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Friday, July 6, 2012

TMI Movie Casting News!

Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet have been cast to play in the TMI movie! Variety, along with Cassie Clare have confirmed that both Kevin and Robert have been cast as Pangborn and Blackwell. These two are the due that of evil Shadowhunters who serve Valentine in his quest to find the Mortal Cup. As Cassie Clare pointed out, Robert is the giant guy who  is whacking Robert Downey Jr with a mallet in Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows and Kevin Durand plays the creepy "bad guy" in I Am Number Four. Both of which I would not want to have after me in any movie. Based on their roles in these movies, they'll have a terrifying presence in the TMI movie, as they should. 

Now, we can confirm that these roles are officially filmed:

Jace- Jamie Campbell Bower
Clary- Lily Collins
Isabelle- Jemima West
Pangborn- Kevin Durand
Blackwell- Robert Maillet

Filming for The Mortal Instruments is slated to start next month (August) and is set to be in theaters on August 23rd, 2013. The film is being directed by Harald Zwart. 

What do you guys think? 


  1. I think Pangborn and Blackwell were cast well! I've seen both movies mentioned and like you, I would not want them chasing after me! I still have some reservations about some of the other characters, so we'll have to see how the movie turns out!

  2. Do you know who's the screenwriter??

  3. Kevin Durand is an amazing actor. So glad he's going to be in TMI.

  4. Kevin Durand was in the Xmen Wolverine movie and Real Steel :) He is amazing actor