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Monday, April 23, 2012

COLS Snippet (4/22)

The duck strikes again! In this post I've included Cassie's recent COLS snippet as well as two questions pertaining to the duck, Will & Jace that Cassie answered on her tumblr.

A smile tugged the edge of Jace’s mouth. “I hate ducks. Don’t know why. I just always have.”


Q: So does this last snippet about the ducks mean Jace is definitely a direct descendant of Will? Or at least that Will lives (she said hopefully)?

 Cassie's ANo, not to rain on anyone’s parade, but it doesn’t mean any of those things. I probably shouldn’t give a list of the thirty ways in which Will and Jace could both hate ducks and still for Will not to be Jace’s great great great grandpa or whatever, but 1) I don’t put up snippets that spoil anything significant and 2) Everyone said the same thing about Jem when I said Emma’s last name was Carstairs! A tangled web it is indeed.  


Q: Someone else has probably already asked you this, but what *was* up with that duck that was stalking Will? And what was it that Cecily did to make it go away and never return?
Cassie's A: Oh, it was Ella, not Cecily — Ella was Will’s older sister, who died, which is why the whole thing is so miserable for him to think about. Of course, he was only five or six, so he may have misjudged the duck’s sinister nature. :) When I was six, I believed there was a squirrel next door that was my deadly enemy.
I don’t think we’ll ever know what Ella did to make the duck go away — I think, like whatever it is Magnus did in Peru to get banned, it’s more funny and more meaningful to not know. Life has small funny mysterious corners to it and sometimes fiction does too.
We know Magnus is the type of person who would get banned from Peru. We know Ella was a cool older sister who was willing to do what she needed to do - even if it meant appearing to argue with a duck - for her beloved little brother. Those I think are the important things. :)


  1. Love that backstory! Read it with DS over the weekend and we both laughed!!

  2. I love this!! I love hearing people speculate. It is very entertaining.