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Monday, July 9, 2012

TMI Movie News: Jamie & Lily Together in Toronto

With the TMI Movie getting ready to start film in Toronto next month, pictures have recently surfaced of two of it's stars, Jamie and Lily who will be playing our favorites, Jace and Clary. Cassie has shared one of two sets of pictures that have been surfacing around the TMI fandom today. 

Of Jamie and Lily walking around Toronto, Cassie had this to say of this picture: Well, people have been asking for ages for a picture of Jamie and Lily together. Here, they’re walking in Toronto. I imagine there’ll be a lot more pictures as shooting dates approach!

Cassie said of this picture: Oh, fun! I knew Jamie and Lily were flying to Toronto but I didn’t know when they were getting there. Pre-production stuff makes it all seem so real. Eeek!

Quoted under this picture's original post on Tumblr is:


My jaws dropped completely when right before my eyes today I saw the two Stars of upcoming Film Adaptation of Teen Fiction Series, The Mortal Instruments. In Toronto a month ahead of schedule, Up-and-Comers Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower were out and about in Yorkville hanging-out over Dinner and stocking-up on Groceries at Whole Foods.  
The friendly and down-to-earth Duo star as Clary Fray (Collins) and Jace Wayland(Campbell Bower) in the Film, which centers around Clary and her path of Realization and Self-Discovery after her Mother is attacked and taken from their Home; Harald Zwart will be directing.   Collins - yes, Daughter of Phil and stunning Star of Mirror Mirror - tells me she’s here early beginning Pre-Production for the Project, which begins filming in August.  We somehow stumbled upon the Topic of Julianne Moore, whom I also spotted looking amazing in a pair of Shorts and a T-Shirt this afternoon. “Oh, I just wrapped a Movie (The English Teacher) with Julianne!  How awesome that she’s in the City too!”, she tells me. I’m still in awe that I know someone who knows Moore by first name basis!Sporting his Tattoos, Campbell Bower, who has been seen in both The Twilight Sagaand Harry Potter Franchises, was equally friendly and approachable, telling Fans he was a bit bloated after a heavy Dinner with his Co-Star.
In recent casting news, Canadians Kevin Durand and Robert Maillet are both listed as recent casting additions to The Mortal Instruments.
Mark my words, this is going to be Twilight/The Hunger Games HUGE. And you witnessed it first on Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven!  Sony Screen Gems releases August 23, 2013.

There are quite a few more pictures that surfaced today. Here's an example of a few that were posted on tumblr by TMI Source:

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the recent sittings? 


  1. I'm pretty excited for this movie and to see the pictures of the two main actors . . . makes this even more real. *dances*

  2. Squee!! I am so excited for the movie!! I am kind of sad to hear that Jamie and Bonnie broke off their engagement though (read it somewhere, don't remember where). I see that Jamie and Lily are holding hands, and as cute as that is, I really think that him and Bonnie were so fabulous together.

    1. I can not wait for this movie! I'm loving the chemistry that seems evident in the pictures of the two of them together.

  3. I'm sad about the split between Jami and Bonnie, but now our two actors are so cute together. Like everyone is saying, it seems so much more real, and it's AWESOME.

  4. It's so fun to see them together it really gives you a better sense of how Clary and Jace will look on screen. I definitely think they picked the right actors for the job. And based on these pictures i think they will have great chemistry... just seems like they are more than friends and co-workers in these pictures. Should be interesting to see if any rumors (or real life announcements) come from all this. Especially after Bonnie and Jamie's split.