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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cassandra Clare Answers Questions about TMI/ID & her New Projects

Earlier this afternoon, Cassandra Clare was on twitter talking to fans. Personally I'm in awe over all Cassie does. Not only is she just getting off her Clockwork Princess blog tour, she finds the time to chat with fans. She is truly amazing!

She answered some exciting questions tonight. Here's what was taking from her Twitter feed, please note SPOILERS may be present*

RT @paynefulness: " Will Simon ever come up with a name for his band or will it be changing" it has a final one in CoHF..that is a bit sad.

RT @LittleDhampir16: " What are you coming to the UK in June to research for?" *mysterious look*

RT @danniecresta: " the descendants trilogy?;) have you already decided what you're calling them?" yep! 3 books, set around 1903.

RT @ughustuswaters: "planning any other books now besides TDA and CoHF? or a non-Shadowhunter series?" Yes, I am also writing Magisterium.

RT @powerofrunes: " did you think (when you were writing it) of other possible ends for Clockwork Princess?" Definitely not!

RT @freakingcalie: " do characters from infernal make appearances in the 1903 bks?" they would be would be about their kids.

RT @noahelliotshaw: "I love your Shadowhunter series' but do you ever plan on creating a whole new world?"

RT @carstairsjem: Raphael Santiago is in good relationships with Magnus Bane?" they have a past -- it's in the Bane Chronicles!

RT @CitySince1234: " so is the order of the books TiD, the 1903 books, TMI?" then TDA. You can call the 1903 books TLH. :)

RT @CityofFandoms: " can you tell us what TLH stands for?" not yet. :)

RT @Sabalaaa95: " if we bring Robert Downey Jr will you tell us what TLH stands for, pretty please??" yes. But don't do anything illegal.

RT @ohpandabear: " have you already written something about LTH?" I have outlines, and some f the characters are in the Bane Chronicles

RT @Trufflehunter_: " does jem's drug really exist?" no. I based it on opium. But no.

RT @finnickly: " was tessa's love future obvious to you or did you come up with it while writing the books?" it was the reason I wrote them.

RT @cheronnii: " is anything spicy happening between jace and clary in CoHF?" oh yes. You will have to put the book in the freezer. :)

RT @sammy_oulton: "will we find out who Sebastian's 'beautiful one' is?" yes.

RT @heartingirons: how many more books are you working on." five. Yikes.

RT @MariahSmith234: " so there will be another series after TLH?" one after TDA. It goes TiD-TLH-TMI-TDA-Sekrit unnamed project

RT @Trufflehunter_: " Is Jamie Campbell Bower like jace in real life?" yes. Alarmingly.

RT @paynefulness: " is robert sheehan anything like simon in real life" Like a more filthy version.

RT @PrincessOfIdris: " How many years between the end of TDA & the beginning of the 'secret trilogy' after TDA?" about three, in book time.

RT @ClubFandemonium: " Will we ever find out who Magnus' father is!?!" yes.

RT @lotusfalling@AidanTurnerUTD "i was just saying today "Why no Luke/Aidan in the promo material?" I would like more too. :) @mortalmovie

RT @VictoryCrumb: " Is Godfrey Gao like Magnus in real life?" No. He is shy and sweet mostly.

RT @TasShadowhunter: "So this new series (TLH) is being released? When?" I don't know, I want to work on something without a deadline.

RT @nickartnikola: " any plans on writing a trilogy 100/200 years after TDA?" SHADOWHUNTERS IN SPACE

RT @Tobi4sEaton: "Is it true that you'll write a book with a gay main character." yes.

RT @lulug11: "will TDA be around the same time as TMI ?" five years later.

RT @caseyydye: " Have you considered making a movie to go along with Clockwork Angel?" authors don't decide what gets made into movies!

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