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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clockwork Prince Read Along Day 22: Chapter 21

6 more days till Clockwork Princess is out!

Welcome to Day 22 of the Clockwork Prince Read Along. You can follow the entire read-a-long and find each of the day's posts here. Remember there's no right or wrong way to participate. Your comments can be as long or a short as you'd like them to be. You can answer 1 or each of the questions asked, it's totally up to you, BUT, in order to be entered into the CP giveaway (which you also had to sign up to win), you do need to be actively participating in the read-a-long. 

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 21
  • Well this book ended with a few surprises. WILL! Seriously, my heart breaks for him. Why can't Tessa have a twin so both Jem and Will can be happy. lol I loved the moment between Jem and Will. Are you surprised that Will didn't say anything to Jem about his love for Tessa? 
  • Charlotte and Henry are having a baby! I am so excited for them, and I'm wondering if we'll be getting a glimpse of this baby in Clockwork Princess. Were you surprised to learn that Charlotte was pregnant?
  • Let's talk about Mortmain for a moment. Were you surprised over Benedict's support of Charlotte? Do you think that beetle really was a camera like device for Mortmain to spy on the Shadowhunters? What do you make of Cecily's appearance at the end? Is this a set up from Mortmain? 
Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS. There's some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading Clockwork Prince for the first time. 


  1. I'm not surprised because I think Will has such a great capacity for love...he loves Jem and can't bring himself to hurt him! My heart is breaking for Will, too.

    Charlotte's pregnancy was a shock! And he's coing to be a little boy (Buford, LOL) Love Henry!

    I'm not surprised about Benedict's support because let's face it, Charlotte has the goods on him, so to speak. He's being blackmailed! Mortmain had to have known about the meeting from someone (probably Benedict) because he sent the little spy bugs into the Clave meeting. I'm sure that Benedict is still working for Mortmain because of whatever Mortmain has promised Benedict. I do think that the beetle has a camera device in it....I really think that Henry is competent and smart!

    I almost fainted when Cecily makes an appearance at the very end of the book. MEH! My first thought is that Cecily's appearance was orchestrated by Mortmain since he no longer has Jessamine as a spy and Nate as a liaison. Poor Will! This is like a double-whammy. I hope his sister doesn't break his heart. The poor guy has been through enough already! :/

  2. Oh, and thanks SO, SO MUCH for hosting this Read-A-Long. It's been so much fun! :D

  3. * Oh poor Will. You know, I was heartbroken the first time I read it, but I think this time it broke my heart more because I noticed things more. Like Tessa's thoughts about Will constantly where I didn't notice it the first time as much. I wasn't surprised that Will didn't tell Jem how he feels about Tessa. The last thing he would ever do is hurt Jem. Jem has been his rock and the one person he has let care for him. He cares too much about him to do anything that would take away his happiness.

    * I think the first time I read it I was a bit shocked at the news. Considering that both her and Henry had thought the other didn't care about the other I just guess I assumed they weren't intimate. I suppose that was a bit silly to think since they are married though. I am super happy that they are having a baby!

    * It seems like Cecily might be a set up, but she possibly just could be trying to find her brother and want to be a Shadowhunter. I really think there's more to it though. I don't think she would leave her parents behind after they had already lost 2 of their children unless she is heartless.

  4. I was still so heart-broken for the last chapter I had a hard time processing how amazing Will is. Seriously Tessa does not deserve him at all. His love is so deep for both Jem and Tessa that he wouldn't do anything to hurt either of them, which is why I think he didn't say anything to Jem.

    Yea Charlotte and Henry. A baby at the exciting. I'm so happy for them and I love their relationship now that they both know each others feelings. They are adorable.

    I think the bugs were some sort of spying device. Mortmain always has something up his sleeve. I am in no way surprised that Benedict covered his own butt by backing Charlotte. He doesn't want to air his dirty laundry in public.

    I'm am so excited to see where everything goes with Cecily! It's going to be quite an adventure.

  5. First of all, this is my first read-along and I'm super glad I joined, thanks for hosting! :)

    I think it's no surprise that Will didn't say anything to Jem. Will wants Jem to be happy and if he sees that Tessa makes him so, he wouldn't do anything to change that. And besides, hurting Jem would be the last thing on Will's mind. He wouldn't hurt Jem no matter what - he loves Jem and I think he'll be willing to sacrifice anything for him.

