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Friday, July 6, 2012

Will Snippet from Clockwork Princess

With the YA Crush Tourney kicking off today, Cassie has treated fans to a Will teaser!!

Tessa leaned forward and caught at his hand, pressing it between her own. The touch was like white fire through his veins: he could not feel her skin, only the cloth of the gloves, and yet it did not matter. How you have kindled me, heap of ashes that I am, into fire. He had wondered once why love was always phrased in terms of burning: the conflagration in his own veins, now, gave the answer. “You are good, Will,” she said. “There is no one better placed than I am to be able to say with perfect confidence how good you really are.”

Cassie also said that: "Every time one of the TMI/ID boys goes up for a round, I’m going to give you a snippet from a future book or a deleted scene about them. Doesn’t matter if they win or lose, I’ll just give you the snippet up front. You vote if you feel like it, hopefully ‘cause you love them, but don’t feel obligated."

THANK YOU Cassie for this fabulous teaser!! Be sure to go VOTE for Will! Check out my advocate post for Will HERE


  1. *dies from waiting so long for this book*

    Haha. That's one amazing snippet! Though, I am worried now since I'm more a Jem fan and all that. ;)

  2. When does the book art come out for Clockwork Princess?