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Friday, January 25, 2013

MTV Movie Brawl - City of Bones Is In the Final Round!

Phew, that was a lot of work getting past "Spring Breakers" and now we face off "Catching Fire" in MTV's Movie Brawl Poll. I know we all love Katniss, but against our Shadowhunters? Yeah, no way. So make sure you're clicking over and voting for "City of Bones", Mundie Moms!

As a treat for all of us hard work voting away, Cassie posted a snippet from City of Heavenly Fire:

She turned to look at Sebastian, lying on the bed. He was shirtless, and even in the dim light the old whip weals across his back were visible. She had always been fascinated by Shadowhunters but had never thought she would find one whose personality she could stand for more than five minutes, until Sebastian.
OHWOW, who is that SHE? Any thoughts? Not a Shadowhunter for sure...hmmm. And remember to vote, vote, vote.


  1. No idea but can't wait to find out!!

  2. Ohh that teaser is intriguing. I so want to know who it is!!

  3. I have no idea who "she" might be and I can't wait to find out too!
    And I was already blocked 13 times because they are getting too many votes from me, lol.

  4. Oh my goodness,that is such a teaser! I have absolutely no idea who "she" is but I like to know who she is and why she is with Sebastian.

  5. geez!she cold stand sebastians personality.....surely not a shadowhunter maybe some downworlder or a mundane.not by a long shot.anyways it was just a wild guess