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Friday, March 8, 2013

Cassandra Clare's TMI Movie Set Diary Day #2

Today's TMI Movie Set Diary from Cassie featured on revealed a little surprise..... I'm pictured with Cassie in front of one of the angels on set!! *fangirls* 

This is the first time I've seen this picture, and I feel like I'm reliving this moment all over again. Check out the entire article below:

Day Two: Tuesday

The production has a transport department, which means drivers who pick everyone up and bring them where they need to be. My driver’s name is Gus, and he has driven many famous people around. He tells me terrible stories until I am petrified, but assures me the [City of Bones] cast is very nice.

I go to hang out in Video Village, where the monitors are that show what they’re filming. Jamie [Campbell Bower] and Lily are filming a scene with CCH Pounder, who plays Madame Dorothea.
Cassandra Clare
Cassandra Clare
The Assistant Director shows me around all the sets. They have built the entire City of Bones, and every bone is different. I want to live in it. The AD shows me that if you go into the middle of the City of Bones and yell, it sounds like you’re talking into a microphone. No technology or electricity, just acoustics. I yelled until Harald told me to stop. I love all the angels that are everywhere. Katie from Mundie Moms and I posed in front of one:
Cassandra Clare
Cassandra Clare
My favorite set is the library set. It’s exactly the library I’ve always wanted to have, though maybe with a few more swords. They’ve reproduced illuminated manuscripts about demons. They’ll probably never show up on screen, but I love the details.

I finally meet Robbie who is a great hugger. I give him Simon’s “clearly I have made some bad decisions” shirt. He says sadly, “It’s true that I’ve made bad decisions, but I didn’t realize it was so obvious.” I finally run into Sideburns Guy. Life is complete!

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