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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cover Reveal: Saundra Mitchell's The Elementals

MMs, take a good look at this gorgeous cover! Saundra just posted it on her blog along with this synopsis:

In 1917, war spells the death of one age in Europe; the rise of motion pictures heralds the birth of a new one in America. Caught between both are two extraordinary souls, bound by destiny.

Kate Witherspoon has lived a bohemian life with her artist parents, and she’s infused with their wanton disregard for social norms. She’s determined to become a film director, and she doesn’t intend to do that in a corset.

Meanwhile, midwestern farm boy Julian Birch has inherited the tenacity and wanderlust that fueled his parents’ adventures. War calls, yet not for him—but he refuses to let his disability define him.

Strangers driven by a shared vision, Kate and Julian set out separately for Los Angeles, the city of dreams. There, they each struggle to find their independence. When they finally meet, the teenage runaways realize their true legacy: the ability to triumph over death, over time. But as their powerful parents before them learned, all magic comes with a price.

In this sweeping companion to The Vespertine and The Springsweet, the teenage children of the heroes of the previous novels confront a decades-old tragedy still unfolding. At the crucial moment, will Kate and Julian have the courage to embrace their gifts?

Here's the beautiful, new website for The Elementals series. Check out all the extra goodies on there including Teacher Guides. I know our MM Teachers will love those. Now click over to Saundra's blog and find out a little more about Kate as well as Saundra's inspiration for writing this final (I know, I'm already sad about it) installment of the series. June 4, 2013 seems so very far away.


  1. Oh, my gosh, that sounds amazing! I didn't know there would be a third book! I'm so thrilled!

  2. *faints* I love it!!! I've been dying for this to release ever since I finished reading The Springsweet. Saundra is one of the most gifted authors I know.

    1. Saundra is an author who truly brings it all -- the detailed world-building, realistic characters and roooooomance. Love her stories. I'm excited to see what she does with the last story in the series!