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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Day 22: The Epilogue, Cassie's notes on Tessa's London & the poetry

I can't believe this is our last day to discuss Clockwork Angel! This Read Along has gone by way too fast. It's been a lot of fun reading and talking about the book with you guys! Thank you for taking part in this and I'm looking forward to hosting future read along's for Cassie's books.

Today we're talking about about the Epilogue, and Cassie's notes on Tessa's London & the poetry found through out Clockwork Angel. You can find links to each of the read along posts here.

* I loved that Clockwork Angel ended with Magnus reflecting on what he was going to do now. I was a bit shocked that Will, of all people would turn to Magnus for help. Magnus mentally notes the darkness in Will. What could Will possibly need Magnus to help him with?

* I absolutely LOVE Cassie's world building. I am in love with her Victorian London setting. She has a real talent for bringing the past to life. I really admire the way she's able to mix historical settings with places that only exist in the Shadowhunter world. I think Cassie did a brilliant job bringing this era to life for Tessa's story. What are your thoughts on Clockwork Angel's setting?

* I really admire an author who takes the time to pay attention to the little details, and I loved how the poetry not only fit each chapter, but as Cassie said most of the poetry are ones Tessa would have read. Did any of you read the poetry at the beginning of each chapter? Did you find this attention to detail fitting for the story?

Tomorrow we'll be discussing our predictions for CP and announcing giveaway winners!!


  1. Maybe will needs help to rid himself of the darkness he has inside.

    I love the setting for the clock work angel, it feels like if i were to go to london, i would see exactly what cassie discribes, she does a wonderful jod of discribing london, and makeing it a character in itself.

    I read all the poetry at the beginning, i thought it was amazing how well each piece tied in with each chapter. Even though they were written way back in the 19th century or before. I really like the thames river song, the writer did a wonderful job in making that piece fit clockwork angel.

  2. I was shocked that Will went to Magnus for help but I still can't imagine what's wrong with him. I can't wait to find out.

    I love Clockwork Angel's setting. The descriptions in the book made me want to visit England.

    The poetry at the beginning of each chapter was great and made me want to read more stuff from the time period.

  3. I have been dying to know why Will went to Magnus ever since I read the ARC of Clockwork Angel. I NEED to know!

    I also love the setting of historical London. It really helped me get into the story. Cassie is amazing at describing the world so it feels as if I am there. Love!

    I read the poetry at the beginning of each chapter the first time I read Clockwork Angel, but for the most part, I skipped it this time. I just have a hard time with poetry. :(

  4. I was surprised and I wasn't, if that makes sense. Surprised that Will woudl go to Magnus because he seemed to keep be very aware of the line between Shadowhunter and Downworlder. Not surprised because he was obviously so tortured about something and desperate enough to seek a magical solution.

    I think that Cassie's love for London really co-mes through in this book. She must love it because she writes about it as if it's a character in the story. (In a lot of ways, it is.)

    I loved the poetry and I loved that the author took the time to do so much research.

  5. * It's such a big mistery! I wonder what it could be... Ahhh I'm happy that the book didn't only end with Tessa and Jem and the clockwork angel....

    * I love the setting in this story. It's perfect. It gives a magical touch to the already magical world that we all love :)

    * I absolutely loved the pieces of poetry at the beggining of every chapter. I admire that Cassie makes them fit that well in every chapter :)

  6. I think Will is still searching for a cure for Jem. Even though he claimed everyone was done looking for one, he loves Jem way too much to give up. It makes sense to turn to Magnus because he is a very powerful warlock to search for a cure.

    I absolutely loved the setting of London. The descriptions were so amazing I felt like I was there with everyone. I love how Cassie Clare can take a place and turn it into something more magical like the church where the Institute is. Even though it might not be real it feels like it is.

    I read all the poetry. It definitely fit with each chapter. Gives you a sense of what is to come. The little details are the most important. It brings the whole book together and I'm glad that she can do this so well. Take something so little and turn into something powerful.

