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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

City of Fallen Angels Read A Long Day 7: PRAETOR LUPUS

Welcome to Day 7 of the City of Fallen Angels Read-A-Long. You can follow the entire read-a-long and find each of the day's posts here. Remember there's no right or wrong way to participate. Your comments can be as long or a short as you'd like them to be. You can answer one or each of the questions asked, it's totally up to you, BUT, in order to be entered into the COLS giveaway (which you also had to sign up to win), you do need to be actively participating in the read-a-long. 

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 7: PRAETOR LUPUS

These chapters keep getting better and better. There's a few surprising things that happening in this chapter. We learn the truth about Kyle, we learn a bit more about Simon's power, we're just as surprised as Simon is to read about Jace & Kyle playing video games and Simon confronts Jace about his treated the Clary the way he is. 
  • The surprises keep coming, and this chapter starts off with us finding out Kyle's a werewolf. I was totally surprised about what he was, though not surprised to find out he was something (if that makes sense). Now that we know what Kyle is, and what he's done/does, do you think he'll come a trusted friend, or do you think there's more to his nice guy persona?
  • The whole Jace and Simon hanging out together and talking is both awkward and hilarious. I love their scenes together, because they let the snark fly, but at the same time we also get glimpses of them being real with each other. Meaning their guards aren't always up. What do you make of the Jace/Simon friendship?
  • Luke tells Simon what he's been told a few times in COFA, that he's powerful and he can't forget what he is. His power draws those who desire it, naming Camille. Do you think that if Simon fully accepted what he is, he'd be able to understand his power more? 
  • We know there's something going on with Jace, and it's bugging me that this point I feel like I should know what it is, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I like that Simon finally confronts him about Clary, and we're reassured that Jace does in fact still love her. So why would he treat her the way he does right now? What could he possibly mean when he says "Love is a contradiction?"

Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading COFA for the first time. 


  1. I believe that Kyle is a nice guy, and even though he's there on a "job" to protect Simon that they will all becomes friends.

    I think that Jace and Simon need each other, because of one common factor Clary. They both avoid her, and they both love her in their own ways.

    Yes if Simon truly excepted everything about himself he could focus more on how powerful he is, his abilities, and how powerful the mark truly is. Until he does accept himself he will always find himself in situations he shouldn't be, that are potentially dangerous. If he had fully accepted what he was, I believe he would've know that Kyle was a werewolf.

    Jace is treating Clary the way he does as a way to protect her, even though it is a bad idea. In treating her this way he is instilling doubt about their relationship and making her question the Seelie Queen's comments a little more each day with more intent and focus. His statement "love is a contradiction" I think is his way of saying that even though you love somebody it's not always the best thing and you can't always be with them. Because when most people are in love their is no danger or obstacle they can't over come, and they share everything with each other. My heart goes out to Jace and Clary, they share such a fierce passion for each other but things keep coming up to separate them. I mean good grief first it was them being made to believe their bother and sister and now Jace's nightmares are keeping them apart. Drama, drama, drama!

    1. "I think that Jace and Simon need each other, because of one common factor Clary. They both avoid her, and they both love her in their own ways."

      I hadn't thought of Simon needing Jace, but after reading your comment, I totally agree with that.

    2. I thought it was cool that Kyle was a werewolf, maybe Simon won't have to feel like he needs to hide from him now

  2. i love simon, jace, and jordan's little bromance. i find it very funny and overall think that jordan is a good guy and trustworthy, but he's got his own agenda. i also think that things would be so much easier for simon if he just accepted he's a vampire. there would still be drama but it would be slightly less complicated. and lastly jace. oh my poor jace it hurts my heart to see him suffer =( lol but in the end he should just stop trying to protect clary from the truth about what's going on with him and just tell her. he should know clary enough by now to know that by her not knowing it's just going to make things worse for both of them.

    1. I totally love the three of them together. It's even better listening to their banter on the audiobook.

  3. *I think that Kyle is just a nice guy... but... I don't know why... but I don't like him.

    *I like the new relationship of Simon/Jace :D

    *Yes. I think Simon have to accpet what he is if he wants more control over his life.

    *I think Jace said that because of his dreams... he might think that he is no good for her.

    1. Here's my thing with Kyle, I think I don't want to like him, because I'm excepting him to do something "bad". It's easier to not like him because of that, but his "good guy" charm rubbed of on me by the end of COFA. I still think there's more to him than we know. I swear this entire answer doesn't make sense.

  4. * I was surprised to find out that Kyle is a werewolf. I think that he is a nice guy. I was sure there was more to him though, and I was a bit nervous to find out what.

    * I really love the Jace and Simon thing. Their interactions are so entertaining, but I also like seeing the vulnerability they both have.

    * I don't know that Simon would be able to accept his power more, but I think that if he could just accept what he is it would be better for him and everyone. I think he is very aware of his power and no matter what it's going to be a bit scary to him whether he accepts it or not.

    * I remember being so frustrated with the situation with Jace the first time I read the book. I am still frustrated reading it again, but at least this time around I know why.

