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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Moral Instruments Movie Monday #5: Magnus & Alec

Welcome to this week's of edition of The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday! Today we're talking about Malec, also known as Magnus and Alec. I can not wait to see Magnus and Alec come to life on the big screen. It will be really interesting to see their relationship become real. These two have an interesting relationship in City of Bones. Here we have Magnus, who isn't afraid of how he is, and has that assurance and confidence that Alec lacks with allowing himself the freedom to just be who he is. Alec is this brilliant, confident Shadowhunter, but when it comes to be open and honest with who he really is and his sexuality he's anything but. For me, I think that part of Alec in CoB will be a crucial in being portrayed in the movie, and I think Kevin will do an awesome job with doing just that.

(source: AlecsBlueEyes)

While I loved Magnus from the moment I met him, Alec was quite the opposite. I mean what's not to love about Magnus, right. Alec on the other hand was someone I had to warm up to. He comes across as a little cold, someone who's obsessed with Jace, and will also be hurt or upset at something Jace does or doesn't do for him. When I first read CoB (I've since lost count of how many times I've read),  I never got why he just didn't admit to himself that he was gay, and accept that. I excepted that same confidence he has as a Shadowhunter to bleed over into his personal life, because Shadowhunter was in his blood, it was apart of him. I thought that confidence would follow. I'm kind of glad it didn't, because in CoB, there's Shadowhunter Alec, and just Alec. The more I got to know him, the more my heart broke for him. I felt bad for Alec because I just wanted him to feel comfortable enough to not feel like he had to hide his being gay, even though Clary, and those around him saw/suspected he was. I felt like Alec needed acceptance with him being gay, but he couldn't get that acceptance unless he fully accepted it himself. Instead at this point he's too fearful to let that part of himself come out. It's that fear that holds him back.

While Alec is the more vulnerable one, Magnus is the over confident one. He has nothing to hide. He seems extremely conformable with who he is, and what he is. I swear that's one of the things that drew me to Magnus. He is what he is. I like that contrast between Magnus and Alec. Some part of me has always wondered if Magnus saw Alec for who he was really, and saw in him as the person he becomes much later in the series. But, I also feel there's a similarity between the two. They both seem to have this hidden yearning to not be lonely. Magnus mentions in one of the books (at the moment it's escaped my mind which TMI /ID book it is), how lonely immortality is. Then we have Alec who seems lonely in the fact he can't come out and just really be himself, because of his fear in others finding out he's gay. I think it's that level of loneliness is what connects Magnus and Alec in the beginning, and gives them something similar to understand in each other. 

I can not wait to see what Godfrey and Kevin bring to Magnus and Alec's characters on the big screen. Magnus is my favorite character from this series, and Alec is the character whom I feel grows the most from City of Bones to City of Lost Souls. I loved the confidence has gains by that point. What are you looking forward to seeing with both of these characters? What aspect of their relationship do you feel is important to see on the big screen? Or what are you hoping we see between these two in the movie? 


  1. I just want a photo of Godfrey and Kevin - together. All the fangals are dying to see one! ;)

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