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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cassie on the Casting of Alec: Rumor vs Truth

The recent rumors being reported by media outlets (not by Cassie or Sony), has quite a lot of confusion in regards to the casting of Alec. Is he cast? Who is he? What's going on with the casting? etc. Cassie took to Tumblr yesterday to answer fans burning questions and concerns over Alec's casting. This is quoted directly from her post:

Cassie when you´ll tell us who´s playing Alec? Please i´m dying to know”

“any good news for the casting of Alec yet”

“Any new idea when you’ll be able to announce Alec?(:”


“how much longer do we have to suffer without an actor for Alec?”

Sorry to bother again. Has Alec been casted yet. I keep hearing rumors abut im not supposed to trust IMDB
Well, yes, you shouldn’t trust IMDB. That much is given. (It’s not too bad at the moment though Aidan and CCH Pounder aren’t listed yet. Last week Valentine was listed as being played by someone named Jolene.)
As far as Alec goes, it’s more than just IMDB: rumors are all over. That also happened when Jace was cast. It took a while to separate out what was happening from what wasn’t.
I thought maybe it would help if there was a bit of a breakdown of how this works. Casting is a creative matter (the director, producers, etc. looking at auditions or readings or previous work and deciding) until an offer is made to someone. “Would you like to play Alec?” That does not mean that person is cast. They have to want to play Alec. They have to have their agent negotiate the terms of a deal that everyone is happy with because you do actually get paid to play Alec. Or anyone. :) And you have to promise not to run off in the middle of filming and whatnot. This requires paperwork to be signed by everyone.
The final bit of casting is the “confirmation letter” which everyone signs and once everyone signs it then Alec is cast. Now I generally know that they’re looking at specific people, even a specific someone, but that’s about all I know while the legal department churns through the paperwork. When the confirmation letter is signed, then the studio will generate a press release. When they generate the press release and send it out, THAT is when I am allowed to tell you who Alec is. Usually until the press release goes out, I DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW the answer to the question beyond “they’re in negotiations with someone.”
And I am absolutely and totally and completely not allowed to say who they are in negotiations with, because then I am betraying a trust that has been placed in me not to reveal that, not only by the studio but by the actor (not that they know who I am :D) — it really ought to be their decision, too, about what they want revealed about what they are doing in their career. I don’t, like, want the intimate details of my mortgage payments all over the ‘net, and it’s sort of the same thing. 
And it is a good idea to wait until things are confirmed, because false reports aren’t  helpful. I know Alec is sort of a sore point (and I still feel bad, believe me) because I said I could announce him and then it turned out I couldn’t: There was a mixup and it was thought the confirmation letter was signed but it wasn’t, because the movie schedule had changed (it changes with every new draft of the script) and suddenly the actor wasn’t sure the new dates would work.
And in fact they didn’t. That actor isn’t going to play Alec. The scheduling didn’t work out. So. It is indeed a good thing I didn’t announce it then, annoying as it was for everyone at the time. I want you to be able to trust me and so not giving you information that may not pan out is important to me.
As of this literal moment, I have not gotten the press release/go-ahead to say who Alec is, which means that the confirmation letter isn’t signed. Which means we do not have an official Alec. That could change any second. But I am not witholding information about who has been cast as Alec to be mean (seems pointless, and Variety would just carry the story anyway because they’d get the press release as it is meant for, well, the press). And I can’t tell you when Alec will be announced because it isn’t planned ahead like that: “We will announce Alec on the seventh of August, at nine am!” They wait for the confirmation letter to go through. Asking “When will we have Alec?” is like asking “When will it rain?” or “When will we have a car that runs on dandelions?” 
So basically in sum-up, I don’t have an answer to those questions — we will have an Alec, and soon, because they cannot make the movie without him — and I will, as I have always promised, tell you as soon as I am able, and I will give you only the information I know is definitely true. 

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