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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

YA Crush Tourney: Final Four; Vote For Will

It's time to start voting again!! Will needs our help!

Hi guys! Alyssa with TMI Source & I (Katie w/ Mundie Moms) are back to help Will advance to the next round! You helped Will advance in his first match  here, his second match here, and his most recent match here. Today's match may prove to be the hardest yet, as he's up against Jem, another guy we love! Being Will's advocates, Alyssa and I want to tell you guys for ourselves why WILL is the ONE TO VOTE FOR. 

Will has always been the brighter burning star, the one to catch attention.”

Will would be the first to tell you that Jem is the better man. But in Will saying that—and in his actions toward those he loves—shows just how great of a person he is.

The first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Will Herondale isn’t his blue eyes or his gorgeous looks, it’s the sacrifices he has made in his life. Even at age 12, when he left his family because he believed he was endangering them, Will has always put the well-being of those he cares for first.

Will is willing to give up his true love, Tessa, because he would rather Jem be happy than himself. Will has suffered too much in his life and yet he puts his parabatai’s happiness above his own regardless of how much it tears him up inside.

“If Jem dies, I cannot be with Tessa,” said Will. “Because it will be as if I were waiting for him to die, or took some joy in his death, if it let me have her. And I will not be that person. I will not profit from his death. So he must live.” He lowered his arm, his sleeve bloody. “It is the only way any of this can ever mean anything.”

Will is a caring person and the person he cares most about is his parabatai Jem. Will insistently searches for a cure to Jem’s “disease” and has even admitted that Jem is more deserving of life.

And despite the way he treats those he cares about sometimes—due to the curse he believes was cast upon him—those people see the good in him no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

“You are good, Will. There is no one better placed than I am to be able to say with perfect confidence how good you really are.” –Tessa

"I thought him a pretty bit of poison to start with, but I have come around. There is a soul under all that bravado. And he is really alive, one of the most alive people I have ever met. When he feels something, it is as bright and sharp as lightning." -Magnus

Will doesn’t recognize that he is someone worth fighting for—someone who deserves love and deserves to be happy.

“You fear for Jem,” Will said.
“Yes,” she said. “And I fear for you, too.”
“No,” Will said, hoarsely. “Don’t waste that on me, Tess.”

Will is definitely someone worth fighting for. So will you fight for him? Vote Team Will!

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