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Monday, April 8, 2013

Are City of Ashes & City of Glass Being Made Into Movies?

Showbiz Junkies scored an awesome interview with Cassie at WonderCon two weekends ago, where she confirmed to them that the studio does have plans to film the rest of The Mortal Instruments Series, well at least City of Ashes and City of Glass, back to back, should the sequels get the green-lit. Movie sequels get green lights when the first movie does well. SO, Shadowhunters, we need to make sure we bring in the BIG number for The Mortal Instruments Series: City of Bones when it's out this August.

Of the filming, Cassie said: "They said if they do the next ones, they're going to shoot them back to back, which I think is a really exciting idea because Ashes and Glass happen bang, bang on the heals of each other." 

I also love the idea of them filming back to back, because then the actors won't age much, and we'll be guaranteed two more movies! Not only that, that will save time and costs for the studio, plus it will make fans EXTREMELY happy. Hopefully that will guarantee more Shadowhunter movies will be getting made, like City of Lost Souls, and my favorite series, The Infernal Devices.

Cassie mentioned that the success of City of Bones will determine if sequels get made. She also said that she takes nothing in life for granted, and she would love to see the sequel. She also mentioned that, "I love all the actors. They're fantastic and I think Harald did a fantastic job." 

Yes they are and YES he did! She also went on to say that "Lily IS Clary", and that "Jamie IS Jace!"

I am so excited for this movie!!! I can not wait for August 23rd. You can check out Cassie's entire interview here:


  1. The best news! I'd so love to see the next two books made into movies as well:)

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  3. I am beyond excited for this movie!! I don't tend to do midnight showings very often, but I will be waiting saving my spot in line all day for this one!!