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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

City of Lost Souls Teaser- December 2011

Along with the Clockwork Princess teasers Cassie posted this week, she also shared a new COLS teaser! This is a hot little teaser with Simon!

“Oh, shut up,” she said, and kissed him. This was marginally more successful. Simon had kissed Isabelle before. He loved the texture of her soft lips, the way his hands felt in her long, dark hair. But as she pressed herself against him, he also felt the warmth of her body, her long bare legs against him, the pulse of her blood –and the snap of his fang teeth as they came out.

I'm loving all the teasers! Keep the votes up for our favorite girls! Be sure to check out the latest rounds HERE.


  1. I don't know if I should be happy or sad... This are great teasers, but when I think in all the months I have to wait to read the whole book... I really think Cassie like to torture us! But I love Simon (: And this teaser is so sexy. I wonder if there's gonna be a "Dirty Sexy Scene" with this two, it would be priceless!

  2. Agh! It's not nice to stop it there! The wait is torture!

  3. Marthita- LOL I'm sure she does. It is torture having to wait.

    Christina- LOL I agree!

  4. I have such a soft spot for Simon. He can do no wrong! It nice to see him get some action.

  5. Oh got to love Simon!! I love Simon and Izzy Together!!

  6. I love Izzy and Simon. They belong together.