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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going Vintage Blog Tour: Guest Post from Lindsey Leavitt

Welcome to today's Going Vintage blog tour stop, hosted by Bloomsbury Teens. Sophie and I are both huge fans of Lindsey's, and I'm thrilled to have her on the blog today. You can read Sophie's glowing 5 star review for Going Vintage here. Check out this fabulous Going Vintage cover, and then find out what Lindsey's top 7 favorite screen free activities are, below.

Top 7 Favorite Screen-Free Technology Fun Activities

OK, we all need to take a break from our gadgets every now and then, and with spring in the air (at least in Vegas. Sorry, Michigan), now is the perfect time to enjoy a techno-free afternoon. Some ideas for your adventures:

1. Reading a book (DUH)
2. Good dinner conversation, preferably with good dinner
3. Write a letter. An honest-to-goodness, stationary, & scrawling handwriting letter. Use complete sentences and words that r not abbr. 
4. Bake. From scratch. Or if not from scratch, make it taste like it's from scratch and then lie about it. Jimmy cake is a favorite because I get loads of compliments and literally have ZERO work. Here's a recipe from my sis-in-law's step-mom (that connection sounds weird. Hi Patti!):  
5. Reading a book in the shade on a beautiful day with a cold drink and some sort of chocolate and or snacky food, and maybe a blanket and pillow and chirping birds
6. Flirt. In-person flirt. No texting or that gross word that rhymes with sexting. Go frolic in a meadow with someone with crush potential. Wear bug spray and take allergy medication first.
7. Vintage shopping! I'm personally on the lookout for old Pyrex right now, maybe in pink or teal.

BUT if you are interested in some cool Internet activities check our my Going Vintage tumblr which you can submit to as well! Also here’s my funky book trailer:

About The Book:
By: Lindsey Leavitt
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Purchase:  Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound

When Mallory’s boyfriend, Jeremy, cheats on her with an online girlfriend, Mallory decides the best way to de-Jeremy her life is to de-modernize things too. Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in1962, Mallory swears off technology and returns to a simpler time (when boyfriends couldn’t cheat with computer avatars). The List:

1. Run for pep club secretary

2. Host a fancy dinner party/soiree
3. Sew a dress for Homecoming
4. Find a steady
5. Do something dangerous

But simple proves to be crazy-complicated, and the details of the past begin to change Mallory’s present. Add in a too-busy grandmother, a sassy sister, and the cute pep-club president–who just happens to be her ex’s cousin–and soon Mallory begins to wonder if going vintage is going too far. 

About The Author:


I write books, chase kids, and eat cookies. Sometimes exclusively, sometimes simultaneously.


Lindsey Leavitt is a former elementary school teacher and present-day writer/mom to three (mostly) adorable girls. She is married to her high-school lab partner and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the author of the PRINCESS FOR HIRE series, SEAN GRISWOLD’S HEAD, & GOING VINTAGE.
She also feels weird writing about herself in third person. (quoted from Lindsey's site)

Visit Lindsey via her: Website | Blog | on Twitter | Facebook |  Goodreads | Going Vintage Tumblr 

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