  7. *I still don't know exactly what to think, but I have a feeling it has to do with how he feels about Tessa.

    *I love how she describes everything. It makes me feel like I am there. I can imagine everything she describes so easily.

    *I think the poetry fit very well. I think the bits if poetry really helped set the tine for each chapter. It really shows the care that she puts into her amazing writing, by taking the time to find the perfect poems.

  8. I love that Will's story progresses but I hate that we were left with a cliffhanger! I understand that an author needs to have some twists to keep readers interested but that was huge! I REALLY hope that we find out more in the next book. I know there is an excerpt from the Clockwork Prince prologue that answers this question a little bit but I won't say what it is since that is considered a spoiler and this discussion is supposed to be spoiler free. Since that is the case, there' not much I can really say to answer this question.

    I've always been fascinated with the earlier centuries rather than the modern world and I adore that this story is a prequel. For it to be so far back in time is just a bonus. I think she describes the world very well but she has always been that way, really. :P Even in TMI, her descriptions were very old fashioned, probably because her world is awfully old fashioned. It revolves around very traditional etiquette. The Shadowhunting world is essentially traditional no matter what era it is so Cassandra Clare doesn't change her descriptions much.

    I found the details interesting and read them often so I could get a feel of the chapter before starting it. And sometimes I'd even go back and re-read the poetry so I could find some sort of explanation for the mysteries that pop up in the story. It definitely fits the story since Tessa is a big fan of reading and some of the poems are direct quotes from the books Tessa mentions.

  9. Oh for the love of mangoes (snicker snicker)...this is another one of those questions that will bother me till I read CP. Obviously since Will needs specifically Magnus's help, it has to be something only a warlock is capable of.

    AHH. I want to live there in that time. And wear the pretty dresses, hee. This book alone has convinced me to move to London someday. Put simply, I just love it.

    After I read CA, I re-read all of the poetry and then searched the library for books about or by those poets. My personal favorites are the one by Alfred Tennyson at the beginning of chapter five ("Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?" and I think the one for chapter twenty "Awful Wonder" by Oscar Wilde, who became my favorite poet. (I forget the exact quote, but I remember "the brave man with a sword" or something along those lines) on the Ballad of Reading Gaol, which is an extremely long poem I read in its entirety. :D

  10. *I'm left so confused at the end of the book. What on earth could Will want that only Magnus can help with? I'm pretty much stumped.

    *I love the setting. London is so intriguing to me. Plus Victorian London with the dresses and propriety stuff is so interesting.

    *I don't think I read the poetry before each chapter the first time I read the book. I think it gives away a little what will happen in the chapter. This second time I did read the poetry, and I was blown away how beautifully it fit with the mood and what happened in the chapter.

  11. I'm loving all your thoughts about why Will went to Magnus. The first time I read CA, I was a little surprised that Will went to Magnus. This will make more sense after you read Clockwork Prince and tomorrow for those that have read the CP excerpt that's in the pb copy of CA, we can discuss it in more detail.

  12. Will needing to go to Magnus for help can be for several reasons,
    * He listened to Tessa and is seeking help to find a cure for Jem,
    *He needs Magnus to help him with whats wrong with him,
    *He wants Magnus to find out more about where Tessa's power comes from

    I love that the story is set in the Victorian era. The story has two of my favorite things, Shadowhunters and Vicorian London. Win Win :)

    I do love how the poetry at the beginning of each chapter always tied in.

  13. I figured that Will needed magical/downworlder help with his problem and Magnus was the only one he could trust.

    Cassie's attention to detail really helps me to get into the story. Whether real or imagined, it's fun to read about what is physically around the characters.

    The poetry really helps to set the mood too.

  14. Magnus. Mmmmm. I heart me some Magnus. I feel like Will is looking for an escape. I don't know what he expects to happen though. I wish I did!
    The setting is so beautiful. I think it is so cool that it actually made me want to go to London. I have never wanted to go to London. It was crazy.
    And on the poetry. I have to admit that I havent actually read it. No interest in poetry. I don't know why.
    As always, I was totally enamored with this book. It was beautifuly written with crazy detail. I read the whole thing in one sitting. I can't wait to read Clockwork Prince.

