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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Mundie Moms Favorites: Favorite Author Interviews #2

Recently I had the chance to ask a variety of our favorite authors different questions pertaining to writing, their series and over all some fun questions pertaining to a variety of book topics. Today I'm excited to share my latest interview with a few author friends:

If you could write one of your favorite fictional heroines into your book or series, who would you choose and why?

Beth Revis (Across the Universe):

I would pick Puddleglum from the Chronicles of Narnia book, THE SILVER CHAIR, by CS Lewis. He wouldn't exactly fit in on a spaceship, but I think it would be so much fun to stick him with Doc in the hospital. Doc's OCD paired with Puddleglum's perpetual complaining and pessimism would just be HYSTERICAL. I imagine that Doc would just follow Puddleglum around with a mop, and Puddleglum would complain about it every step of the way.

Elana Johnson (Possession):

I would choose Katsa from Kristin Cashore's GRACELING, because dude, that girl can kick some serious butt. I would love to see what she could do to Jag... She and Vi would be the *perfect* torture device. Just sayin'.

Michelle Zink (Circle of Fire):

If I could write one fictional female heroine into my books it would be Lizbeth Salander of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I know it's not YA, but I'm just fascinated with her. I don't think I've ever read a more compelling, broken and yet courageously badass heroine in any book, ever. That she has very obvious symptoms of Aspergers, a photographic memory, is a world-class hacker, and an unapologetic bitch when the situation calls for it only adds to my adoration. As women, we're often taught - either blatantly or subtly - to "be nice". Lizbeth reminds me that I have a higher calling than to be pleasing to others.

Amy Plum (Until I Die):

If I could write one of my favorite fictional heroines into the DIE FOR ME trilogy, I would choose Lisbeth Salander to play a kick-ass Swedish revenant. Stieg Larsson based Lisbeth on a grown up (and emotionally damaged) Pippi Longstocking, who was one of my favorite fictional characters as a child. (And since Pippi would never be able to resist attracting attention—which is a must for revenants’ self-preservation—I can’t just plop her into the middle of the kindred at Jean-Baptiste’s house.) I can just see Lisbeth with her piercings, tattoos and complete lack of restraint whaling on a group of numa. Of course, she would have to die for someone else before animating as a revenant, but I can see her doing that in the right situation.

Do you have a writing ritual? If so, what is one thing you have to do or have before you sit down to write?

Jessie Harrell (Destined):

The only thing that I must have -- without fail, no exceptions -- before I start writing is music. It can come from sirius XM, it can come from iTunes on my computer, or it can come from my iPod or iPhone. I'm not particular. Just so long as there is music in the background, I'm a happy camper. Without music... my Muse melts. :(

Jennifer Armentrout (Half-Blood & Obsidian):

I really don't have a writing ritual, but I cannot write when someone else is in the room with me. I don't know why, but its like being on the phone with someone while you're in the room with someone else. It wigs me out. I can't write.

Kendare Blake (Anna Dressed in Blood):

I don't really have a ritual. But what I need to do before I sit down to write is anything else that could possibly need doing. Even if I don't want to do them, like the dishes, or cleaning my desk. Even if I really, really want to get down to writing. All the other, ridiculous crap manages to get done first. Because that is the craziness that is procrastination. Oh, wait, I just thought of something. The TV is always on in the background. Which is weird because I hate wasting energy, and hate when things are on and no one is paying attention.

Kiki Hamilton (The Faerie Ring):

I don’t have a ‘ritual’ but the one thing I always have to have to write is my laptop. I never write longhand, (my 15 yo daughter just said “add that you’ll gouge out your eyes if you have to write longhand..” J LOL – whatever.) Half the problem is that my handwriting is completely illegible anymore. I don’t even brainstorm or take notes longhand. All of my writing is done on my laptop. It’s like I can think when I’ve got that blank (or half-written) page in front of me. I keep all my notes, ideas, pictures, WIPS, finished novels - everything on there – so I always have what I need to keep moving forward on a story if I find five spare minutes.

Karen Mahoney (The Iron Witch):

I don't know if I would call it a ritual, but most times before I sit down to start a long writing session I like to have a cup of tea or coffee while reading a chapter or two of a great book. This probably sounds strange, in terms of maybe unconsciously picking up on another author's voice or style, but I never find that a problem. Also I make sure that whatever I'm reading, while I'm writing something of my own, is very different either in tone or genre or whatever. For example, right now I'm writing THE STONE DEMON, the third and final book in my trilogy, which is a YA novel written in 3rd-person POV. My current reading book will either be non-fiction (something on creativity, knowing me!), or if it's fiction it will be an adult book written in 1st-person - that way I ensure I don't pick up any voice/style tics that aren't my own. Reading is such a huge part of my inspiration - a huge part of who I am, really - that it plays a big role in my writing process. Sitting down with a hot drink and a good book for half an hour inspires me to jump into my own writing for the day.

Rae Carson (The Girl of Fire & Thorns):

My writing ritual is essential to my creative process! It involves: 1) Chillout/Trance Music (I love Rob Dougan, omg), 2) Solitude, either behind the closed door of my office or, weather permitting, on my back porch, and 3) Rewarding myself for getting words down, which is occasionally a glass of red wine, but most often some snuggle/TV time with my husband.

Thank you to Beth Revis, Elana Johnson, Michelle Zink, Amy Plum, Jessie Harrell, Jennifer Armentrout, Kendare Blake, Rae Carson, Kiki Hamilton and Karen Mahoney for stopping by today!


  1. love these mini interviews! Great idea!

  2. Thank you Terry! It was a lot of fun putting them together. I'm thrilled each of the authors wanted to participate.

  3. So fun! I completely agree with the must have music on to write and the coffee or tea! There's just something about a hot drink and pounding away on the keyboards.