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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clockwork Princess Snippet

Cassie treated fans to another Clockwork Princess snippet! This one I swear is a killer.... 

“It has been the privilege and the honor of my life to know you.”

What!?! NO! This sounds like a goodbye.... I really hope this isn't Will and Jem saying goodbye to each other. It does sound a little too formal for Will, or maybe I'm just having that wishful thinking. After reading this one line from a classic oldie popped into my, "Don't go breaking my heart." I think Cassie is going to do just that. I have a feeling that CP2 is going to end on one of those bittersweet moments that will have me all huddled in the fetal position rocking back and forth, sobbing like a little baby. Don't laugh, you know you'll be right there with me. 


  1. I completely agree, I don't think it will matter if the ending of CP2 is happy or sad, I'm still going to be a mess because I'll just miss the characters so much. I'm inclined to think that this little snippet may be Magnus talking though, just because it seems like the kind of way he would say something like this.

  2. I was shocked by this snippet. At first it sounded like someone was dying. I mean some people will probably think it's Jem talking here but I think it would be way too easy to assume it's just him. It's probably a happy-but-sad sort of scene, a goodbye maybe, but who knows what the author has up her sleeve. Don't want to leave this series behind!

  3. I think it's Magnus talking but no clue as to who he's talking to. When Cassie started TID series, knowing it was set in the past made me feel a bit anxious about reading. Knowing in advance that almost every one of the characters has died, with the exception of Magnus and Tessa, since close to a century and a half has passed between TID and TMI is a bit of a downer. Regardless of who dies at the end, I'll be sad, but if Jem dies I might be depressed for weeks. As silly as this sounds, it'll be hard for me to say goodbye to the characters I've grown to love over the past several years.

  4. I'm telling you. I think one of them ( jem or will) becomes a silent brother

    1. I'm sure of it. Brother Zachariah, right?