  15. I love the setting. I am obsessed with Steam punk and such so it was perfect for me. I imagine myself in the book when I read so it was wonderful. Its been awhile since I read CA so i dont really remember the poetry that well. I think i read it though

  16. * I did not expect Will to got to Magnus for help. I'm dying to know what he needs help with. Maybe it is something to do with his past. I can't wait for CP to find out.

    * Cassie's world building is amazing. She draws me into her stories and I feel like the story is really happening.

    * I did read all of the poetry, and I did find it appropriate to each chapter. I didn't realize it mostly all from Tessa's time period until I read the author's note.

    Thanks so much for doing this read a long. It was my first one, and I enjoyed it immensely.

  17. I love how the book ends with Will going to Magnus for help. I believe the reason of it is two-fold. Will wants to know more about Tessa and something about himself or his past. I think there is something a bit dark within Mr. Herondale and we will find out soon enough! Something is haunting him and he believe Magnus can help with that.

    Cassandra Clare does a beautiful job world building. I always read everything on a page, this poetry was no exception. I figure it is there for a reason and not to be skipped over. Every little detail is meticulously planned buy the writer so it should not be taken lightly.

    I enjoyed participating in this read along and look forward to tomorrow with all the predictions for Clockwork Prince!

  18. I have no idea why Will went to Magnus. It could be for so many things...getting Jem better, helping Tessa, helping himself. I just don't know, but I can't wait to find out!

    I LOVED the setting of Clockwork Angel. Cassandra is so talented and really brought 1800's London to life. I loved everything about it.

    Mundie Moms--Thank you so much for hosting this read a long. I had so much fun re-reading CA and getting ready for CP. Great job Mundie Moms on the questions too!!

  19. I think Will went to Magnus to talk about Tessa. He may be trying to guard their hearts since he knows that Tessa will live forever and he will eventually die, leaving her.

  20. I think Will went to Magnus to ask for help finding out what Tessa really is. He told her that Shadowhunters can't have real relationships with Warlocks, and knowing that he can't be with her is tearing him up.

    To me it was funny that the Victorian Shadowhunters faced problems that are so easily overcome in modern times. Like when they have no way of contacting each other across the city, and I have to remember, oh yeah, no cell phones.

    I like how the poetry set the emotional tone for each chapter.

  21. Aw... so sad to see this end! I have to admit that I thought I wouldn't go through with this, but now I'm so glad I joined! It's been fun! :)

    First question... hmm... I think it has something to do with Tessa. I dunno why, that's just been my perception.

    And I love the setting! Totally unique- I got so sick of those books where the setting is always in some big city- may it be New York, or LA, or some other state. I loved Victorian London!!!

  22. I think Will has this secret that he can't share to anyone but Magnus. I think he is also looking for a cure for Jem for some reason.

    I totally love the Victorian Era just becasue Cassie wrote about it, I love the vintage look and I think if given a chance I would love to be in the Victorian Era for once.

    I personally read the poetry that is quoted from every page title and I really think it's a great way of enticing the readers.

  23. maybe will turned to magnus because he's a warlock, and maybe he wants to help tessa discover who she really is and what her potential is? or maybe just about him and tessa.. because i'm sure when will was telling tessa that warlocks are sterile, maybe he was thinking about their future together. also, i think he turned to magnus because they dont' really know each other that well, so will is trying to get an outside opinion or something.

    i also really like the victorian london feel; it's very mysterious and it's something that i don't really see that often, so it's quite refreshing. it's good that she did a lot of research and stayed true to a lot of the historical settings, and adding her own imaginative touch to it by adding aspects of the shadowhunters world.

    the first time i read cassie's books, i didn't really pay attention to the poetry, but the second time i read it, i went through and tried to read every little detail. i find it really amazing that she can tie in all these other quotes, and though sometimes i don't understand it, i can see how she sometimes uses it to set the theme for the chapter, or to hilight one important aspect, and so on. i find it good that she does that, and i'm sure she'll continue :)

