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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 21: Chapter 20 Awful Wonder

It's day 21 of our Clockwork Angel Read Along! Please be sure to visit our link here for our schedule, guidelines and to fill out the form to be entered to win some fabulous prizes. Feel free to answer any number of the questions asked. You don't need to answer all of them if you don't wish to.

Today we're discussing chapter 20. This chapter leaves me wanting more. I do not want this story to end. Luckily we've got about a month before Clockwork Prince is out. Ugh, Will can be so Jace like sometimes with the things he says and how he acts. Then there's Jem, who says all the right words and can read Tessa so well.

* I liked how Tessa described Jem and Will in this chapter, White Knight & Black Knight. These two couldn't be any more different and yet alike at the same time (if that makes sense). What do you make of what Will tells Tessa at the end of the chapter. Do you think he said those things to push her away or do you think he meant them? What do you think of Jem's affections towards Tessa? Really I should just ask, are you Team Will or Team Jem, but it's so hard to pick a team, when both guys are so brilliantly written.

* The Clave- what do you think they'll do once they hear about the attack, and learn that Henry is the one that told Mortmain about the Pyxis?

* I loved at the very end how Tessa's Clockwork Angel comes back to her. What are your thoughts on the angel. Do you think it's a protector for Tessa? Do you think it's something more?

Tomorrow we're talking about the Epilogue and CP predictions!!


  1. *I think Will knew it would push her away if he said those things. Reading this book ahain has made me like Will more, but I am still team Jem.

    *I am worried for Henry and Charlotte. Its just a horrible situation.

    *I almost think Henry did something to it when he was looking at it maybe. Either that or it was given to Tessa's mother as a protective charm, and now is Tessa's guardian angel of sorts.

  2. I definitely think Will only said what he said to push Tessa away. Jem's scene with Tessa was really sweet. He always knows the right thing to say. I'm Team Will although I'd be okay if Tessa chose Jem (especially if Tessa actually can't have kids because as much as I love Will, I love Jace more, and the Herondale family line needs to continue for Jace to be born).

    I think the Clave will question Charlotte and Henry's competence as leaders of the Institute and if they aren't replaced I think they'll be put on some kind of probation until they prove themselves capable of running the Institute.

    I didn't realize that Tessa was missing her angel so it was a surprise for me when it came back to her. It definitely seems like type of protector for Tessa.

  3. I think that Will is only pushing Tessa away and that he really loves her.

    I feel really badly that The Clave might punish Henry, or use this an an excuse to take Charlotte's duties away from her.

    If pushed, I guess I would have to say that I'm Team Will because I cant resist a broken boy. Of course, Jem is broken in his own way, but it's less internal, so a little different.

    I think it's something more than just a necklace or keepsake. I love the design, as well :)

  4. I think Will is only trying to push Tessa away from him. He didn't really mean what he said.

    I don't want the Clave to punish Henry. Or use this as a way to take Charlotte's duties away from her. :(

    I can't wait to learn more about the Clockwork Angel!

  5. I believe Will was hurtful to push Tessa away and protect himself from hurt as well. I think all he is struggling with will come out more in the next book. At the moment I am more a fan of Jem. I usually like the broken, bad boys, like Jace, but in this case I am not feeling the love for Will right now. I like Will, but I like Jem more. As for who is better for Tessa, who knows!

    Poor Henry. Those intelligent creative souls tend to be lost when it comes to common sense. I think the information will eventually get to the Clave and it will be devastating for Charlotte.

    I am curious if that clockwork angel is good or bad. Part of me thinks it could be a protector and I partly feel it could be evil as it is made of clock parts and other mechanics like the automatons. I am probably way off base on that thought process!

  6. I love Will and I'm sure he is only pushing Tessa away. I think it has something to do with his family.

    I'm anxious to find out what is up with the clockwork angel. I think there is more to it and will probably reveal a lot about Tessa's mother. We will see. I think it's such a cool idea though. I secretly want one for myself (one that actually works and flies around. :o)

  7. There's no way Will meant it. He's just trying (very successfully) to push Tessa away and make her think his feeling are shallow. I have to say I was team Will all the way the first time around, but after reading it again... Oh Jem. He is just so sweet and caring. When he told Tessa that the right guy wouldn't mind my heart just melted.

