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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Clockwork Princess Snippet: Will's Love

Cassie posted a sigh worthy teaser yesterday for Clockwork Princess, featuring Will. 

Jem always said that Will rushed toward the end of a mission rather than proceeding in a measured manner, and that one must look at the next step on the path ahead, rather than the destination in the distance, or one would never reach one’s goal. Will closed his eyes for a moment. He knew that Jem was right, but it was hard to remember, when the goal that he sought was the girl that he loved.

*sigh* Aw, Will! Seriously, can Tessa just choose herself at the end so that I don't feel the heartbreak of having to do choose between Jem and Will? I'd be up for her choosing Magnus or even Church. haha Magnus would work because they both understand each other on some level, and they would have this great friendship that spans over centuries, and Church, well Church might as well live forever, since we don't really know what has possessed him or what he is. We know he looks like a cat, but he was with the Dark Sisters. I'm just saying...  I've got this whole thing figured so that my heart doesn't break as much as it will IF she has to choose between Will and Jem. 


  1. This teaser... I just want to curl up in a ball. I have never felt so torn. I have a feeling that Clockwork Princess is going to require many boxes of tissues to read.

  2. Will . . . Poor Will . . .

    I have a new strategy for dealing with depression caused by CP2 . . . Every time I read through the snippets and start to feel all mopey because I love all the characters so much and they're going to have to make such hard decisions, I just go and watch the TMI teaser again, and then I'm happy :) until I decide to go read some more CP2 snippets . . .