  24. I loved the epilogue and another glimpse at Magnus. This is the first of Cassie's books that I read. I picked up Mortal Instruments after Clockwork Angel so this was my first introduction to Magnus. For some reason I pictured both him and Camille older when I read it the first time. I'm not sure why, because the certainly weren't described that way. I think it was just hard to wrap my mind around the age of their existence versus the age that they appeared. I would imagine that Will's visit to Magnus has something to do with what Magnus is and what that magic can do for him. It shows that Will considers Magnus someone who can be trusted. Whatever he's there for, it's personal.
    At first I wasn't sure if I would like the setting or not. I'm not a big historical fiction reader but Cassie has a way of making you get lost in her worlds. It didn't take me long to forget where I was and just go with it.
    I read all the poetry after I read the chapter titles. It was a great detail and tie in. I loved the titles too. Sometimes you could guess where the chapter was going by them, but most of the time they hinted at a twist that you weren't expecting.

  25. I'm a big lover of historical fiction, so having this set in victorian london combined to of my favorite things together. I really was into their world and the setting just seemed to be perfect for the clockwork monsters. Victorian London makes me think of Jack the Ripper and Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde.

  26. I think Will is going to ask Magnus with help on whatever his inner demons are. I think that maybe this could be quite literally his problem... do you think he is somehow possessed with a demon? This would explain why he pushes everyone away, and why he acts likes a jerk so much. Maybe now that he's starting to feel something for Tessa, he is more desparate to get help for his "problem" -- whatever it is -- so that he can live a normal life and maybe be with her? I thought that maybe he is asking Magnus about Jem, but it seems that they have already seen many warlocks about Jem's condition, so this seems less likely.

    I did really like the setting of these books, although I would like to see more of Victorian London and see how the Downworlders and Shadowhunters interact with the regular population a little more. I hope to get more of that in the next book!

    The poetry was a really nice touch, I loved that.

  27. Will going to Magnus was a shock, but I fear a bigger shock when we find out Wills problem...
    I also want to know what Magnus will do now...

    I would love to travel to England, as Cassie describes it...she has a way of sucking you into the time and place..

    The poetry sends me off to search for the whole poem/piece...such beautiful work and ties into the chapters so well


  28. One thing that attracted me to Cassandra Clare's writing in the first place was all the detail that she puts into her stories. I'm a detail-oriented person, so finding an author who's just as nit-picky about them as well was very refreshing and exciting. It makes me feel as if I'm actually within these scenes and partaking in the action sometimes. I wasn't sure I would enjoy her books when I first picked up City of Bones this past May, but now I'm officially a fan and hooked! Thank you again for hosting this read-a-long and for encouraging all our addictions :)

  29. - I HAVE NO IDEA AT IT KILLS ME. Maybe it has something to do with what happens in the first chapter of CP ? (the CWA paperback has it).

    - I'm not very familiar with England nor the 1800's, but I thought that her world building and descriptions were very believable. From the minute you start reading you are transported to the era and the environment, it was very enjoyable to read about.

    - I did read it, and I thought each one had "cookies" about what was going to happen in the chapters, I liked it. And to know that she made it poetry that Tessa would have liked it's just beyond wonderful.

  30. I think that Will went to Magnus to find some sort of anti-love potion because of his feelings for Tessa. For some reason, he keeps pushing her away, and it's hurting him, too, so maybe he wants to find a way not to feel anything for her?

    Clockwork Angel's setting is marvelous. I really enjoyed how descriptive Cassandra is without being utterly boring, and I was able to enjoy the scenery even though my knowledge of England in the 1800's is not very vast.

    Yes, I read all the poetry! I loved how every poem at the beginning of each chapter was kind of a hint at what was going to happen in the chapter. And the fact that most of them were poems from Tessa's time really added to the book, and made me feel as if I, too, were living in England in the 1800's.