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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mundane Monday #118

Happy Mundane Monday!! Enjoy another little snippet from the addicting scene Cassie posted yesterday of Jace's point of view for Jace & Clary's first kiss, aka the greenhouse scene. You can read the entire scene here.

She looks at him, curiously, and he cannot help the feeling that those green eyes can see through him. “Have you and Isabelle ever dated?” she asks.
His heart is still pounding. He doesn’t quite understand the question. “Isabelle?” he echoes. Isabelle? What did Isabelle have to do with anything?“Simon was wondering,” she says, and he hates the way she says Simon’s name. He has never felt anything like this before: anything that unnerved him like she does. He remembers coming to her in that alleyway behind the coffee shop, the way he had wanted to draw her outside, away from the dark-haired boy she was always with, into his world of shadows. He had felt even then that she belonged where he did, not to the mundane world where people weren’t real, where they passed just beyond his vision like puppets on a stage. But this girl, with her green eyes that pinned him like a butterfly, she was real. Like a voice heard in a dream, that you know comes from the waking world, she was real, piercing the distance he has set so carefully about himself like armor.


  1. I loved the Greenhouse scene from Jace's POV. It's so great.

  2. Ricki- You're so welcome! I know it made my morning.

    Amy- I do too!

  3. I love the scene from Jace's POV. This made my morning too :)

  4. I love this picture! It's super cute and a fun style.

  5. That was so awesome reading The Greenhouse scene from Jace's POV. Now as I go back and re-read the part from Clary's POV it is neat to tie the two together!

  6. Oh, Jace, Clary, how I'll never get enough of you!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

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