    Tessa's angel is something that will shed some light from her past. I think it's a hint about her parentage.

  8. * Will always wants to look like the bad one, and he knew that if he say this things to Tessa, she will go away, because that is what he does, push people away from him. WHY WHY WHY????? Jem is such a lovely guy, I like him so much... And he is always so kind to her.. I really think he has some feelings for Tessa...

    * I really hope Charlotte won't tell them about that small detail, I like them too much, but I bet they finally will know it and they will be in trouble.. Agggrrr I want CP NOW!!

    * *Deep breath* The Clockwork Angel... What can I say about it? It looks like some sort of protector of her (or maybe it only protects the owner?) but I really hope is something more important... :)

  9. However awful Will can be he would never mean that. It is clearly just a way to get her to leave him alone... for whatever reason he has. Jem is like the perfect man. He's sweet, considerate, handsome. But it's just something about Will... :P

    I hope they'll never know. I think Charlotte is better for the institute than Benedict. And I say that becuase I think thati s what would happend. They would forse Charlotte to step down and let The Lightwoods take over.

    It is a very strange thing... Maybe.. instead of having a demon in it.. it has an angel in it, haha.

  10. I don't have a firm preference of either of the boys. They both have flaws and they sort of balance out in my opinion. I don't like how Will is keeping secrets but I would be cautious around Jem. Not because he is untrustworthy; exactly the opposite in fact but the problem is that he is so nice that you could fall for him easily and with his disease, that would not be a good idea. Will and Tessa have better chemistry than Tessa and Jem but I don't quite trust Will yet. For now, I'm holding judgement and am just Team Undecided.

    I think there will most definitely be repercussions and the blame will probably fall on the Institute and on Charlotte by default. I hope she'll survive their punishments. I think they might end up running away to avoid the result of the Clave's fury and revenge.

    I'm not quite sure about what the Clockwork angel is, especially what with its special powers and all. It definitely recognizes Tessa as its owner but how is the question... Maybe the necklace was built in relation to Tessa's "creation" - I use the word creation since that is what the Magister said. Maybe it's a protector though I doubt it since it didn't help her during the attack against the Institute. It could actually be a liability and perhaps a homing device for Mortmain to use to detect Tessa's location. This would be bad and alert him to the fact that Tessa is alive and this road could continue the story further.

  11. Will only said those hurtful things to distance himself from Tessa...he truly loves her...
    While Jem is sweet....I think he is Tessas safe choice but she would be happier with Will (TEAM WILL)
    Hope Henry/Charlotte aren't in too much trouble with the Clave....
    The clockwork angel coming back was a nice touch...I think it was a gift/token to Tessa from her real father....could tie into who she really is a clue....


  12. I think Will is in love with the idea of hating Tessa, but can't, and finds himself always drawn to her. They have great chemistry, but...I'm a Jem fan :D. don't get me wrong, I love Will too, but there's something about Jem and you know you can always count on him. But, he's almost too sweet for his own good. He needs to go out there and get his girl, before Will snatches her.

    Gah. I felt so horrible for Henry right then, and I have an awful feeling that this will come back to bite him in the booty. Soo scared.

    I think the necklace connects to her origin to how, I'm not really sure. But there's GOTTA be some story behind it.

  13. He wants to push her away. Those damn Herondale boys. I actually really like Jem and tessa together. Really If a guy doesnt treat you right dont go for him! i cant really pick though because I still love WIll.
    I am actually pretty stumped about the angel.

  14. It's so hard to pick a team! They are both so swoon worthy. I have to say that I am team Will. I don't think he meant what he said, I think he just had to push Tessa away.

  15. I dont think will meant what he said, i think he was just trying to push tessa away, and i am team jem i think he would be better for tessa, but i don't think she feels the same for him.

    They will probably say henry and charlotte are not able to run the institute and try to put someone else in their place.

    I think the clockqork angel is in a sence tessa's gaurdian angel, who knows it may hold the spirit of her mother or father.

  16. Great chapter! I love Will feel sorry for him, I hope he finds a way to overcome whatever made him this way. I love Jem he cares and wants the best for Tessa and he has gotten to know her so well.

