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Thursday, August 23, 2012

TMI Movie News: Filming Day 4 re-cap

It's TMI Movie Filming Day 4 and only 365 more days until TMI is out in theaters!!!!!! I know! It's crazy how fast time has flown since the 2009 announcement that City of Bones would be made into a movie. It's so exciting!

Here's a few pictures I've taken from Cassie's reposts today via her Tumblr account. I know there's a lot more pictures floating around, but with doing the recaps, it's easier to just post a few and link back to places you can find a lot more pictures to browse through.

Simon & Izzy

Jamie on set (in character for Jace) 

More Simon & Izzy

I know, makes you wish you were in Toronto to take your own pictures doesn't it?!? Be sure to stop her posts here, here and here to see more pictures and to read the picture credit sources.

Earlier this week I posted about the COB TMI Movie Page that would launch later this week on facebook. Today the official TMI Movie page launched!! Check out the page here and be sure to LIKE it.

Here's what Cassie said about it:

Okay, I know it’s all movie movie movie up in here ATM but this is really cool: the official movie page for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is now up on Facebook:

It’s going to feature milestones in the filmmaking process, backstory on the books and the writing of them, exclusive on-set photos, videos of the actors, interviews, production info, and all kinds of cool things. Like one day there will be a teaser trailer up there. It’s kind of mindblowing.

So go, Shadowhunters! Like! Sign up! Have fun!

In answering a question about when we'll see Godfrey and Kevin today, Cassie had this to say:

I totally understand! HOWEVER. They’re filming for months in Toronto and while, say, Kevin is going to be around a lot, because Alec has a lot of scenes, Magnus has less scenes. And it is silly to fly Godfrey to the set so he can stand around while people film scenes he is not in. Most movies are not filmed with all actors on the set at all times. People mostly show up to film the scenes they’re in (and a few days early for rehearsals, etc.)

If it makes you feel any better when I was in Toronto the following conversation was had:

Me: When does Godfrey get here?

Don: (who knows everything): I’ll have to check my schedule.

Kevin: Yeah, when does my boyfriend get here?

Everyone: Your boyfriend’s really hot.

Kevin: Also tall. I will have to stand on an apple crate.

Me: There are many people in this world who would be happy to stand on that apple crate.

Yes Cassie there would! *points to self* lol Seriously, I can't wait to see these two together. Okay, really I can't wait to see a picture of Godfrey at Magnus.

Yesterday TMI fans all got together to trend #CoB1Year2Go in celebration that one year from TODAY the TMI Movie would be out in theaters! Here's a screen cap Cassie reposted on Tumblr showing our trend made it to in the 10 top! TMI fans ROCK!

You can read a recap of day four on set at TMI Source here.

Thoughtful Thursday: To Buy or Not To Buy 3 Deciding Factors When Buying a Book

It's been awhile since I've done my Thoughtful Thursday posts. In between this summer's re-landscaping job with our back yard, our family vacation and all the back to school activities I feel like I've lost touch a bit with my blog and with everyone. Not that it's a bad thing, as I had a fabulous a summer, and I hope many of you did as well, but I have missed talking with everyone and keeping up with what everyone is doing. Now that school is getting ready to start I'm looking forward to devoting a bit more time to reading and some news things on the blog.

Today's post is titled, To Buy or Not To Buy. There's so many factors that go into purchasing a book and I'm totally curious about what motivates you to pick up a book. What are some of the factors that make you purchase a book? Do you buy based on recommendations from other bloggers/authors, do you purchase a book based on it's cover, the synopsis, or do you pick up a book because of the author? Here are my top 3 motivators for purchasing a book:

Blogger Recommendations/Author recs

Regardless of what some people have recently said, Book Bloggers SELL BOOKS! All of my recommendations for books come from my fellow book bloggers, and occasionally from a few publicists and author friends. They recommend books to me more than anyone else. In fact, I wish I had bloggers around when I was a teen, as maybe I would have picked up books more than I did. I didn't have a great source of teachers or librarians when I was in high school recommend books to me. I love that now it doesn't just have to be teachers and librarians who recommend books, but BOOK LOVERS who recommend books. We can log on to the internet and search for a book and find reviews for a book, something I never had as a teen.

Blogger wise, my recommendations come from blogger reviews, books featured in their WOW, the various mail box memes, or they come from ones my friends have personally told me about. If it's from one of my trusted book blogger friends that I often turn to for recommendations it goes on my list for books to purchase. Now, I will say that many of my blogger friends have no idea they're on my trusted list. Not like it's private or anything, but they're the blogs that I often stalk for book ideas, and are ones I have come to rely on and have a similar book taste with. Some recs even come from friends I talk often with about books. I also love stumbling across a new blog when I'm looking for reviews for a book, and have purchased books based on reviews written by people I don't even know. The bottom line is: BOOK BLOGGERS ROCK! You never know when you're review is going to influence someone to pick up a book. 

Author Love

We all have those favorite authors whom we know that regardless of what they write about (like Cassandra Clare), we're going to love their book, because we love their writing and their writing style. I like to refer to them as my "go to" authors. No matter what they write about I'll automatically pick up as soon as they're out, because I totally love their writing style. Sophie and I just recently talked about this when we were talking about writing styles and good writing vs bad writing (which was brought up based on a horrid book which shall not be named). Collectively both of us will pick up anything Ally Carter, Stephanie Perkins and Shannon Hale write. We have a much longer list of "go to" authors, but Ally and Stephanie are two of our favorite authors whose writing style really connects with us. Honestly, if I listed all of my favorite authors, this post would be much longer than it is now.  

Cover Love

Okay, I've said in the past I don't judge a book by it's cover, but I've realized I've come to eat my words, because WOW! There are some seriously amazing covers this year that have totally drawn me in and have either made me purchase the book based on the cover alone or make me want to go purchase the book when it's out. I swear this year's MG and YA book releases have some absolutely stunning covers. Like the kind of covers that make want to purchase book stands just so I can display the book on my bookcases and see the covers often. Yes, recently I picked up a MG book based on it's cover alone. I just hope it's a good read. lol Here are two examples of covers from this year that I love:

See what I mean? AWESOME covers. In all honesty if I hadn't already read these, I would solely pick them up based on their covers alone. There, I admitted it, covers do sell books. 

What are some deciding factors that make you pick up / purchase a book?