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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Clockwork Princess Chapter Titles

We have the Clockwork Princess chapter titles! Cassie posted them a few hours ago here.

Below: the chapter titles for Clockwork Princess. If you are enormously spoilerphobic, skip!
1) A Dreadful Row
2) The Conqueror Worm
3) To the Last Hour
4) To Be Wise and Love
5) A Heart Divided
6) Let Darkness
7) Dare to Wish
8) That Fire of Fire
9) Graven in Metal
10) Like Water Upon Sand
11) Fearful of the Night
12) Ghosts on the Road
13) The Mind Has Mountains
14) Parabatai
15) Stars, Hide Your Fires*
*A lot of people think this is a Mumford and Sons reference, but they’re actually referencing Macbeth: “Stars, hide your fires/let not light see my black and deep desires.”
16) Only Noble to be Good
17) To Lie and Burn
18) The Infernal Devices
19) Burning Gold
20) Thunder in the Trumpet
21) Than Any Evil
22) The Measure of Love
Epilogue: Present Day.


  1. Do I have to read The Infernal Devices series first, or The Mortal Instruments? Or doesn't it matter? I really want to read them all but I never know if one comes before the other, or if they're different :)

    1. No, it really doesn't matter what order you read them in. :) I read them in order of how the books were released. The Infernal Devices series is set prior to The Mortal Instruments series. Both series go together, and also stand alone as their own series.

  2. Oh! They sound so good! I'm especially curious about the epilogue. "Present Day?" It probably means it takes place in the time of The Mortal Instruments, ya? :$