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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clockwork Prince Read Along Day #9: Chapter 8

Welcome to Day 9 of the Clockwork Prince Read Along. You can follow the entire read-a-long and find each of the day's posts here. Remember there's no right or wrong way to participate. Your comments can be as long or a short as you'd like them to be. You can answer one or each of the questions asked, it's totally up to you, BUT, in order to be entered into the CP giveaway (which you also had to sign up to win), you do need to be actively participating in the read-a-long. 

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 8
  • This chapter continues to leave me heart broken for Will. I can not imagine all he's had to endure these past few years, and then he sees his sister, but the law forbids him from even talking to her, or showing himself to her. Though Will is one of the best Shadowhunters, do you this is something that would have him question his beliefs and his duty as a Shadowhunter?
  • Aw! Gideon Lightwood, flushing! What do you make of him and Sophie? I have to say, I'm surprised at how, um, gentle he's being with her, unlike how Gabriel is being with Tessa. Too bad Will isn't around to say something to him lol.
  • Why do you think Magnus would send Tessa a letter concerning Will instead of Jem?
Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading Clockwork Prince for the first time. 


  1. * I am very heartbroken for Will. I think it's awful all that he's been through and I think he's scared and broken and doesn't know what to think about any of it. He just wants to be numb from all of it and not have to think about it.

    * I was quite surprised about Gideon being so gentle and friendly with Sophie. Especially with how I thought he was the worse of the two brothers. I was also very surprised with Sophie too. She is not in her shell around him like with all other men.

    * I think Magnus sent the letter to Tessa because of how good of a person she is. Even if she was mad at Will, she would still want to go find him and help him. I think he also knew she would go to Jem for help and he thinks the two of them can truly find and help Will when others might not be able to. Magnus is smart, he knows they both care for Will very much.

  2. I think Will is a Shadowhunter through and through, but I also think that he is a rule breaker. I think that he is willing to bend or break the rules without him questioning his beliefs.

    I want to know more about Gideon. I think he may play a big role in this novel (at least I hope). I think he will go against his family somehow. Plus he's super cute with Sophie.

    Magnus knows how much Will cares for Tessa and how much Tessa cares for Will. I think he knows that she will do anything in her power to help him, whereas Jem may have to play by more rules than Tesaa.

  3. I can't imagine Will ever questioning his duty as a Shadowhunter. I wish he would instead question the validity of the curse! ;P

    I hope that Gideon Lightwood is a good guy and uninterested in using Sophie. I don't want her to be hurt! That would break her heart! Gabriel is awful. and terrible..... :/ Mayhap Will will kick his butt soon.

    Oh, to be able to get inside Magnus Bane's head..... I think Magnus sent the letter to Tessa instead of Jem because deep down he's a romantic. Obviously Jem relationship as a parabatai hasn't empowered Will to overcome the curse and to move on. I think Magnus believes that Will's only chance at happiness/love/normalcy is through his love for Tessa. This is a very good question! Now I'm going to be obsessing on it the rest of the day, LOL!

  4. No, Will is too loyal to ever question his beliefs. It's one of the reasons I love him so much!

    I think Gideon feels something for Sophie. Although I don't like him at all. They do not go well together.

    Oh, Magnus. He sent it to Tessa because he's a Warlock and he can do what he wants. End of story. :)

    Marie O.

  5. I don't think Will could ever leave or question his duties as a shadowhunter, he loves Jem far too much for that. Perhaps if Jem were to die that may possibly push Will over the edge.

    I really love Sophie's character, she has been through such a lot. I was also shocked at Gideon's kind nature, but hopefully he can give Sophie the happy ending she deserves.

    I think Magnus sent the letter to Tessa instead of Jem because he believes that Tessa is still has feelings for Will. He knew she would be worried for him.

