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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clockwork Angel Read Along Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow our Clockwork Angel Read Along kicks off with our discussion of the Prologue and 1st Chapter. I've updated the main post here with some specifics for the tour. I'm so excited to be re-reading Clockwork Angel with so many of Cassie's fans. Chat with you guys tomorrow!!

Thank you to Shirley from Creative Deeds for letting me borrow her fabulous graphic!!

We're chatting LIVE with Carrier of the Mark author, Leigh Fallon TONIGHT!

I am so excited about tonight's with Leigh Fallon! Most of tonight's chat will be spoiler free, however I'm going to allow spoilery questions for the last few minutes of tonight's chat. As always, a warning will go up before spoilers are discussed. We're looking forward to chatting with everyone tonight!

*Our chat will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST. To join, hit join and enter a screen name.

*We do our best to make sure all comments are published, but not all the questions may be answered in the hour time frame of the chat. Even if your questions and comments are not published, we and our guest can still read them.

* The reason why we moderate our chats is to allow our guest(s) to be able to come on and chat with their fans with out feeling overwhelmed by everyone talking to them at the same time.

*In respect to our guest's time, we will only publish comments that pertain to their current writings, and book.

* We often times have other author guests who join out chats, but we only publish questions pertaining to the author who is chatting with us tonight.

*We will not post any personal questions or comments.

* Any rude, disrespectful, or spam like comments will not be published.

*Thank you and we look forward to chatting with everyone tonight!

**No part of this chat is allowed to be used with out our permission**

Twitter Tuesday - Myra McEntire

On Mundie Moms, we're such huge fans of Myra McEntire's Hourglass that when we saw she posted a bonus scene with Kaleb, well, some of us may have burned through our internet connection trying to get to her site (and no, I'm not talking about you, Katie...much...):
           "I flew out of the room, my head barely missing a direct hit against the rails of the polished wood banister that led up the stairs.
Not that I blamed Mike. He obviously had some personal business to attend to. Business I couldn’t deny I’d like to be attending to myself.
I sat down on the second step up and dropped my head into my hands, closing my eyes. Emerson. She was like a tiny little firecracker, with an attitude to match. I’d never met anyone like her. I finally meet a girl who qualifies for more than a hook up and she’s taken.
By my best friend.
Not that I planned to do anything about it, except get over it. They were exactly like my parents, the same kind of obstacle shattering, all in, forever kind of love. I’d seen it my whole life. I just didn’t understand it.
The lock on the door to the common area clicked.
Time to go plug my laptop into my surge protector.
Go to Myra's web page for the rest of the story. You have to read this, you guys. And then for me, I mean the Team Michael fans, be sure to read the deleted scene with Michael which Myra released in September. Mhmmm, Michael...excuse me, you were saying something?

MORE CP Book Trailer Stills

I am so anxious and so excited to see the full length Clockwork Prince book trailer. Look at these beauties Cassie shared last night of Tessa and Magnus.

Just from the looks of these stills it looks like this is going to be one amazing book trailer!