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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cassie's Character Q&A on Twitter

Cassandra Clare by Mina Blak.

It's been a while since Cassie did a twitter character Q&A (okay, it's been since December) and we all know she's got so much to do (write, Cassie, write) but when she does one of these, I admit my whole day seems a little bit brighter and funnier.

So we've updated the Forum: TMI Q&A and  ID Q&A. It's sorted by character and then by date (look at that right hand column for that) and if we could invent a Dewey Decimal system sort for it, we would. Kidding. I like reading through each of the characters' answers, so this seemed most logical.

And now, thanks to Tessa, we all know Jem's favorite color. My day's made, how about yours?

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