  6. ~I'm pretty sure seeing your family after five years would make anyone question their beliefs and duties; it's Will's family, and he loved them enough to run away at twelve years old. There is nothing anyone wouldn't do for family--I hope.
    ~I love Gideon and Sophie, much like I love Tessa and Jem. It seems clear how they are acting around each other during training that something may be going on.
    ~I think Magnus sent the letter to Tessa because she is someone Will cares for--why he's trying to rid himself of the curse. Jem has already been dying, so Will has allowed himself to be close to his parabatai, but Tessa--he doesn't want her to care, but Magnus knows that she does, and he probably knew that Tessa might go to Jem, whereas if he sent it to Jem, he may not have said anything, even to her.

  7. My heart broke for Will. he is the best shadowhunter to me because he is brave and loyal. yet even he is being tested in his duty and beliefs when he cant see his family. he deserves to see them.

    Sophie and Gabriel are so cute together. the scene showed that there is more to Gabriel.

    Magnus gave the letter to Tessa because he knows that will has feelings for her and that Tessa will try to take his advice because she cares for Will too.

  8. I think we stalled a bit with this chapter, but then you always have the chapters full of excitement and clues or packed with action and the ones that stall a bit...

    I did like that we see a bit more about Gideon and the fact that he seems to like Sophie :)
    I think that even though Gabriel is being an jerk, i dont think he is a bad kid, I think he loves his father and he is sticking on his family's side and who wouldn't you know?

    I think Magnus sends the letter to Tessa because Magnus knows that Tessa loves Will and Magnus knows that Will has been trying to push her away and even then she still loves him, I think Magnus felt she could trust her to go look for Will for sure and I think he feels that Will seeing Tessa come for him will let him see that Tessa cares for him even though he thinks she hates him.

  9. I don’t think Will would question his life as a Shaowhunter. He made his choice to protect his family, so until he can know for sure that his family will be safe if he comes home, I don’t see him leaving the Clave. And of course he’s kept Tessa’s letters in his room. I thought that little line he said to Magnus seemed familiar. Tessa wrote it to her brother, and Will found himself loving Tessa because he can relate to her, more than she realizes.

    Gideon and Sophie, huh? So much for Jem, eh Sophie? I don’t know what to make of those two but Gideon definitely seems like the better brother of the two. Although I do think Gabriel is a good Shadowhunter, at least. It just seems like in this chapter he’s got something weighing on his mind. I wonder if his dad has been giving him a hard time, or if Gabriel has to come to terms with the truth about Benedict Lightwood. Perhaps Gideon confided the truth in his brother and now Gabriel is dealing with the facts. I still wonder what exactly happened with Tatiana Lightwood, and what her new surname is. Which Shadowhunter family did she marry into?

    Magnus would send Tessa the letter probably because he thinks Tessa is the only one who can talk some sense into Will. After all, Magnus knows Will loves Tessa. So Will probably won’t listen to anyone else. Sure, Jem is his closest friend and is deeply loved by Will too but if Magnus had told Jem, Tessa more than likely wouldn’t have been asked to go after Will. Jem would have just gone after him alone. Magnus is probably betting that ‘sensible Miss Gray’ will have the best words to say to Mr. Herondale once he’s found. I didn’t expect Jem to track Will as he did. I thought the dagger would be for Tessa to Change into him so she could find out where he’d gone. But if she had done that, I’m sure she would’ve found out about how much Will loves her and everything he’s going though, and we can’t have that happen so early on in a book now can we? ;)

    So that’s what Ragnor Fell looks like. I didn’t know he was the High Warlock of London. He seems pleasant enough. He brings up an interesting fact: Mortmain is an alias, not his true name. I’d like to know what Axel Mortmain’s real name is and who his real parents were, how did they die? And of course, what did he do to Tessa’s parents to make her as she is?

  10. I think Will questions himself constantly and is not sure what to believe about his family. He needs answers and he can't get them within Shadowhunter walls.

    Gideon- I wouldn't trust him but nice to know he has a soft side. He'd better not hurt Sophie or manipulate her. I would love to see Will kick Gabriel's butt.

    My feelings on Magnis and the letter. He sent it to Tessa because he knew she would ask for Jem's help and he knows of her abilities- and he also knows Jem would have gone off on his own had the letter been sent to him.

    Several great scenes- with the Lightwoods, Rangor- such a rangy and interesting warlock, in Jem's and then Will's room.

