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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday - Ventana Sierra

Ventana Sierra is a non-profit foundation started by New York Times best-selling author, Ellen Hopkins. Their mission is to help disadvantaged youth finish their education by providing them with "housing, tuition, books, transportation, medical care and life skills classes". The participants will be required to maintain a 3.0 GPA and remain substance-free.

In reading through the material for their program, one fact stuck out for me:

"Each year, tens of thousands of foster-care children exit the system at age 18 without a net."

Now kids who are hard-working and ambitious won't have to sacrifice their dream for a better future for themselves. We here at Mundie Moms fully support Ellen's goals, and now you can, too, by following Ventana Sierra on facebook and twitter.

You can also help out the organization by donating money, volunteering your time, becoming a mentor or helping to spread the word about this much needed cause. I know Mundie Moms, and I can truly say that we spread the word rather well. So please post about Ventana Sierra on your fb wall and tweet about it to your followers. These kids are counting on you.

Now I know Ellen well enough to say that the one thing she always does is give back. She has created one incredible opportunity to benefit Ventana Sierra through an advanced writing workshop. Holy schmoly, take a glimpse at the faculty:

Authors: Cinda Williams Chima, Cynthea Liu, Eric Elfman, Kristin Elizabeth Clark, Suzanne Morgan Williams and Ellen Hopkins
Editors: Emma Dryden, Lorin Oberweger, Sarah Branham
Agents: Laurie McLean, Michael Bourret, Lara Perkins, Jill Corcoran
Publisher: Judith Curr

It's an unbelievable group of authors, editors/publishers and agents. I'll admit to getting a little dizzy just reading through their formidable bios.

So Mundie Mom writers, will you join Ellen for a weekend of workshops, writing and manuscript evaluation? It's such a great opportunity for both young and advanced writers, and the proceeds will go to a great cause.

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