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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twitter Tuesday - YALSA Poll

We here at Mundie Moms adore YALSA for their work with teens and librarians, so imagine our delight when we noticed that they've been having fun with their Monday Poll.
Last week, they asked readers to vote for their favorite fictional boarding school (Hogwarts won, but many voted for Gallagher Academy...stop me before I digress into a daydream about Mr. Solomon...or yes, School of America in Paris with Anna and Etienne), and this week, it's time to vote for the worst. Hmmmm, Hecate Hall (from Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall series) anyone? Pemberly Brown (from the Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker)? Wait, where's Wallingford from Holly Black's Curseworkers series?
Be sure to vote here for the worst fictional boarding school, and hey while you're clicking things, follow YALSA on twitter for all the latest news on teen reads, their conferences and their resources for authors and publishers.

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