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Friday, January 20, 2012

ALA Mid Winter 2012: Dallas, TX

The blog's going to be a little quiet this weekend as I'm headed up to Dallas for ALA-Midwinter! I am so excited to meet up with a HUGE group of bloggers who will be attending, getting to meet some friends I talk to all the time via twitter, emails and our blogs, and attend some fun publisher events. If you're going to be there, come say HI! I can't wait to meet you guys. If you not able to make, don't worry, I'm hoping to get some fun things from this weekends events to giveaway on the blog. I'm going to be posting about the events when I get back too.

If you're attending, be sure to check out the publisher/author events, and check out all the info for tonight's big blogger/author meet up here. See you in Dallas!

The Childe Blog Tour: Guest Post, The Cast of The Childe

We're the next stop in the Childe blog tour stop and today's guest post comes from authors Carol & Adam Kunz, who have stopped by to share their dream cast for their series. You can read my reviews for The Childe & Dark Days here. *I had a few problems trying to get the pictures to load, but I'll have those up soon*

Cast Our Book

Before we begin the post we wanted to send a big thank you to Katie from Mundie Moms for hosting us today! We hope that you all enjoy the post. Oh, and don’t forget to comment ☺
So it would be an understatement if we said that we absolutely love reading “Dream Movie Cast” posts. We find these posts to be really neat, and we love to see which celebrities authors choose to play their characters if their books were ever to be made into movies. Not only do we like to read these posts, but we love writing them as well because they’re so much fun! So without further ado, here’s our fantasy dream cast for The Childe movie:

Cat Colvin: Molly C. Quinn

A pretty spot on Cat in our opinion. From the pale skin, to the blue eyes, to the fiery red hair, she’s just perfect. Also, she’s really great on the TV show Castle! The only thing we’re unsure about though is the actress’s height.

Ryan Beckford: Colton Haynes

We think he’s a pretty close match to Ryan. He’s got the blue eyes, the brown hair, looks like a football player, and has that vulnerable quality about him. Oh, and he looks like a great partner match for the girl we chose as our Cat (wouldn’t they look cute together in real life?).

Amanda Stevens: Chloe Moretz

Alright so we have to admit that we LOVE Chloe Moretz and think she has the look and feisty-ness to fill Amanda’s shoes. Plus she’s shown through her acting that she has the kick butt and take-no-prisoners attitude that is needed for Amanda’s character.

Matt Thomas: Miles Higson

Perrrrrfect match in our eyes. He looks to have the right amount of awkwardness/dorky-ness (shown in other pictures) that Matt possesses and is just as we pictured him. Also he seems like he could easily fill the shoes of the jokester and “protector” of the group, which is what Matt is.

Julie Winters: Dakota Fanning

Another one of our favorite young actresses, and we feel that, just like Julie’s character, Dakota Fanning can act much older than she really is. And since Julie is the “mother” of Cat’s group, we thought she was a great match.

Elle Porter: Abigail Breslin

If anyone has seen “Little Miss Sunshine” you know exactly why we’re choosing Abigail Breslin for Elle, who is the shy and awkward member of Cat’s group.

Taylor Colvin: Lucas Till

First of all, Lucas is exactly how we saw Taylor. He is tall, has an athletic build, chiseled face, and looks like he could very well be the product of Rachel Weisz and Nathan Fillion (our choices for Rachel and Sam Colvin, hahaha!)

Rachel Colvin: Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz plays such a great mother character and Rachel Colvin is a great mother character in our story, so this was a no brainer for us. Plus, her name is already Rachel ☺

Sam Colvin: Nathan Fillion

Ohhhhh Nathan Fillion! He’s one of our favorite actors and we think he’d play a great absent minded college professor and father. Not only does he look like Sam to us, but he’s also funny, and Sam is quite the character in our novel.

Isaac Bancroft: Kelly Blatz

Talk about BROODING and menacing looking. Kelly was an instant pick for us because he can look so darn cold. An absolute spitting image of Isaac.

Hannah Bancroft: Saoirse Ronan

Oh the angelic looking sister of evil incarnate (Isaac). This “Hannah” star had us seeing Hannah Bancroft the moment we looked at this picture. She looks very sweet, has blonde hair, is pale, and has blue eyes. She is the complete opposite of Kelly Blatz and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Amelia Rowe: Taylor Momsen

We had to choose this Gossip Girl star for our Amelia. We think she’d make such a good bad girl! Plus we’d love to see what she could bring to the character.

Kirsten Fuller: Phoebe Tonkin

Can you say MEAN GIRL? Well we think this actress has the chops to bring the right amount of cattiness to the character, and she kind of looks spot on to how we imagined Kirsten to look like anywho.

Lucien Bancroft: Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is such a great actor and we think he would bring A LOT to the character of Lucien. In this picture in particular, he looks JUST like Lucien does in our mind. Plus, did you see the latest “X-Men” movie, he plays such a great tortured character (Lucien is very much a tortured character).

Ulla Bancroft: Kate Winslet

Ulla is a strict, uptight, and mean spirited woman with a soft side that most do not get a chance to see. Now we’re not saying that Kate Winslet is all these things, but we definitely think she could pull them all off very well. Also, this picture is EXACTLY how we pictured Ulla.

Dr. Harold Bane: Tom Welling

So Dr. Harold Bane is the name on all the women’s lips in the small port town of Astoria. So who better to play the dear doctor than none other than SUPERMAN himself? Tom Welling has quite a lot in common with Dr. Bane and that’s why we think he’s a great match.

Aldon Allendorf: Sean Connery

Sean Connery is such a wonderful actor and we think he would make the perfect Aldon. His voice is exactly how we think Aldon would sound and he meets all the requirements to play the mature and wise character of our story.

Miss Amaya Phillips: Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is such a fun and light hearted actress which makes her a great fit for Miss Amaya. She can be quirky, and has just the right amount of spunk that is needed to fill our character’s shoes. We think she would make an absolutely lovely Miss Amaya ☺

Gretchen Halloway: Anjelica Huston

Well what can we say really other than Anjelica Huston was born to play a witch (good or bad), and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We absolutely LOVE this woman and feel she can do no wrong. We’ve also seen pictures of her with silver hair (just like Gretchen’s) and she looks just like Gretchen

Thank you to C.A. Kunz for stopping by. You can follow the rest of the tour here.