  11. I fell in love with Will in this chapter. He is so brave and he's a great Shadowhunter. I don't doubt.
    Gideon and Sophie are so lovely. I hope that Gideon won't betray her. She deserves the happy ending.
    I think that Magnus is very wise. He know the people feelings.Tessa got the letter because Magnus know that how she feels about Will. If Jem die she is the only people who can save Will.

  12. I really feel bad and heartbroken for Will. He goes through so much but hides it behind an act of cool and indifference. He's a very good Shadowhunter and he puts all that he has in everything he does. I don't think he'll let any family matters question his beliefs and his duties as a Shadowhunter though. He keeps a very definite borderline between his personal life and his being a Shadowhunter. And I think that's very admirable 'cause even after the pain the whole Shadowhunter rules are causing him, he still dedicates his all and his best in being a Shadowhunter and protecting those who needs protecting. And he pretty much adheres to Shadowhunter laws (or at least the important ones).

    Gideon Lightwood. He's a character I'm really starting to like. I think it's very sweet of him to show some sort of uhm, affection(?) for Sophie. I think he's a character that would surprise us and I can't wait to know more about him.

    I'm not sure.. I'm guessing it has something to do with how Magnus kinda sees through Will and Tessa and that they have feelings for each other. Maybe Magnus thinks that Will would need someone who could understand Will (aside from Jem that is). Tessa is just a newcomer, and she's already one of the few people who comes close to understanding Will and even if Will doesn't admit it, he trusts Tessa. He's just too afraid to let her in and we know why that is.
    Why not Jem though? I think it has something to do with his illness. I'm not sure.. but that's all I've got.

  13. *Will is for most a Shadowhunter. He may break rules when it is necessaryto protect the ones he cares for but he knowa there are certain laws that can not be broken without severe consequences. He knows what could happen if he shows himself to his sister. He will do anything to protect his sister and his family. Will is a good guy and I love him more and more with every chapter I read.
    *Oh Gideon!!! He has feelings for Sophie and he shows them by being gentle. I feel that Sophie returns them because she is a different woman with him than she is with the men that are around her.
    *Magnus sends the letter to Tessa instead of Jem because she is more likely to act quickly than make excuses as to why he is not there. Magnus can see that they have feelings for each other and she will do anything to make sure that he is ok. Jem is to ill to be chasing Will. I also think that Tessa is able to get people to do things even when they don't think it needs to. She is such a caring person that people are willing to help her out. Magnus knew Will would be in good hands if Tessa knew he was in trouble.

  14. I'm sure Will knows he's one of the best. He can probably out right tell you himself. Will questioning his beliefs? I'm not sure but I don't think he does. He would though if the circumstances are different. He knows his duty as a Shadowhunter and as such, I don't think Will will ever break the law unless there is a good enough reason that can make him risk everything.

    I think Gideon is patient and mysterious. We're still not sure if he's just as bad as Gabriel or their father. But him and Sophie, that can make a great couple if they part aside their differences; Sophie a servant and Gideon a Shadowhunter. We're not familiar w Gideon and his background yet, but he could be a lady's man. He knows she's a servant and if he is gentle with her, than that says a lot of him. Either he has totally respect for Sophie as a woman and not because she's just a servant n he's an I-don't-care-what-others-think kind of guy. Maybe his true nature is neutral and nice, doing his duty as a trainer.
    If Will was around and saw how Gabriel was mishandling Tessa, Gabriel would have more than a lady's fit but his butt kicked hard and maybe something broken. Will's a nice guy but no one is allowed to treat Tessa that way, especially when Will's got special feelings for her.

    Magnus sent the letter to Tessa because he know even though she can see through Will, Magnus knows she may care for him as Will has come to love her. Who's better to come looking for Will than the beautiful Tessa that he's in love with. Magnus may have thought of that just now of what I said so he thought no one better than Tessa. Magnus is probably doing Will a favor and maybe trying to bring them together. Magnus prob feels a good connection with Tessa and have positive thoughts of her, wishing Will will open up to her finally like he did w Magnus. Jem's parabatai n Will's issue is love and Jem isn't someone who would cope well with that kind of issue or can help Will's inner depression.