    Charlotte and Henry having a baby is a real surprise. It's not that 'cause it's impossible but because Henry and Charlotte doesn't exactly openly show their affection for each other. I honestly think that in the relationship that they have that would be the last thing one would expect. I'm super excited for both of them though, I cannot wait to see what happens next in Clockwork Princess!

    What do you know, another Herondale makes a surprising appearance. I know Cecily's appearance have some sort of significance and such, I just hope it has nothing to do with Mortmain. But knowing how clever of a writer Ms. Cassie is, there has got to be a twist here and something readers would totally not expect.
    I can't wait to see more of Cecily. I wonder if she's as stubborn or as witty as Will? Or if she read books too?

  6. I was not surprised Will didn't tell jem about his love for Tessa. He loves Jem like a brother and wants his happiness. i always knew that he wasn't self centered even though he made himself a reputation. He is a good person and it breaks my heart seeing him in pain. Will is someone who deserves everything after all he has been through. i wish there was two Tessas too, so both of my favorite boys would be happy. if only there was.....

    I was so shocked Charlotte was pregnant. I did not see that, and boy was i surprised. she looks so excited and happy. she will make a great mother. i cant wait to read about the baby.

    I really am hoping that Cecily came only to train and not to spy for him. i want to see if she resembles her brother in more than her looks.

  7. Not at all surprised he did not tell Jem. He would do anything to protect him. What surprised me was his vow to Jem (to himself really) to not go after Tessa upon Jem's passing. Taking things to extremes. Classic Will. I guess that shouldn't surprise me either but really Will? Jem would want him happy. And the ultimate shocker- Tessa's actions after Will leaves her. WOW! Can you honestly say she's IN love with Jem???

    I am so thrilled for Henry and Charlotte. Do we meet this child later? Hmm. Henry cracks me up. I love these two.

    Benedict had no choice but to support Charlotte. He can't be outted to the Clave. His he done with Mortmain? No way. He either has something else on him or his promises to Lightwood are more than he can resist. Maybe he's protecting his sons.

    The beetles? Not really sure what their purpose was. To make everyone aware Mortmain was watching? To make Tessa look suspect- connected to Mortmain? Or just to scare Tessa and her Shadow hunters?

    My feeling on Cecily? The timing is rather peculiar don't you think? A little too suspect. Will is at his most vulnerable now. I think Mortmain is very aware of that.

    Ooooh! I cannot wait Clockwork Princess to arrive. All this suspense is killing me.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful read-along. I thoroughly enjoyed the book (DUH!) and the questions and everyone's comments made it that much more fun. :D

  8. I’m not surprised Will didn’t say anything but I am angry. I understand the need to protect Jem, but in the end these kinds of secrets always backlash. When Jem finds out, and he will find out, he’s going to be crushed and so upset that he didn’t know about it sooner. I’d rather Will and Tessa say something now than keep it a secret until Tessa runs off on the wedding day…Jem’s hopes will be so high and he’ll be so happy only to have it ripped away from him at the most crucial moment. Being honest with him now will do less damage than telling him later. I just can’t believe they’re letting it get this far! Jem is going to get so hurt! And it will be both Tessa’s and Will’s fault because neither of them is brave enough to face the truth of the situation with Jem! I’m just so frustrated with the story thus far.

    I figured out Charlotte was pregnant ages ago, when she tried to tell Henry she had news after they realized they both loved each other. Good for those two, but it’s going to be a tremulous 8 months. Mortmain is still out there with his bugs and robots. I hope the stress doesn’t make Charlotte lose her baby. That would be devastating. There is no doubt though that this next book will be a heartbreaker.

