surprise for her character to do what she did, but it was a very suspenseful scene.

    In the beginning I thought that maybe Mortmain wanted her to change into a girl that he loved. Then I changed my mind and thought maybe his father. So we know that Magnus and Mortmain said she is a Warlock and something more. Can't wait to find out what that more is.

    Will obviously loves Tessa and that scares him. He has a lot of issues to overcome.

    The first full paragraph on page 447. I really did not pay too much attention to this the first time I read this. Maybe I am making more out of it than should be. But I found it interesting to read Will's thoughts after he thought Tessa was dead. He was remembering what happened to him before he left his home to go to London. He opened a box and then there were screams then he mentioned going to London. Then thinking as he walked that he lost everything.

  15. I loved this chapter and the quick thinking by Tessa. She is a great character, and I can't wait for the next book!!
    I think she might be part warlock, part angel. I don't know why I think this, maybe it's because of her clockwork angel, maybe because it would be something that would tie her to the shadowhunters.
    I am loving Will although I can tell he's going to break her heart. He definitely cares about her, but he seems to have some deep dark secret that causes him to push people away.

  16. I thought Tessa really did kill herself. I was very surprised to read that she used the Change to fool Mortmain. Once I read that scene, I thought it was awesome.

    I think Will realized that he loves Tessa and it scares him. He has something to work through before he is able to be a partner for anyone.

  17. Tessa is such a strong girl - a woman, really - who, from the moment she was introduced, showed such an amazing, kind heart, and an ability that allowed her to triumph in even the darkest times, that I was not extremely surprised by her actions. However, I will totally admit that my mouth dropped when she pulled that trick on Mortmain. I truly believed that she was going to die for a second there ; she out smarted Mortmain and made him look like a fool. She is such an amazing heroine ; I love her!!!!

    As for the second question, my, my, I don't know what Tessa could be, or who Mortmain wanted her to change into. Something tells me that perhaps she is part demon, part angel, as there are strong hints that Tessa's father was a great demon.

    Will - his reaction tore me apart. He seems to want to avoid love at all costs ; He's one of those characters that always bottle their emotions inside, afraid to feel anything, because once upon a time, something truly horrible happened to them that made them hide their feelings and love for others, so much that when intending to comfort and express graitude towards a person, they instead push that person away. Something tells me that Will we indeed push Tessa away, and in the next book, pay for it dearly.


  18. It was a big WTF?! moment when I thought Tessa died. I wasn't really convinced thought but I did cry... just in case, haha. She really is an outstanding person.

    I think he wanted her to change into the one who has the key to her exsistence or something. I would probably want more of her or something ._. I just had a thought... her dad is a demon, that much we know. But her mom didn't know what she was according to Mortmain... and she doesn't have a demon mark... The only thing I can think of is that her mom must've been connected to angels...which would prabably be a shadowhunter. Then Tessa's blood would be a very intresting mixture :P

    I loooove how we get to see bits and pieces of the REAL Will. And how I wish it would've continued! She will get her hopes up but he will find a way to punish himself.. and it's probably gonna involve him hurting her 'cause I remember Jace hurting people he cared about was in it's own way a punishment for him... and they are somewhat alike :P

  19. I loved this chapter. The way it made Will react and the cleverness of Tessa

  20. I knew that Tessa wasn't going to die, but I still couldn't believe she did that! It just shows how strong and capable she is. She is one of my favorite heroines in literature.

    Poor Will. The more I read, the more I fall in love with him. You know that he cares about Tessa but he will not let down his walls, and when he does show the real him, he is going to punish himself. Rather let people think he is horrible then see the real him.

  21. I wasn't that surprised by Tessa because Cassandra Clare seems to enjoy writing characters with inner strength. After all, if the main character isn't brave then the book won't work out well. Especially considering the world she exists in, danger is a huge part of it and if she couldn't handle Mortmain, she won't survive.

    I think Mortmain wanted her to change into the original Magister and learn more secrets. I think he hasn't quite figured out everything and wants Tessa so that he could get all the pieces of the puzzle. I've mentioned this when answering other questions during this read along but I'll say it again. :P I think this plot might be similar to MI in the fact that Tessa could be a sort of mixed species. Perhaps angel and Warlock blood or something like that. After all, Valentine from MI must have gotten the idea from somewhere else...

    I think Will's reaction was okay but didn't really pull at my heart strings. I feel he should have been sadder considering he though she was dead! It seems Will is only going to pull away from Tessa, he regrets showing emotions.