    I hope Charlotte's connection with key downworlders is enough to keep her in charge of the institute.

    The clockwork angel seems to be awaken when Tessa needed help. can't wait to find out more about it.

  17. I think Will was pushing Tessa away when he was talking to her at the end of the chapter. He is afraid of his feelings for her. He called her Tess which says a lot. I think Jem is sweet. He has a lot of other problems too. He isn't afraid of his feelings as much because he has a limited time to live.

    I think the angel is a protector for Tessa. It's her guardian angel.

  18. I'm really bummed our read along is coming to an end. It's been so much fun reading everyone's comments with each post. THANK YOU so much for sharing your thoughts about CA.

  19. Ahh Will. Of course he doesn't mean what he says; he's just doing what he thinks is best for Tessa... Jem is really sweet, but maybe his feelings for Tessa are more than platonic... ;)

    I love that little angel! I think it's hiding something way more important, since it did get a book named after it! :P I think its really meant to protect her!

  20. I think Tessa's clockwork angel is protecting her but there HAS to be more to it as well.

  21. * I think Will only said those things to push Tessa away. I think he really cares for her, but for some reason he thinks he does not deserve her.

    * I hope the Enclave do not find out what Henry said. Otherwise, I fear they might lose the institute.

    * I think the clockwork angel is hiding a secret about her parentage somehow. I also think it's protecting her.

  22. i also like how tessa describes them. she notices the little things about them, and when she tells them what she observes, it is really quite sweet and i know they are very intrigued with tessa. and will.. gosh he really knows how to hurt people, but as we just found out in the previous chapter, will has really strong feelings for tessa. so he is just trying to protect her.. and love her.. in his strange way. i don't know.. when considering the team things, i always wonder if people mean how good the character is for tessa, or how likeable they are to myself personally. (this applies to other fandoms as well). anyway, for tessa.. i can't see jem with tessa for long. like, we know he will die quite young maybe (although that's really sad :[ ) but i dont' know. will just seems so fleeting, and so hard to grasp. it's like trying to catch smoke with will, he's always changing, and it's hard to know what he's thinking unless we're in his thoughts personally. i really hope to see more into both jem and will.. i can't decide who i like better. i need to find out more about them first :)

    oh gosh, i think that the clave will be quite angry that henry told mortmain about the pyxis. they would probably be thinking, 'why would you tell him! he's a mundane! even if he knows about our world, doesn't mean you have to tell him every little detail! blahblah and so on.' they'll probably spring right into action in hunting mortmain down and finding out what he's up to, and try and take the pyxis back.

    and i think her little clockwork angel is very sweet. i love how it has such sentimental value to her, and it helped her in her time of need. i think there's something more with her angel; maybe it has been enchanted with something extra, because it has some powers and is able to fly around and stuff.

  23. I love both guys but if I was to pick I would really go for Jem. I think her liking for Tessa is really genuine and true. I love how Tessa has described them both as dark and white I think if I was to describe them I would described them like this as well.

    I think Charlotte is doing everything she has for the clave not to know that Henry is the one who told mortmain about the pyxis. I think the clave will blame Charlotte for what has happened.

    I think the angel has some sort of power, I think it was given her by her mother to protect her. I hope it shows more of it's true power on the upcoming books.

  24. I love how Tessa described Will and Jem. They are most definitely the same and the opposite all in one. I think Will is just pushing Tessa away. He thinks that his past and his secret are so horrible and that he doesn't deserve Tessa so he just keeps pushing. It is obvious that he is in love with her and vice versa but first he needs to comfront his huge secret. I am and will always be Team Will. I haven't read anything to indicate to me that Jem likes Tessa as more than a friend. He is kind and caring and has the right words but that goes for anyone important to him.

    The Clave will be super pissed. They will most likely take the Institute away from Henry and Charlotte and probally throw Henry in jail. Or ban him to the Institute like Hodge in City of Bones. The Clave can be really harsh and what Henry did telling about the pyxis that will dealt with severly.

