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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday #11: The Demons

Welcome to this week's edition of The Mortal Instruments Movie Monday. Today's topic was inspired by a weekly feature I take part in called Movie Monday, hosted by our friends TMI Source. Today's topic over there is about the demon police seen at Clary's apartment. That got me thinking about The Demons as a whole, and how they're going to be created for the movie. We all know how crucial it is to have stellar CGI images in a movie, and this is one movie I don't think will falter when it comes to graphics (or anything else).

Throughout the series the demons are described as some what scary, okay extremely freaky looking. I'm sure seeing these demons in "real" life might make some grown man pee his pants, as I'm fairly confident they'd have me cowering in the corner. We learn in City of Bones there are a variety of different looking demons who are hidden within our world. For example, the Ravener Clary fights in her apartment is described as, ".... a long, scaled creature with a cluster of flat black eyes set deed center in the front of it's domed skull. Something like a cross between an alligator and a centipede, it had a thick, flat snout, and a barbed tail that whipped menacingly from side to side. Multiple legs bunched underneath it as it readied itself to spring (pg. 50)." I can only imagine the fun Harald and his entire creative team have had in creating the demons for the movie. They have so much they can work with, and create themselves, while still staying true to the book. For example, the only description we have with the demon police is found on page 54, Jace tells Clary, "Demons have a way of hiding their tracks." When the police arrive Jace says that some of them are most likely demons, and Clary sees that when the ".... a slim blonde women (the police officer), held a flashlight in on hand. As she raised it, Clary saw the hand was fleshless, a skeleton hand sharpened to the bone points at the fighter tips (pg 54)."

 I know for me personally it's one thing to visualize the demons while reading the book, and it will be an entirely different thing seeing them on the big screen. I totally get that we all most likely picture the demons differently when reading the books, but I'm extremely confident that what we see on the big screen with the demons will be exactly what Cassie envisioned when she was writing Clary's story. Not only that, but I think we'll get exactly what we've read about. Take a look at this picture for example:

This picture not only illustrates how freaky this particular demon actually looks, it also shows how amazing Harald and the entire creative team behind the City of Bones movie is. If you look closely at the demon's face (not that you really want to), you'll see that prior to removing the sunglasses, you can see a human jaw, chin and lips. As the sunglasses are coming off you can see the rest of the demon's face change into it's true form. Which we all know in reading the books stays true to the books. Holy crap, in looking at this demon I can't help but get creeped out, and this is just the police officer! Can you imagine what the big demons like the ravener are going to look like?!

What are your thoughts about the demons? Is there one you're looking forward to seeing? Okay maybe looking forward to is the wrong word. haha

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