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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Reading Challenge Wrap Up / 2013 Reading Challenges

I love taking part in reading challenges, and I've done so since 2010. Each year I've tried to beat the previous year's goals, though this year that didn't happen. However, I did accomplish my reading goals. In 2012 I read at total of 267 books, accomplishing my over all reading goal of 222. 220 were YA/MG books (I set a goal of 150) and 75 were debut author books. Those numbers are much smaller than they were the previous year, but with all that was going on this year I'm excited to have read that many books. I'm hoping to read a few more than that this year, so we'll see what happens. 

There are a lot of great challenges going on this year that I'd love to take part in, but one of my goals this year is to simplify. If I took part in every reading challenge I wanted to, I wouldn't be simplifying, so I'm keeping with two challenges I've been doing which are Twilight Moms 100 Books Challenge and the Debut Author Challenge. 

I set my goal of 222 books last year and was surprised to accomplish my goal by reading 267 books over all. I feel lamo for such a small number considering in 2011 I read a total of 405 books and had a goal of 250. This year I'm going with the same as last year's goal and shooting for 222. This year another goal of mine is to incorporate more ebooks and audiobooks into my reading time. 

I love this challenge! Twilight Moms originally started, and now Eve's Fan Garden has taken it over. The goal is to read 100 different books, and 50 of those books have to be by different authors. Last year's goal was 150, and I read 220. This year's goal is 175. Even though I beat last year's goal I've got a lot going on outside of blogging and I'm hoping I can get to 175. If I were being honest my TBR list exceeds this number, and I lived in a reading fantasy world I'd be able to read complete TBR list this year. #notgoingtohappen

This is another challenge I love and have taken part in for the past few years. The Story Siren had been running it, but this year Hobbitsies is! You can sign up here. Each year the debut author list gets better and better. I had hoped to read 50 last year and ended up reading 75, which was fewer than the previous year. This year I'm aiming to hit 25. Again, a lower number, but there's a ton going on this year and I want to set a reasonable goal. Here's to an awesome debut challenge year!

What are some reading challenges you're looking forward to taking part in this year? 


  1. So many fun challenges! I think in 2013 I'm going to try and backtrack and read a few series I missed. Apparently, I MUST read the Highlander series by Moning. Or I will die. So says the people.

    1. That's one of my goals too! I missed out on reading some great series and a few books I had wanted to read. I'm hoping it take it a little easier this year and read more of what I want vs feeling like I'm under the gun to get something else reviewed.

  2. I've been doing the GR challenge for a few years too. I like keeping track of my reading! I like seeing the page with all the covers together.
    For 2012 I read 91 books - which is no where near your totals, but it felt like a huge thing to me.
    Not sure I'll read that many this year - but I'm going to try.
    I also signed up for the Stand Alone Reading challenge. I get frustrated when some series books end mid-story!

  3. Holy crap 400 books in one year in 2011, I bow down to that kind of commitment.
    I am sure you can easily hit your goal this year! <3