    I think the clockwork angel is Tessa's guardian. It obviously has power because it came to life and came back and even fought a little. It was given to Tessa by her mom so it has to be for protection. I see the clockwork angel as being a huge asspect in the series.

  25. Will seems to be destroying himself. I don't like what he is doing or what he is up to, but that is a little bias. I am, always have been, and always will be TEAM JEM so my Will oposition is understandable.
    As for the Clave and Pyxis- I really hope that they don't find out. Henry is so nice and kind and friendly that he just dosen't deserve what they would do to him.
    I like the idea of the angel. I think it is so cute that she does have something like that. I deffinatly think it is her gardian. I think how the chapter ended, though, was a bit cleched. (typo I know! I cant spell worth junk!)

  26. Tessa keeps getting through Will's defenses. I think this scares him into pushing her away. I wish Jem would make his move, but he respects Will too much to declare his love for Tessa openly.

    I don't think any of the Shadowhunters in the Institute will offer up the info that Henry told Mortmain about the pyxis. Benedict is clearly vying for power and I don't trust him.

    It would be great for the Clockwork Angel to have angelic energy bound to it like Mortmain is trying to bind demonic energy to the automatons.

  27. Will is trying to keep Tessa and his feelings for her at a distance. I think that he is trying to make her hate him. We'll just have to see if his plan works.
    Jem is obviously attracted to Tessa too and she has feelings for him. I can't pick a team, and really don't want to.
    The angel protecting Tessa and coming back to her in the end is significant. I can't begin to guess what secrets it holds, but I know it does.

  28. It is hard to pick between Team Will and Team Jem. My heart says Will but my head says Jem. Honestly, how Will behaved with Tessa is unforgivable. Maybe he was just trying to push her away, but what would he have done if she accepted his offer? Would he really have destroyed her virtue, or was he counting on her rejecting his offer?

    I do think the Angel is a protector for Tessa, but I'm still confused about what exactly it is or what it has to do with the mystery around her origins.

  29. It's obvious that Will is trying to protect himself (and perhaps Tessa as well) with the way he treats her and the things he says. He's pushing her away as a defense mechanism, even though you can tell he's struggling to keep up the pretense.

    I love the part about her angel coming back to her after saving her life during the previous battle. It's such an inherent part of who Tessa is already, since it belonged to her mother, so it coming to her rescue and returning to her is just another way that it's protecting and an ever-present guardian for her. I really like that, I'd love to know what Cassie's intentions were with the angel - like any specific symbolism that she was intending to relay.

  30. - I think he said them to push her away. After what happened in the Sanctuary it was obvious he was scared about what whether she had figured out his intentions/feelings or not, and this was his opportunity to push her further away. I really wanted to punch him in this scene. WHY WILLL ?!

    Like I've said before, I love Jem's wisdom and his sweetness. Re-reading has made me appreciate his character more, but I'm "Team Will". I do think that whoever Tessa ends up with will be a good choice, I think they both love her. What worries me is what this will do to their friendship.

    - They might punish Henry and Charlotte. I hope they don't find out about the Pyxis D:

    - I do think it's a protector and something more. I wonder who made it, maybe the person who created it had something to with the automathons.

  31. I really think that Will said what he said to Tessa to push her away. He has a lot of problems showing anything real to the world, and Tessa makes him feel something very real, and I think that he's scared of having feelings beyond friendship for Tessa. Jem was just what Tess needed after her run-in with Will. He always knows just the right thing to say and do. He obviously cares for Tessa deeply, and it shows in how he treats her. I'm totally Team Jem, but I have a feeling that in the end, Will and Tessa will end up together. I still think Jem deserves a shot, though. He's so sweet and understanding, how could I not be rooting for him?! LOL.

    I think that The Clave will definitely try to remove Henry and Charlotte from power just because of what happened with Mortmain. Benedict Lightwood is a power hungry beast, and if he sees any flaws whatsoever in Henry and Charlotte's leadership, he will attack them. I just hope the Clave doesn't find out about the Pyxis.

    I definitely, definitely believe that the Clockwork Angel is her protector. After it woke up and freed Tessa from those clockwork monstrosities, I was pretty much convinced that the Clockwork Angel is there to protect her. But, it could have some alternate use. I don't know. :/