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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Chance to Be Kissed/Killed in City of Heavenly Fire

Ever wanted to be kissed or killed in one of Cassie's books? Of course you have! So here's the how-to from Cassie's tumblr:

This is Cassie Clare here and I want to tell you about the Project for Awesome.

Well, okay, it’s actually Holly Black posing as Cassie Clare. But Cassie DOES want to tell you about the Project for Awesome. She’s just off in a tropical paradise, so she’s given me her password. I promise to use it only for good! Like Sarah did! First of all, the Project for Awesome is a charity drive where the YouTube community comes together to raise both awareness and money for charities. It’s been going on every December since 2007, was started by John and Hank Green, and raised over $70,000 last year.

And THIS year, Cassie is doing something special for it. If you donate $15.00 over here, you will automatically be entered into a pool of names to win what we are calling the GET KISSED OR GET KILLED IN CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE prize. If you win Kiss/Kill, you get, your name in City of Heavenly Fire. You can choose to get kissed or killed, but the person who kisses or kills you will be a surprise!

Whether you win or not, whoever donates 15 to the Project, will get a copy of a beautifully designed piece of short fiction by Cassie and me.

The Project is off to an appropriately awesome start and we’re really excited to be a part of it. From her tropical location, Cassie raises a pink drink with an umbrella in our general direction.

And here's the link to contribute. Go to the right-hand nav bar and you'll see the Black/Clare + kiss/kill option. Let's do this, MMs!

Twitter Tuesday - Ally Carter's Double-Crossed Excerpt

This Mundie Mom's gasp-heard-around-the-world occurred when Ally announced a crossover novella , Double Crossed, featuring Macey (from Gallagher Girls) and Hale (from Heist Society). Isn't it logical that those two would somehow end up knowing each other? Yes, yes, it is. Or well, meeting, at least. I am so excited about this and when Ally tweeted this mini-excerpt, I may have wanted it to be January 22nd right now!

I'll stop babbling now; here's the excerpt:

Quietly, Macey went through her options. Even though the masked men were asking for cell phones, the gunmen were making so much noise that she was sure someone had already called 911. The obvious exits were blocked, and the elevators had no doubt been disabled. The men moved with confidence and order, but they weren’t trying to be quiet. There was nothing covert at all about this operation.

Unlike the boy beside her.

No, I am not glancing at the date on the calendar and calculating the exact number of days left until the 22nd. Nope, not I.