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Monday, December 5, 2011

Book Review and Giveaway - Surrender

Written by: Lee Nichols
Published by: Bloomsbury USA
Release Date: December 6, 2011
Source: netgalley

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars -- this book is a MUST have.

Synopsis: After a devastating battle at headquarters in New York, the ghostkeeping world is in shambles. When Emma and Bennett return home, they are determined to defeat the wraithmaster, Neos, forever. But it's not going to be easy. Bennett's parents kick him out when they realize he is still using drugs to enhance his powers. Emma is convinced her aunt has come back from the dead to warn her of a new threat. And worst of all, Neos is using wraiths to possess the students at Thatcher Academy. If the ghosts manage to take over the entire school, even Emma won't be strong enough to stop them. But if either she or Bennett sacrifice his or her powers, they might be able to save the ghostkeeping world once and for all-and break the "ghostkeepers lose their powers when they fall in love" curse. The question is: who will be the one to surrender all power?

How do you end a trilogy where you are anxiously awaiting an epic showdown? We’ve all read those books and I won’t name them here, but you know the ones I’m thinking of, Mundie Moms. Those do or die endings that we all love to read. Lee Nichols has written such a delicious, believable series ending story that I am going to have to be extra cautious about not spoiling a thing.
For me, there’s nothing better than a character driven story and from the beginning, this series has been about Emma’s journey. She’s never a passive bystander. She always seeks answers. And she’s, much like a boy scout, as prepared as she can be. The secret to her strength lies in her friends and family. Lee mirrors real life so well when she shows us Emma’s relationships with her friends and how she maintains trust and loyalty in all who meet her, but how sometimes those same friends and family are not there to help her. It happens to all of us. Emma, though, doesn't wallow in betrayals or absences, she moves on. That characteristic made me love her even more.
Lee is also a master at creating quiet, meaningful moments. One of my favorites, in SURRENDER, occurs when Bennett’s dad spars with Emma. As a reader, I was left with a clear understanding of the similarities (and differences in choices and outcomes) of the three men in Emma’s life: Bennett, his dad and The Rake. Don’t you love moments when suddenly a character’s destiny and a lose-lose outcome seem inevitable? That makes me turn pages faster.
Now onto the romantic pairing of Emma and Bennett. I have to admit to laughing hard not once, or even twice but at least a three times while reading their doomed romantic timing. And while Lee knows how to cool down her reader with some laughs, she also knows how to make us swoon. Let’s just say that if ever my hand is burned while making chai, I will be waiting by the sink for Bennett to look at my burn.
If you haven’t picked up this series, do it now. SURRENDER, the final installment in the series, is released tomorrow, December 6th. I consider it the perfect holiday treat to give yourself, so to help you get started, I’m sponsoring a giveaway (details are on the form) of the first book in the series, DECEPTION. Just fill out the form HERE and you’ll see why Emma and Bennett (no, I did NOT just sigh as I said his name…okay, maybe just a little) will make my Top Ten Couples list.


  1. The link to the giveaway form does not seem to be working.

  2. No, the link is not working for me either.

  3. Ooh I'm curious now!! I haven't even heard of this series before last week! I definitely dig a series that ends well.

    Xpresso Reads

  4. How did i miss this trilogy??? I am intrigued, will have to go look this one up on B&N..thanks!

  5. Sorry about that Anonymous and marybelle, try the form link again and it should work now.

    Thanks MMs!

    Giselle and kimba88, truly one of my favorite pairings. Love Lee's world, too. Nice balance of just-enough-creepy and suspense.

  6. Can hardly wait for UPS to deliver my copy of Surrender tomorrow. Thanks for introducing me to this series, MMs!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, too. :)

  7. I haven't picked this series up yet and in a way I am thinking it's a good thing. Now, when I start reading them, I won't have to wait for the sequels! :)

  8. Thank you very much for the great giveaway!

  9. Cool review! Thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to get started on the series :)

  10. CrimsonInk - SO happy that you like it! My finished copy is on its way thanks to B&N. :) I can hardly wait to see the cover in person.

    Dawn - Waiting definitely has its benefits. ;)

    latishajean and Angie - Thanks for entering. Hope you enjoy the series.

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! I have read this series but I do not own them yet. I cannot wait to get my hands on Surrender though.

  12. Smiley Girlie - You are welcome! When I love something this much, I just have to share. :)

  13. I've really wanted to try this series! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Can't wait to read it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. A'lina and Holly - I hope you enjoy the series! Thanks for entering and commenting!