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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Libraries of Love

This is truly an incredible charity and I am beyond excited to have the chance to take part in their mission this year with my local church group, who has pledged to donate 600 books (being a combination of soft & hardcover for K-12 fiction and non-fiction books) for libraries in Uganda this year. 

What is Libraries of Love

The purpose of Libraries of Love is to partner with Africans to create libraries in 
individual schools. Through reading, students will develop a love of literature, 
as well as strengthen their knowledge in each curriculum subject area.  Lifelong 
readers become lifelong learners. Therefore, the libraries will serve as bridges to 
a better future for the children of Uganda. -quoted from their website

There are a few ways to help. You can make $ donations, donate books, and volunteer your 
time. You can find more ways to help here.

Their brochure: (you can read their brochure online here)

There's something about a book and giving books to children who don't have them that 
tugs at my heart. I firmly believe that reading is freedom, and opens the path of so many
possibilities for children. It allows them to believe, to explore, to learn, and so much more. 
I've already started a a donation box of both books I've purchased and review copies 
(both arcs and published books), and I'm hoping that by our September deadline I'll have 
a few boxes of books to donate.   

If you'd like to learn more about Libraries of Love, please visit them on: 
Website | Blog | Facebook

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