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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday: Black Heart by Holly Black

Published by: Margaret K. McElderry/ Simon & Schuster
To Be Released on: April 3rd, 2012

Cassel Sharpe knows he’s been used as an assassin, but he’s trying to put all that behind him. He’s trying to be good, even though he grew up in a family of con artists and cheating comes as easily as breathing to him. He’s trying to do the right thing, even though the girl he loves is inextricably connected with crime. And he’s trying to convince himself that working for the Feds is smart, even though he’s been raised to believe the government is the enemy.

But with a mother on the lam, the girl he loves about to take her place in the Mob, and new secrets coming to light, the line between what’s right and what’s wrong becomes increasingly blurred. When the Feds ask Cassel to do the one thing he said he would never do again, he needs to sort out what’s a con and what’s truth. In a dangerous game and with his life on the line, Cassel may have to make his biggest gamble yet—this time on love -quoted from Goodreads

Oh Cassel! We adore Cassel almost as much as we do Jace. How can we not? This fabulously written broken boy can't seem to catch a break and I'm really holding out hope he might get his break in Black Heart. Seriously, I can not wait to get my hands on this book!! I need to know what happens to Cassel.

Just look at this AWESOME cover! I love it! If I was going to buy a book based on the cover, I would totally pick this one up.

What book are you waiting to get your hands on?


  1. Not a fan of the cover, but it seems like a wonderful book.

  2. Ooh great pick! :) I love this series and I can't wait for this book! I totally love Cassel!

  3. Lena- I've heard it's fabulous!

    GABY- I know, I can't wait to read it.

    Jen- Thank you! I do too!!

    Jen- I need this book like now. ;)

  4. Oh, Cassel!!!!! And Lila. I love the cover. :)

  5. CASSSSSSSSELLLLLL. sob. i need to read the sequel first, but i can't WAIT for Black Heart! and i'm one of those people who LOVE the covers. they so fit the tone of the book.

    My Waiting On Wednesday picks are part of the 2012 standalone challenge and if you like bookmarks and stickers, I have a giveaway going on!

  6. Sounds good. I haven't even gotten the chance to read the first two books yet, my TBR list is so long.

    My WoW is Dreaming Awake:

  7. This is my favorite series. I have too many favorites, but this one is by far on my top 3.

  8. oooh! I'm waiting for this book to come out so I can buy all three books at once! I can't wait to read it. I have heard nothing but good things! <3 :]

    my wow:

  9. This is a definitely can not wait for me too. I love the complete originality of this series. Poor Cassel, I hope he catches a break!

  10. Cover Cassel is PERFECT! I saw a different cover somewhere and read that they were changing it. Better not be true!

    Cassel annoyed me for most of Red Glove (not even going to say what I thought of Lila!) but the end had me loving him again. I plan on grabbing Black Heart as soon as it comes out!

    To answer your question, though there are a ton of books I can't wait to get my hands on, I'm planning on pouncing on Scarlet by Gaughen, Enchanted by Kontis and Grave Mercy by Lafevers, to name a few.

  11. I seriously hope Cassel gets his happy ending!!