    I wasn’t surprised that Benedict held up his end of the deal, but I don’t like that icy smile of his, as if he knows more than we thought. Obviously he wasn’t expecting a swarm of spying bugs, but perhaps he believes that he’ll get the Institute in the end because Mortmain cannot lose? Benedict’s evil smile keeps haunting me. It’s ominous and makes me nervous. Henry is a pretty reliable source for technical commentary so if he thinks it’s a spying bug then it probably is, so it can also probably track people. I suppose having bugs would be more sufficient than using spies against the Shadowhunters. Mortmain lost two of those already. When Cecily showed up the first thing I thought was, ‘Oh no, Will’s parents are dead!’ But Mortmain could be holding them hostage, forcing Cecily to infiltrate the Institute. It’s all just so much to swallow at once. And in the back of my mind, I’m hoping maybe and possibly due to desperation that Cecily takes Jem away from Tessa. That would solve everything. But that’s probably wishful thinking isn’t it?

    1. Heartbroken and angry. That's what I am.Jem is going to be devastated. You know he will find out. I understand Will's loyalty but Tessa? She is a fool. She has the potential to ruin them both.

      Oh I certainly hope nothing happens to the baby. Curse you for putting that thought in my head. Lol.

      Princess will be insane. I nearly threw this book- and I never contemplate that especially with such a pretty book- but I have a feeling, since this is the end (?), that Cassie will pull out all the stops and rack us thoroughly over the coals. I might just die.

  9. ~I'm not surprised at all that Will kept it a secret--why would you tell someone that you're in love with the person they're engaged too? And I'm pretty sure Will doesn't want to be the source of Jem's unhappiness, because I'm pretty sure Jem would get upset.
    ~I was surprised when Charlotte revealed that she was pregnant, but now that I've read it again and again, I can see the signs; as when she was in the warehouse, she looked as if she were sick, and then she basically ran and probably puked.
    ~I liked the camera's and then Starkweather's reaction to Tessa after that one buzzed up to her face. I feel as if he believes that she's somehow working with Mortmain, or something like that.
    ~From what I've read of the first Clockwork Princess chapter, I absolutely do not like Cecily. It's not because I think she's connected to Mortmain, because i don't, there's just something about her that's... off putting.

  10. Let me go in order with this chapter. Starting at the council meeting. I was not surprise at all that Benedict supported Charlotte, he had no choice, Charlotte blackmailed him with disclosing the he has demon pox, he couldn't call her bluff, it was to risky so he had no choice but to back her up and bite the dust.
    I still hold hope that Gabriel will come around though.
    Again we get a glimpse of Aloysius in this chapter and his strange concern for Tessa's well being after the mechanical bug comes up to her, this further confirmed to me that Aloysius is drawn to her because she reminds him of Adele, his granddaughter, which I'm convinced will end up being Tessa's mother.

    Another detail that I noticed the second time I read the book and Ive noticed it subsequent times but I can't really come up with an answer for. When they get back to the institute there is part when Henry is embracing Charlotte and Tessa feels like she has to look away and it's mentioned that she sees a pale figure in the corner of a window which quickly disappears and she chalks it off as being Sophie looking for Gideon... call me paranoid and conspiratorial but it just seems to random of a fact to just throw in there and have it mean nothing... anyone else notice this and wonder who that pale figure Tessa saw was after all?

    This chapter once again showed me how big of a mistake Will and Tessa are making by hiding this from Jem.
    The whole situation breaks my heart, for Will, for Jem and for Tessa.
    I think we once again see how Tessa really feels, I mean seriously the girl can not get Will out of her brain.
    We see it when Sophie is fixing Tessa's hair, even the blue pansies on her hair make her think of Will because they are the same color as Will's blue eyes.
    Then when she runs into Jem going for dinner in the hallway she has to repeat in her mind "I love him, I love him, I love him" like she is trying to convince herself of that fact, and then again Will pops up in her mind when she thinks of him looking miserable after she tells him she is engaged to Jem, and when Jem tells her that he woke up thinking that maybe it was all a dream and that he couldn't believe she had said yes to him, I felt so sad for him because while he is beaming in happiness on the other hand she feels tears in the back of her eyes, tears of love and confusion...
    When Jem kisses her Tessa thinks to herself that she wants to will herself into the kiss like she had done before, with Will she doesnt have to think anything, it just happens she just melts into the kiss without having to will herself to do anything... and when she walks into the dinning room.. my heart just broke for Will.
    Tessa telling herself all the way down "I love Jem, I'm marrying Jem, I love Jem, I'm marrying Jem" over and over.. and yet when she walked in and saw Will all she could see was how beautiful he was and her heart fluttered at his sight. This is what I call love.