  22. Damn you Will! DO not pull away!!!!! I really dont have much to say about this chapter. Tessa is the heroine of the story so it really wasnt much of a suprise at all

  23. * I really believed Tessa had stabbed herself the first time I read this. I'm glad she outsmarted him.

    * I have no idea who he wanted her to change into, maybe we will find out in CP.

    * Oh Will, He loves Tessa, but I bet he will distance himself again with some stupid excuse.

  24. omg, when tessa was thinking about what will said about boudiccea, i was just thinking, 'oh my god.' and then when will was rushing in, i really thought she had stabbed herself and was just thinking that maybe will would be able to revive/save her.. but then i realised she outsmarted him! it was so amazing, and i really respect tessa for that. her intelligence and willingness to go up and do all that is what makes me like her a lot more than clary. (whereas clary as the willingness but she also has the rashness :\)

    hmm, it's quite interesting thinking about what mortmain could have wanted her to change into. i'm still just thinking about how she defied him, and outsmarted him. :D i think it might have been something/someone not human, because mortmain made her get training for the dark sisters first. and we all know that she was quite capable of shape shifting after a few tries, so it must be something important to mortmain's whole plan. as to what his plan is, i have no idea... and yeah, like other people have said, it would make sense if tessa was a mixed species of warlock+something else. maybe it's something that we haven't even encountered yet, because i dont' think it would be angel blood, and obviously not demon blood because warlocks are half demon.

    AND OMG WILL AND HIS REACTION SALKDJLKSAJ it was so perfect and heartbreaking and flakdadlakj it just made me ship them so hard. but of course will will (haha) pull away again. -.- we still haven't found out who cecily is, and i'm dying to know. :D

  25. I was at awe with the events of this chapter and I totally love how Tessa out smarted Mortmain. I really felt a relation with Twilight while reading this chapter for some reason. The ultimate sacrifice that Tessa did was very noble and I really admire her.

    I think Mortmain is one of the people who is responsible for Tessa being what she is. I think he is a different type of Warlock, I think he is a hybrid one.

    I think Will really likes Tessa but he has too many secrets that why he keeps distance.

  26. I love it that Will is the one who gave her the idea for the self-sacrificing lady warrior. Then she used Mortmain's own idea for trickery against him.

    I don't think it was Tessa's father. But it seems like getting her to change into that person was the whole reason for creating her.

    That's wonderful for Tessa that she gets to wake up in his arms. I hope he gets over whatever emotional baggage he's got in the next book so he can declare his true feelings for her.

  27. This was a great chapter. I loved the story of Bodacia. It makes me wish that I was strong like that. Wow. I think what she did was just amazing. So brave and wonderful
    As for the thing being Tessas father, I don't really think so. I think Mortiman was hoping to tempt Tessa.
    And for the last question. Will needs to get over himself. I so hope his reaction to her leads Tessa towards Jem. That would make me happy.

  28. I loved this chapter too. I showed Tessa's strength and Will's vulnerability. Makes you wonder what Will would be like if he dropped that brick wall he surrounds his heart with.

  29. I cried so hard when I first read this chapter after what Tessa did - I honestly thought she hurt herself. I loved Will's reaction, not in the sense that I enjoyed his pain, but that his true feelings finally showed, even though he thought it was too late. We know that he is in love with Tessa and there's no going back from that.

    I'm still interested to know exactly what Mortmain wants from Tessa since we understand that via the ceremonial marriage he as vicarious control of her powers. There's still pieces to this puzzle that are missing, and I'm anxious to see if we find out in Clockwork Prince!

  30. - She did surprise me! I thought it was such a smart move on her part, and I absolutely love that she did it, it makes her kick-ass without even having to physically fight! It made me love her character even more.

    - I'm not sure if it was her father, it may have been someone that came before Mortmain, one of those he said made the plan ? I have no idea, I hope we find out in CP. I believe that something has to do with her mom. I'd completely forgotten what Mortmain had said, that she wasn't human apparently, she didn't even know what she was. I know this sounds crazy, but what if she was a Shadowhunter ?! I don't know, but it sounds like Tessa's parents were an odd combination. And I wonder which demon is her father and how did they get him to be with Tessa's mother...

    - Oh gosh Will, his reaction made my heart melt. And I'll refrain from commenting on what's next because I already know D: