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Thursday, June 28, 2012

COLS LIVE Author Chat with Cassandra Clare on Thursday 6/28

*Thank you to everyone who joined the chat tonight and for your patience about our re-schedule. Cassie had a family emergency right as the chat started and was unable to make it. We are rescheduling the chat for a later date. I'll post that info when I know more a the coming week or so. 

Want to discuss some a lot of COLS spoilers!? Then join us TONIGHT when we talk all things COLS related with Cassie Clare!

There's been a few slight changes made to the chat room I use for all of our chats, and that does effect tonight's chat a little bit. Please be sure to read the highlight PLEAsE READ section to find out more info.

This chat will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST and it will be a SPOILER chat for City of Lost Souls only. If we have time, we will definitely ask her a few questions of Clockwork Princess. If you've not yet read COLS, or won't be able to join us tonight, our transcript will remain on the blog, and linked on the forum.

Don't forget to sign up for an email reminder for the chat!

*Our chat will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST. 

** PLEASE READ: Due to the restrictions from Cover It Live's site upgrade, they've enforced the number of clicks allowed per chat, meaning only 25 fans will be allowed to be on the chat.  Don't worry, everyone will be able to read the chat transcript as it's happen live! The only difference is you won't be able to log on to the chat to do so. No one will miss out on the live chat. Because of this, I will NOT be starting opening the chat until 5 mins before it's suppose to start.

This will be run like any other chat, but the only difference is no more than 25 people are allowed to signed into the chat. I know, it's extremely frustrating to me, but at this time there's nothing I can do about it. I would like to reiterate that everyone will be able to read the transcript live here on the blog. 

* Why are we not allowing questions? Each of my chats with Cassie have over 1,000 readers on, as you can imagine it was extremely crazy with trying to go through all the questions fans had for Cassie. In order for us to run the chat smoothly, we won't be taking any questions during the chat.

-Fans are welcome to leave comments below in the comment section, but I can not guarantee those questions will be asked during the chat. If I run out of questions from the ones submitted, and time permitting, I will submit some of the questions below during the chat.

* To join, hit join and enter a screen name.

* As always, this chat is moderated, meaning your questions/comments will not post automatically and to make is easier for Cassie to read our questions, I won't be submitting every comment made. Please know that even though you can't see the comments, both myself and Cassie can see them.

*Thank you and we look forward to chatting with everyone this week!

**No part of this chat is allowed to be used with out our permission**

This post will continue to be updated and moved on the blog.


  1. wow! this is great! xD
    ok i need to see a time converter! mwahahaha xD

  2. While studying for a boring maths exam, I thought I would take a break and google stuff up. And to my surprise I find news about this chat! I am so happy! Underneath all the maths gunk, this news gave me something to look forward too :D Now how am I supposed to concentrate on boring equations when all I want to do is jump up and down??!!! Love you Cassie!!!!!!!

  3. here's a question, if you;re still taking them:
    will the iron sisters have a bigger role in CoHF? it seems their part in this book was very small, unlike the very involved silent brothers

  4. The chat got rescheduled? Aww, I have school at that time on that day... :(

    1. It has. The transcript will be up the night of the chat.

  5. As we all know Clary is very reckless and usually acts without thinking which is why I really love her but I noticed , especially in COLS her actions were a lot more careless, I was just wondering why it was so prominent in this book but not the others?

  6. Looking forward to it.. I adore Ms. Clare! Thank you both for doing this!!!

  7. Will we ever get to hear about the love story of Amatis and Stephen? I'd love to here about them since Amatis is one of my favourite characters :)

  8. Not sure if you're still taking questions, MM's... my bad memory!!

    I was wondering if Cassandra could confirm in CoHF if we are going to find out if Tessa has been 'hanging around' our favourite Shadowhunters in present day and if there is a blood connection to any of them. *sigh* She probably can't answer that but it's worth asking, I hope!! Thanks!! xo

  9. When will the transcript come? I was on the chat, but unfortunately the chat froze, everything froze and I became very sad. I can't see what is happening!

  10. I cannot find the transcript anywhere. Can someone post a link to the actual transcript of the chat? When I try to view the actual chat, there is some kind of capacity overload so I can't see anything. :(

  11. It keeps saying it has reached the capacity set by its host. Will I ever be able to view this?

    1. Hi Nini,

      As I mentioned at the top part of this post, the chat didn't take place on here this night, as Cassie ended up having a family emergency to attend to.

      Chat room wise, The reason it's saying it's over capacity is due to the fact I mentioned in my post, that Cover It Live has put restrictions on their accounts, and we currently have a limit of 25 views/clicks. Once 25 people have clicked into, read, or joined a chat at all during this month it looks the rest of the chat rooms. That's something I'm currently trying to fix.

      As for the most recent chat link that I posted on the blog w/ Cassie, you can click on the twitter hashtag to read Cassie's Q&A with me. I'm also still working on gathering all the question and answers to post them on here.

      Thank you!

  12. Where can i find the transcript for this chat?