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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones; Official Movie Links, Info. & More

There is so much excitement going on right now with the TMI Movie. Not only have we gotten to watch the official TMI Movie trailer, we've also seen the two official movie posters. Did you know there is also a new movie site (from Sony) and an official TMI Movie twitter account? I've compiled the latest OFFICIAL TMI Movie news here on this page, and I'll continue to add to it as more info is released. You can also find the TMI Movie page I've created here on MM's.

The FULL trailer

You can watch it via Sony Pictures here. You can also watch/hear Cassandra Clare's commentary with MTV News here.

OFFICIAL movie related websites: You don't want to miss out on the latest TMI Movie news & info. Be sure to follow and book mark these links:

Official Movie Posters:

TMI Movie News Weekly Wrap Up: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Posters

Just in case you missed it, the TMI Movie has 2 movie posters! Check out these posters!!

I'm not sure which one I like more. These are both so well done! Don't miss everything TMI Movie related by bookmarking the OFFICIAL TMI Movie site, The Mortal Instruments Movie. You can also follow all the TMI movie related news via the official movie hash tag #TMImovie

TMI Movie News Weekly Wrap Up: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Trailer: MTV's Recent Coverage

If you're like us, than you've most likely watched this close to 100 times this week. 

Get More: 

No matter how many times I've watched it, there are things I've totally missed. Thankfully MTV News has complied a list of 5 things we might have missed, which is only understandable since there's so much awesomeness packed into this short feature.  (yes I some how missed Simon was shirtless, and that what I thought was a demon is indeed a Silent Brother *CREEPY!).

1) The Morgenstern Ring: I don't know how I missed this, but somehow I did.  Oh wait, I do know how, I was distracted by this....

JACE IN A HOODY!!! Thankfully not only did MTV News mentioned the ring, but Cassie also tweeted about it, with a snap shot from ET's TMI Trailer coverage.

2) Simon Shirtless- Seriously? How in the world did I miss this? I'm guessing this is right after he was turned back from being a rat, because why else would Simon run around half naked. NOT that anyone would complain about that. Hmm I wonder if we get to see Simon in a hoody. I wonder who could pull off the hoody look better, Jace or Simon......

3) Jace & Valentine Fight: Give it to him Jace! I.Can.Not.Wait.To.See.This. You know what's awesome about this, Jamie and Jonathan really are SPARING! No stunt doubles were used. In fact, many action scenes were done by the actors, which I love! 

4) Clary's Rune: One of the things I love about the runes, is that they are the runes Val created for Cassie back when TMI first came out. Cassie and I talked about this when I was in Toronto, and MTV News also mentioned that same thing about the runes in their post. I LOVE that the studio kept the authenticity of the runes and didn't do away with something us fans love and know, and create new ones for the movie.

5) A Silent Brother: Okay seriously, CREEPY! I totally mistook this Silent Brother for a demon, because I can see his eyes. Either way, the CREEPINESS of the brothers rings loud and clear with this picture. I swear the eyes make him all the more creepier. 

Want to hear some of Cassie's reactions to the trailer? Don't miss her interview with MTV News, which was posted here, where she gives her commentary.

Want to know more about the trailer and how quickly they made this? Check out the video below with MTV news talking to Harald about how they were able to make it so quickly.

TMI Movie News Weekly Wrap Up: Cassie Clare's Recent News/TMI Posts

This has been an insanely crazy week for me. Between long hours volunteering and co-running my kid's school's book fair, and my little girl's birthday celebrations this week I've been on the computer little except of course to watch the TMI trailer (numerous times, but who's counting *coughs*). I've missed a lot of great posts, so please indulge me while I flood the blog today with TMI movie related posts that Cassie, MTV news and others have posted this week. This posts is a re-cap of some of the posts you'll find on Cassie's tumblr from this week.

On the TMI Trailer being attached to Breaking Dawn 2, Cassie had this to say:

loved city of bones trailer will the trailer be connected to twilight film breaking dawn p2

The answer is yes, but.

Yes, it is, BUT don’t assume that means it will be at every theater playing Breaking Dawn 2! That is not the way of trailers. Theaters have some discretion about which trailers they pick up, etc. It will be in about 70% of theaters showing BD2 in the US and Canada and if you want to be absolutely sure you’ll be in a theater where they’re showing it, call the theater first and ask.

Internationally, every territory does its own thing. Some will have the trailer with BD2. Some will have it opening week, some the second week. Some won’t have it. I don’t have a territory by territory breakdown so all I can do is say, again, call the theater!

On runes: Cassie recently mentioned on her tumblr that, "I liked that they made the stele look like it really hurts. It's support to hurt." I would agree, this looks incredibly painful.

Cassie recently shared a post that likechildreninafairytale, did of Harald Zwart's Twitter Q&A about the movie with fans (taken from 11/16).  I know how time consuming long it takes to do this, and I want to say THANK YOU to Jamie for sharing this with us TMI fans who missed this.

@xofficialfan_: Did you read the books?And if you didn’t are you going to read them?:)
Harald Zwart: Yes, and I love them.

@YouMeAtGrigg: what was the best part of filming CoB?
Harald Zwart: Every day we had fans waiting for us outside the set. That gave the whole shooting experience an extra boost.

@XOAlex1617: Who is your favourite character in CoB?
HZ: It’s hard to say. I love that big scene with Dorothea. She’s a great character.

