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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cassie's Recent News/Posts

How cool is this?! Cassie posted yesterday that the TMI movie was featured in Entertainment Weekly! How awesome! Congrats to Cassie and the TMI movie crew!

More Shadowhunter Tarot Cards! We've all seen Will, but check out Jem's card!  I seriously hope Cassandra's card become aviable soon. I love these! Here's what Cassie said about the cards: More of Cassandra Jean’s Shadowhunter Tarot!   You can’t have one without the other, so Jem with his beloved violin takes the place of Temperance, and Will as the Hanged Man.

*SPOILERS* Clockwork Prince / Clockwork Princess Q&A via Cassie on Tumblr:
I just wanted to ask that what if Jem HADN’T proposed? Would Will have asked Tessa or would he still push her away? 
We know what Will would have done if Jem hadn’t proposed, because he did it.
(This is kind of fun, as CP2 nears I get to put my analyst hat back on and talk about what people were feeling in CP2 and why they did the things they did and how they feel about it.)
When he came to Tessa in the drawing-room in CP, he had no idea Jem had proposed. He didn’t try to push her away. Neither did he propose. He apologized for his bad behavior — which, whatever the impossible circumstances that prompted it and dictated that he could act no other way, was still bad behavior (drugs, crabbiness, moping, suggesting Tessa might be kind of a prostitute) — because he knows people’s feelings aren’t just faucets you can turn on and off. He can say, “Tessa, here are the reasons I acted the way I acted!” but she’ll need a little time to adjust to the idea and alter her view of him. He gets that; it’s reasonable.
He has no reason to keep pushing Tessa away and so he doesn’t. He’s happy and shy around her until he gets her alone, and then he just tells her the truth. The pure, unadulterated truth about why he behaved like he did, and what his feelings for her are, and what he is hoping for. He isn’t hoping to propose and be accepted because that’s like hoping to win the Olympic gold without ever having strapped on a pair of skis. He’s hoping she’ll understand what he’s saying and give him a chance, so he can properly, actually court her as the real Will.
Okay, he also kisses her, but Jeez, the poor guy, he hasn’t ever kissed anyone without HIS TERRIBLE SECRET looming over him, and we can’t always rein it all in.
Whether, if Jem had not proposed, and Will had said what he said, Will and Tessa would have entered into a mutually pleasing courtship that ended in marriage isn’t something we can know yet.
Dear C:
I wanted to ask you something…You know, I know ALL the girls love William, but I hate him a lot! You have no idea, and I just wanted to know if he will ever cry in the series? I really will be satisfied if he did so and I think it’ll be kinda’ of cute, but it was just a question… Will he? 
HAS THE POOR BOY NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH? :) Not everyone loves Will. Will’s difficult. He’s not much of a crier, either, being both a Victorian male and someone who’s spent a lot of time hiding what he’s feeling. Also, while I have no problem with characters crying, I think there’s a variety of ways to show grief and pain and crying is only one!

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  1. The cards look great! 38 days untill Clockwork Princess is out!!! Eeeeeee!