    1. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one frustrated with Jace's situation. Even though I know why and the out come of it, I'm still frustrated by it in this chapter.

    2. I feel the same way. Even though I know where everything's going, it's still frustrating and hard to watch Jace struggling through this.

    3. It's very hard. I think since we are 4 books into the series, if we weren't frustrated there would be something wrong. You grow to love the characters so much.

  5. I loved the scenes between Simon and Jace. I felt like I got to know them both a lot better and hearing Jace talk to someone else about Clary was interesting.

    Love is a contradiction - well, Jace hates being vulnerable and he loves Clary and love makes you very vulnerable. So, I think the contradiction in this case is that Jace both loves Clary and hates the way that love makes him feel to vulnerable. Maybe? I don't know. That's my take on it.

    1. I love these read alongs, because I learn something new from everyone's comments. I hadn't ever thought of love making Jace weak, but after reading your comment I totally agree with you. I think he doesn't like the way his love for Clary has made him vulnerable.... leaving this spoiler free.

  6. Some of my favorite scenes in this book are between Jace/Simon/Kyle. I love the way they interact and how they care about each other but are not going to admit it and try not to let it show. I've enjoyed Jace and Simon together throughout the series.

  7. Jace and Simon together is brilliant. Enough said. Them getting close is a good thing and they can help each other.
    There is definitely more to Kyle than meets the eye. I know that I'm looking at this from a re-read standpoint, but I thought that the first time I read it.

  8. I love the ending of this chapter because for the whole book I was worried about the Jace and Clary happy ending I was hoping for. Since the beginning I was amazed by the behaviour of Jace and I couldn't understand what was going on; at least with the end of this chapter we are all reassured about Jace's feelings and we can still hoping for an happy ending! (:

  9. I think that it could be both. I mean, he's definitely an asset to Jace and Simon and I can see them being friends but I'm not sure Maya will forgive him.

    I think the Jace/Simon friendship won't last. It'll probably revert to a less extreme version of how they used to be.

    I think that he doesn't need to accept them so much as understand them. His power is very strong and whether he embraces it or not, he has to be cautious of it.

    I don't know what he means by "Love is a contradiction' but I think he's definitely hiding something, trying to protect Clary as usual.

  10. *I still think Kyle's a nice guy, but it's a little suspicious that he didn't tell Simon right away that he was a werewolf.

    *The Simon/Jace scenes in this chapter are some of my favorite ever. I love when Simon says that thing about Jace not exactly being the boy next door. hah!.

    *I think maybe it's better that Simon doesn't think too much about his power. Otherwise it might go to his head, and he'd start taking unnecessary risks or just change in some way.

    *I'm so glad Simon finally confronts Jace about how he's acting. Someone had to! And Jace's whole "Love is a contradiction" brooding and dramatic! Oh, Jace...just talk to her already!

  11. Well well well. Kyle. I like him. I don't care that he kept his werewolf-ness a secret as Simon kept his own secret.
    Simon/Jace is fabulous. I love them being together because it totally reminds me of high school, the friendship and sarcasm all in one.
    I think if Simonwill liste to anyone telling him he is powerful,it should be Luke. Hes smart.
    I think Jace needs to get it through his head that Clary loves him. And that "love is a contradiction." He needs to get his life straight.
    WOW WOW WOW!!!! Love this read along. Heart your web site!

  12. Kyle...hummm...not sure about him yet...want to
    like him...but will wait and see..his motives..

    I love the interaction of Simon and Jace...their friendship got off to a bumpy start...both boys love Clary...Clary chose Jace...but now they are friends...snarky, snide but they do care...

    I feel Simon is going to have to embrace his vampire side and deal with the power of his have a he wants..

    Jace is a tortured soul...he loves Clary so trying to protect her by pushing her away..and is hurting himself in the process...


  13. So far I have a very positive opinion of Kyle. I did suspect him from the beginning because he showed up to audition for Simon's band, and then he offered him a place to live. I thought the whole Praetor Lupus thing sounded a wee bit sketchy, though.

    I enjoy reading about SImon and Jace's friendship. I think it is sweet that Jace wants to protect Simon to please Clary. :D

    I do not think that Simon can think straight because he is not feeding. He needs to accept his nature so he can better understand it!

    I think that he is scared he will behave like he does in his nightmares and he is fearful. As far as the contradiction is concerned, perhaps he means that you have to be cruel to be kind, and that his behavior contradicts how he feels about Clary.

    Such a great chapter and *awesome* questions. I am *so* enjoying the Read-a-Long! Thanks for hosting it!!!!!

  14. I was so surprised to find out that kyle was a warewolf!, but i kindof expected him to be someting and somewhat involved with what was going on with Simon, and i think he can be trusted all we can do is read and see. haha Simon and Jace's "friendship" is freaking awesome, them going back and forth with each other if funny, but im glad to see them let their guards down and talk as friends. and props Simon confronting jace about loving clary. Simon still hasn't let go of his human side , and having that kindof power he's goning to need to drink some blood sooner or later to protect himself from thos who want hime on their side. Jace.... again we see that something is really bothering him and its getting in the way of his and clarys's relationship but i know they can pull through it.