    I wasn't the least surprised that Will didnt tell Jem anything about Tessa and how he is in love with her.
    Will loves Jem more than he loves himself and he will at all costs spare his brother pain and suffering. He could see the happiness and the hope his friends feels now with this requited love and he would never ever dream of taking that away from him even when it means his own pain, and that's why I love Will so much.

    And back to the dinning room, Bridgette has more meaning to this story than meets the eye all that awful singing is not without a reason, and we have seen it time and time again just like we saw with the song she sang in this last chapter. I have all of her songs written down and in my opinion they all fit and have meaning with each situation.


  11. My heart aches again when Will stood up to congratulate Jem and Tessa on their engagement, he was sincere i thought, he truly loves them both and I believe when he says that he wants to see them happy, though I can only imagine how much it must pain him to know/feel that Tessa has slipped through his fingers never to be recovered again, the awful realization that he thought he had a chance when he learned the truth about the curse and then he lost her all over again :(
    My poor Will...
    I remember being surprised the first time I read the book that Charlotte was pregnant, I didnt think we would see that until close to the end, I was expecting though that she would be pregnant at that point since I'm positive Jocelyn descends from them two directly, I mean Jocelyn is tiny framed as is Clary like Charlotte was and Henry has the ginger hair and his middle name is there is no doubt in my mind that Charlotte and Henry are Jocelyn ancestors... now why is it the the last name that prevails is Fairchild instead of Branwell? I dont know but I have the awful feeling that Henry will die before this child is born and Charlotte will give the baby's name her family name then.

    5 more days practically until we find out how all this will end and I dont wanna be Debbie Downer here but I just dont see how this can have an happy ending, and I dont think I would want a happy ending either you know? Love doesnt always pan out the way we want it to and such is life and having a rainbows and roses ending so everyone is happy would be super boring and killing everyone would be devastating so in a way I'm expecting a happy medium and I know that Cassie won't disappoint.
    I have considered also that once we start reading we will all be surprised and all of our theories will go out the window LOL

    It's been super fun sharing this read along with your girls :)

    1. Oh that figure in the window. Spy! But who? Cecily?

      Brilliant writing down those wretched songs.

      Of course I'd love a HEA for Will and Tessa- and Jem, but Cassie is not about happy endings. Like you said how often does it pan out that way in life.

      As usual, lots of questions and theories. And like you, I can't wait to see how close any of us were.

      A totally enjoyable read-along. This was only my second and now I can't wait for another. You gals are great.

  12. I wasn't surprised because Will loves his parabatai. He know that if he say about Tessa Jem's heart will broke and Will doesn't want to hurt Jem.
    I'm SO happy. Can't wait to see them as parents. Charlotte will be a fantastic mom and Henry....oh god....this will be fun:D
    Ahm...yes, maybe it was a set up from Mortmain. That beetle really was a camera. Mortmain see and know about everything. I think he wants to Benedict's support of Charlotte.
    This book was amazing. I loved all of the pages. I'm looking forward the CP2. Thanks for this read-a-long. It was fun and I enjoyed it. I know I have a lot of mistakes and sorry, my english language is not so well:D I hope you understand it. I really really loved these days:) Thank you!!!!

  13. *I am heartbroken for Will but at the same time I love the way he can be so loving even when he doesn't want to be. I was not surprised that Will did not tell Jem anything because he would never hurt his friend/brother that way. I really do hope that Will gets his happy ending if all works out for Jem and Tessa.

    *Charlotte being pregant is an incredible surprise. Ilove Henry's reaction to it. I am hoping we get a glimpse at the new arrival in Clockwork Princess.

    *I would not put it past Mortmain to be using a camersa bug to spy on the Shadowhunters. He is evil like that. I was not all surprised by Benedict's support of Charlotte. He knows that they have enough dirt on him that he was going to have to side with her. Cecily showing up was the biggest shocker of them all. I don't know if I trust her showing up now. I realize that she is Will's sister but she is showing up when all of Mortmain's contacts to the Shadowhunters are no longer avaliable to him. I am curious to see how her being around is going to affect Will now that he knows he is not cursed.