@Smartie_c8: Who says: ‘There is a map inside your head Clary’ in the trailer??
HZ: Those words are coming from Magnus

@Fra_Lightbane: How did you get the idea to give Isabelle a flamethrower?
HZ: It was an image I liked and it seemed to fit Isabelle. It works great when she’s fighting at the end.

@biblio8: Lovely cinematography in the trailer! How did you & the DoP choose the look/lighting and colour palette of TMI?
HZ: Thanks. Geir is very talented. We looked at many movies together and worked out a palette and lighting plan

@xElkeC: Which character do you find the most interesting? :)
HZ: I love them all. Clary is brave. Jace has a great character arc. I think Hodge’s complex psyche is very interesting

@Herondale_Girl3: We want Magnus photos!
HZ: Hang in there. They will be worth the wait.

@wmybgirls: What has been your favorite set so far?
HZ: I loved shooting in the Library. The set was inspired by Jules Verne. City of Bones was amazing as well.

@Adiccion_CDS: Send some actors to promote the film in other countries?
HZ: Absolutely. Where do you want us to go?

@taychill: did you stick a lot to the book or are there a few changes in the movie? :)
HZ: When you make a movie you always have to make some changes. We worked closely with @cassieclare. She’s great

@TMI_TID_UK: What inspired you to become a Director?
HZ: I lived in Norway far from any movie industry and made my first film when I was 8. Star Wars sealed the deal.

@drawingrunes: the costume team did an incredible job shopping! Were some of the pieces specially made for the movie as well?
HZ: Yes, most of it was designed and made for the movie. Gersha our designer is fantastic!

@missmiich: did Jamie do most of the stunts?
HZ: Yes, he is amazing.

@catreads: We really really need a premiere in London because so many European fans from tumblr want see you guys!
HZ: We would love to come to London. Many of our cast are British.

@danniecresta: SPEAKING of Star Wars, would you ever direct the new star wars?
HZ: Yes, please!

@AlephBrieel: Are you loving the fans already? Because we’re are loving you!
HZ: TMI fans are the greatest. Thanks for the homemade cookies. I love you all.

@callmeguimaia: and about Brazil? Please send the cast to Brazil!
HZ: OK! we’re there!

@XOAlex1617: Who was the little girl in the trailer?
HZ: You’ll have to see. She was a great actress.

@aly2o: can you recognize the runes?
HZ: Yes, I know them all pretty well.

@Sonzzxo: what series were you a fan of growing up!?
HZ: Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

@Shadowhunters4: there’s a possibility for an Italian premiere?
HZ: Sure. I love Italy. I shoot commercials there all the time.

@RightUpMyAlley: one word to describe Robbie Sheehan?
HZ: Energy.

@helenelsender: what’s your favourite setting on the movie??? :)
HZ: I loved shooting the greenhouse.

@_VirnaAlves: tell us something about Simon and Isabelle as a couple, please!
HZ: They are a perfect couple, aren’t they? They just don’t know it, yet…

@_Biaab: Can you describe City Of Bones in one word?
HZ: thrillingactionepicromancescarecharacterdrama - does that count as one word?

@underupperhand: Do you like the cast? How are they?
HZ: From the first day we had a great time. They are all very professional and the sweetest mundanes.

@ameli4pond: How did you feel when filming ended?
HZ: It ended yesterday, so I don’t really know yet. I know I will miss it. It’s been a great experience.

@helenesender: Any plans on the other books becoming movies yet???
HZ: I would love that.

@fraywood: describe cassandra’s books in one word!
HZ: Hardtoputdown

@Abbi3babe: do you think I would ever become an actress? should I follow my dream? :)
HZ: If you want it enough. Everyone should follow their dreams.

@k0ala_2011: How many takes before Jamie nailed sliding across the hood of the cop car?
HZ: Three takes. The first one was great. The rain made it more complicated for the camera so we did a few more.

@FayFay_: if you could have played any of the characters in the movie, who would you have picked and why?
HZ: Madame Dorothea.

@sopedeizzy: I’m here to let you know we love youuuuuuuuuu HZ: Thank you

@alisonsingsalot: We had a lot of fun with Hotel Dumort.
HZ: We had a lot of fun with Hotel Dumort.

@alwaysburnbread: Who came up with the idea to put a rune in Clary’s coffee? That was such a cool detail!
HZ: Thanks. That was my idea. It came after a creative conversation with my brilliant conceptual artist Nikolai Lockertsen.

@_marianaswench: which cast member made you laugh the most? :-)
HZ: Lily and Jamie made the crew laugh many times. Lena got the giggles when she was fighting with a frying pan.

@humilityc: favorite rune?
HZ: I like the design of the rune of quietude.

@fatma_hisham: which character from the movie would you say is most like you?
HZ: I identify most with Hodge

@FayFay_: If you could describe Godfrey’s costumes with one word, what would it be?
HZ: He forgot to put on his pants.

@fallen_MGRL: Did you ever think City of Bones would have such a fandom and support behind it?
HZ: Now I know and share your passion. Personally I chose the material because it’s cinematic and a great story.

@JoCeLyNisAwEsOm: who is the composer for COB?!?!
HZ: We’re very happy to have Gabriel Yared. Listen to his music and you’ll understand.drawing

Cassie recently posted this beautiful artwork featuring Will and Jem, created by @Soulforsky. We get Will & Jem's last story this coming March! This artwork is amazing.