  15. I definitely expected Kyle to be more than what he seemed- there was some foreshadowing I previous chapters that gave me a hunch he was a werewolf. I really do like Kyle- he seems trustworthy to me.
    The whole Simon Jace thing cracks me up. Their banter is so funny! I also love their serious conversations. It's cool to see a totally different side of both of them and get to know their characters better. I also feel sorry for Jace- I can barely stand one day if I haven't had enough sleep, especially if there's emotional stuff going on as well. And he hasn't slept for two or three weeks?! I want him not to hurt Clary, but I really don't see how he could have handled this any differently. It's a no win situation.

  16. I wonder what Kyle is up to; he seems like a nice guy that had something bad happen to him but something is off. Jace is just getting so frustrating he needs to tell Clary and us what the problem is.

  17. I really think Kyle is a person to be trusted, I believe so, I wouldn't see anything more he would be hiding.
    Simon and Jace's friendship is something I really love roght now, it seems a bit odd that Jace is spending time not with Clary, his girlfriend.
    Simon is living in denial, meaning that he is trying to live like a mundane which is not possible hence he is a vampire, maybe if he does accept himself he'll probably learn more about being a vampire.
    I think Jace is having doubts about of he truly loves her or not that is how I see it, honestly.

    Good Night everyone=)

  18. Well, I knew Kyle couldn't be just a nobody...never works that way does it? lol
    I think Simon has a hard time grasping power and importance of himself...regardless of what he is.
    I love the Simon and Jace banter. And that they both let go and are more themselves. I never believed for a second Jace didn't love Clary, but I want to know his deal!

  19. I really really love Ms. Clare's snarky writting!! I love it with Jace/Simon and with Will in ID. I like that Kyle who is presented as a bad guy ends up being very likable.

  20. I think Jace and Simon can be friends because they both care about clary. And they are going to try to protect her.
    And Simon is accepting more his condition and he will find that the mark can give him some kind of power.

  21. I keep thinking that this book started out as a book about Simon. It was later that Cassie added the Jace/Clary ideas. So I wonder about the whole Simon is powerful and shouldn't forget who he is. Really I think that is gonna be a major thing as we continue this series - course I could be and have been wrong.


  22. Yea I too wasn't surprised to find out Kyle was some supernaturnal being and it's pretty cool he is a werewolf. I think he will be someone to be trusted. I mean I don't know how else he could be around a vampire and shadowhunters if he had some hidden agenda up his sleeve. I like Kyle and I don't see him doing anything against everyone else.
    I love that Jace and Simon are becoming friends. Jace has never been around many people his age and being around Simon is actually doing him really well. I am happy that Simon has gotten over Clary and is used to Jace's attitude/actions. I think these two will last as friends, it's kinda weird but still really awesome and fun.
    I am sure that if Simon truly accepted being a vampire and one that can walk in sunlight and bears the Mark of Cain, he would definitely understand everything. But since Simon has never cared for power he will never do this and I actually think that is good for him. I am glad he is choosing the harder life of being as normal as possible. Yes he is a vampire but that doesn't mean he has to hurt people and he has great friends surrounding him. So even though his life would be easier, I don't see Simon giving himself over to his vampire side.
    Jace is dealing with some serious stuff and I hate that he is suffering and even worse that he is taking out on Clary. I love that he still loves her and if he is staying away, he must think he is doing her a favor or keeping her safe from something.

  23. Kyle seems to be a good guy, but things aren't always what they seem when it comes to downworlders. I love the back and forth between Jace and Simon. I think that Jace and Simon are friends already there is a connection between them that is more then just Clary, There just to stubborn to admit it. Love could mean anything to Jace since he was raised by Valentine and Valentine was twisted. So maybe Jace means that when you love someone sometimes its necessary to hurt them, because you love them and don't want them to be hurt.

  24. I think Kyle could become a friend...still not sure if he is totally good or hiding something though.
    Yes Simon would be able to understand his power more if he fully accepted what he is.
    I love Jace/Simon friendship,it about time they are civil with each other.
    I don't know what Jace mean about "love is a contradiction" but I know he is going through alot and thinks he is doing what he is doing to protect Clary because he is convinced he has a dark side and doesn't want to hurt her.But he is hurting her by what he is doing.

  25. I wasn't all that surprised to learn that Kyle was SOMETHING. What he did/does was a bit of a shocker though. And I definitely think there's more to him than we're seeing at this point, but isn't there always?

    I love the fact that Jace and Simon are hanging out. Whether or not they'll ever actually be friends, I seriously doubt it, but it's fun to have them hang out and not constantly being trying to one-up each other over Clary.

    Simon embracing what he is might not be as bad as he thinks. He can still maintain his humanity while better understanding what being a vampire means. I think it would help him greatly.

    Jace is a character that I have a love/hate thing going on with. It's so obvious he's struggling with something at this point, and what does Jace do best when he's dealing with something? He pushes them away. I think he'd rather push Clary away than end up hurting her the way he obviously believes he will. But he doesn't realize that he's hurting her even more by doing what he's doing. Grr, Jace!